Wednesday, 21 December 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1.  Fadnavis's New Year resolution: Get netas, babus to shed flab
Loved Dr. Todkar's idea of getting publicity in Mumbai. She knows Pune's shrewd people will not remove one penny even if Lord Krishna himself comes down and tells them that how good Dr. Todkar's diet is.  Punekar's are any which ways much smarter than anyone else breathing on our planet. Plus Mumbai Mirror is always in hunt of such publicity hungry people. Neta's become fat or even die none of two are bothered. More elite clients from Mumbai now will surely be spending huge amount of money on Dr Todkar. Ill give you a simple technique to loose weight. Either opt for biatric surgery or hit the treadmill. No shortcut to this. All these dieticians are useful only if you follow. Devendra Fadnavis lost 26 kilos only because he has tremendous control over his tongue. A lover of non-veg CM is eating saltless veggies. Wherever he travels in Maharashtra, if he has a stay over, his one particular maharaj is always accompanying him. 

2. BJP rejects rahul's charges of Sahara payments to Modi
Where is the harm? Don't leaders require money to run parties? Its fair in my views. Also it will be Corporates only who can afford to give such huge amount of donations in crores. No common man can go and give donations in crores. You require money to fight and run the household. Instead of taking kickbacks, even if Modi did take this money, he has changed the entire nation. Now only thing left to do, we need to write his (Narendra Modi's) name in History & say in the same breath as that of the Mahatma!

3. ACB clean chit for Pankaja in Rs. 206 crore chikki scam 
Expected. Fadnavis government couldn't have faced another embarrassment of removing one more minister on basis of corruption after Khadse. Plus Pankaja has a large base of her community as her followers who wouldn't have settled for any other leader. So journalists who studied & unearthed this scam for months together and filled up pages & pages of their respective national dailies have all gone waste. I appeal to anyone of these journalist's to go in the court against this ACB order.

4. 5 men paraded naked on Lokhandwala road 
Apparently 5 men were paraded for making Lokhandwala market unsafe after 9pm as a lot of sex workers, cigarette vendors & uncouth elements stand on the roads. Can't happen without support of local police. Local police can't do anything if the corporator or MLA has made a call to them. This is nothing. Pass Juhu beach after 1pm in the night. It is a market of girls available with the police station at stone throw distance. But be careful in women's clothes lot of transgenders operate and you might hear a hello in a husky voice in your bedroom. So just be careful. In stead of having fun, you don't become a "butt" of a joke. 

5. Infra co, Kandivali man top donors for BJP in Maha
If i haven't mistaken on the report says J Kumar as the donor in the list. Again no problem. But the problem is when this same company is given Infra projects of our city. Again no problem. But problem arises when J Kumar rapes our roads and does not do justice to the friendship of our BJP city chief. Thats when these transactions come in light. 

6. Proposals worth Rs. 1000 crore get BMC nod in 40 min
whats the harm in giving approvals. IS any work commencing or completed? Also this is not the first time this sort of approvals are happening. If the funds allocated are spent we Mumbaikars will have something to boast. Nothing of this sort will happen. These are just mere silent vote getting techniques which I hope don't play voters mind now. 

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