Monday, 26 December 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. Mission "Benami property"--PM Modi
Demonetisation which shocked the nation and made many spent sleepless nights, the bureaucrats in Maharashtra were not in a mood to fumble over Demonisation. The mood overall in Mantralaya and at Nagpur Winter session after the 8th November night was as usual, cool & calm. It seems except a few, no one in the bureaucracy has ever laid their hands on ill gotten wealth. Every bureaucrat with their able "marwadi" and "gujrati" contacts have managed to settle their old currencies. But now, if PM Modi takes this "benami" property seriously and actually sets up this as his agenda no 2, then the corrupt babus of our state will surely have to rattle a lot of brains.

2. Beed bank issues show-cause notice to booked employees.
What? The Vaidyanath Co-op bank sends show-cause notice to 3 of it's own employee's including the Bank Manager for transportation of crores from Beed to Mumbai...Sheer eye wash! Ok lets think rationale here... Boss, it was not Rs. 10,000 that were been transported. It was Rs. 25 crores. All co-op Banks are governed by these politicians, this in particular by MP Pritam Munde, sister of cabinet minister Pankaja. You are telling me, the Bank manager, being a resident of Parli (Beed) tried to siphon off funds (that too not for themselves but for the bank) and was getting it out to Mumbai? I cannot believe this. Then why the case is with CBI in the first place? MY GUESS: How the ACB gave clean chit to "she-man" Pankaja Munde in the chikki scam, similar thing will happen here too. The CBI & the IT will be giving clean chit to this scam as well. Believe me all this is done just in the name of Late & Great leader Shri Gopinath Munde.

3. Uddhav backs farmers opposing CM's pet Nagpur E-way project
I dont bloddy trust this Uddhav Thackrey now. Whatever & wherever he puts his hands in and grants his support, immediately with some cajoling Uddhav Thackrey & Co take a U-turn. I can understand the U-turn but why to sit next to each other & cut ribbons & perform bhoomipoojan's everywhere. The local sainik gets confused with this now. SO farmer's please approach someone else.

4. "मुख्यमंत्र्यांसोबतची मैत्री स्वार्थासाठी नाही--राधाकृष्ण विखे पाटील
Yes, we know this. SS Zende (brother-in-law of Vikhe )was just not appointed after ongoing ACB inquiry, Departmental inquiry in plum & prime post that of CEO-Mhada. This is not the only favour Mr Vikhe you honour CM with...Then we see your performance in the Assembly. At least I have seen Khadse & Fadnavis as Leaders of Opposition. I have seen how they controlled their own party & how  the opposite benches use to get scared if their name was included in their speeches. Believe me, when you speak in the house, Minister Dilip Kamble's wife is more powerful orator than you. "Pehlwan" Vishnu Savra also dosent blink an eyelid.  What you speak in the house, forget we journalist in the press box, ex CM Prithviraj Chavhan also does not understand. When Khadse or Fadnavis spoke as LOP, even the shrewdest & rudest Ajit Pawar would listen carefully.

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