Sunday, 4 December 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

(Will send news from Nagpur as covering the winter session of State Assembly)

1. I-T dept rejects Mumbai family's Rs. 2L-cr disclosure. 
Why did I-T do this? Isn't there "maafi" for the guilty from this government? Is this vendetta  or what against black money launderers?  In fact, they should have accepted this 2L crore & Gujarat's businessman's Rs. 13000 crore and should have penalised these people, legally. Now WHY WILL people trust this I-T sleuths & the government? Point no 1, they came open, they declared this money. I understand there are many big people behind this. But even a villain needs to be given a chance to come back on track right? Any which ways the government (both centre & state) are not cash rich, if such declarations are made, the money will be floating in the economy right? It will help to increase our GDP right? You punish them with fines, but if you don't accept these declarations, arrest them & just make them victims, no one in the future will come ahead and TRUST the government. Very hypocrite attitude of the government! Instead they shouldn't even declare names & addresses before verification of the right person behind this much of cash.

2. My Father's take on Bawankule in MARATHI: JUST CLICK the link
 बावनकुळे तुमच्यामुळे,फिटे अंधाराचे जाळे ३ : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

3. Survey predicts 3000% rise in city's vehicles by 2050
Thank God, many people reading this will not be in a condition to drive till then... I mean, we all will be able to afford chauffeurs !! Also, whatever percentage it is now, even today it is impossible to drive on city roads. With introduction of OLA's, Uber's & private players in Taxis, it is a nightmare to drive in Mumbai. If you observe every 1 in 4 car's number plates are yellow even today. Now I have heard after entering in possibly all sectors, Relaince is also contemplating the idea to enter in taxi business. If Relaince does, why will other corporates stay behind? Hence the prediction. 

4. Ajit Pawar hits out at PM Modi.
 Ajit Pawar taunted Modi for his "fakir" remark. Ajit Pawar shamed the PM for changing clothes thrice in a day and for wearing suits worth lakhs. Dear Ajit Pawar, if PM Modi even blinks to target you, and even if he just targets the watches you wear, you will have no face to hide! Apparently all Ajit PAwar's watches & sunglasses costs in lakhs. Also those who know him closely, will swear by his taste in interior decoration. Allegedly his farmhouse where even the driver is not allowed to go inside is made on a river. With glass flooring in the living room (across the river like a bridge ) is the most sought out property Pawar owns. They say, the interiors will put to shame any top architect of the country. So, in hindi there is a saying, " जिनके अपने घर शीशे के हो, वह दुसरो के घर पत्थर नहीं फेका करते !"  

5. Chagan Bhujbal in plush Suite of Bombay Hospital.
Now this Chagan Bhujbal case is going far a bit too much. He got his punishment nah? A person known to live in richness all his life is made a to live like a beggar in the jail. Nothing to side him. But he is done now, and for good! You think he will make a comeback in politics now? No..with bruised ego, estrange relations with his own party heads, defamed image in public and deteriorating health Bhujbal has taken it all. Let him live his last phase of life with small favours people like Dr. hemant Gupta do for him. Obviously it comes with a cost! Bhujbal is the best example how a certain nephew ruins his uncle and how "panga" with CA can destroy you!  

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