Thursday, 22 December 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Min Vidya Thakur gives a cold shoulder to Sena leaders.
People in Mantralay's press room refer Minister Vidya Thakur as "Amul baby". With chubby cheeks and dimpled chin, Thakur is no cute girl from the one in the Amul advertisement.  I always refer to her as a "She-Man" as nothing seems to be feminine in her. Neither her walk, nor her talk! The day she was handed over FDA MoS ministry by CM Fadnavis, her womaniser husband Jayprakash "raped" the department until the revamp in the portfolios. Anyways, this is not the topic here. I can write & write about her husbands antics in the department with evidence. Topic is about inauguration of the newly Ram Mandir station at Oshiwara, one of the suburbs of Mumbai. On her Facebook page, Madam Thakur has conveniently forgotten Sena MP Gajanan Kirtikar, Minister Diwakar Raote & Sena Mla Sunil Prabhu in the pic she has posted. How self centred can Thakur's politics be? This is how small small misunderstandings or purposefully done acts have developed cracks in Sena-BJP.

2. ACB clean chit to Munde
ACB gave clean chit to Munde, but we are still have faith in the court where we have filed the PIL, quips NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik. Instead of holding press conferences how about demonstrating against this decision, NCP?  City NCP due to it's internal politics has been finished. They don't know what subject has importance & what needs to be picked up as a prop to improve the image. This surely was one. Hated face in the NCP camp Nawab Malik talks to media, no one else takes part. Able leaders like Sachin Ahir apart from organising Dahi handi have gone into a shell, similar situation with Sanjay Dina Patil and the others. The scare of unearthing own scams & scandals during the Con-NCP reign, is surely putting everyone in the closet. Only fiery Dhananjay Munde holds the fort for NCP, but he too should be careful. There were so many points on which Pankaja's clean chit could have challenged. For e.g. as to how many times Pankaja went to ACB, were suppliers summoned by the ACB for statements, how many bank accounts scrutinised, how many files were called from various levels by the ACB from the department and so on....The same procedure NCP guys should have followed the way Ajit PAwar's inquiry is going on....

3.  Shivaji Maharaj Mid-Sea memorial 
Many are of the view that the Rs. 3,600 crore memorial's funds should have been used for other developmental issues. But tell me, we have so many memorials or statues of other caste's people in the state, never ever anyone has come ahead & spoken against them or the funds used to build them. Why only now ? Understand one thing, Shivaji Maharaj's name is taken in the same breath as that of Phule & Ambedkar. These three are the pioneer's of our state's history & creation. So no harm even if this amount is spent on such memorial. Why shouldn't we have one? For environmentalists, whom no one ever listens to, and just use them for quotes, please pay attention to other issues such as Mumbai's pollution & other related issues. One memorial worth Rs. 4,000 crores will not affect anyone, neither our state will be debt free nor you will stop queuing outside banks. But let this development happen! 

4. Performance of MP's in Winter Session at Parliament 
Marathi daily Loksatta  today gives perfect analysis on performance of our MP's in the Parliament during the concluded winter session. Whimsical NCP MP Udayan raje Bhosale has not been to the Parliament even once during this winter session. P. Chidambaram (elected form our state) & Sharad Pawar did not pose any threat to the ruling government as none of them even bothered to ask one question, and elected purely on basis of Money MP Sanjay Kakade also chose to give the session a miss. MP Vijaysingh Mohite Patil, Sanjay Kakade & Udyanraje Bhosale did not bother to take part in any of the discussions. How & why we chose them is the question? How will our weight in the centre increase? With such performance how will we manage to get funds in our state? How will development happen? 

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