Monday, 19 December 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. RBI: You can deposit more than Rs. 5000 only once before Dec 30
Boss, I am actually tired of listening or even remembering about these bloody new rules RBI is coming out every now & then. Yesterday, literally, told my wife to stand in front of TV to see the headlines whilst I took my shower. I din't want to waste a single update. You never know what new rule will spring from where from this RBI. haha...Now what has to be done, is done! Don't panic...After demonetisation drive, any which ways a lot of people like me & you, are disturbed, we have just managed to stay afloat, nothing more can beat us now. We are not scared of any inquiry. Again, there are 125 billion people in this country who have done the same thing, now call it a mistake, what me & you have done, so don't worry !! 

2. Sena snubs HC, Vada Pav stalls running
Boss, from tomorrow any restaurant be a local sevpuri vendor or any eatary, if anyone of you get any notice from the BMC for any of the illegal part to be razed or you need to surrender to government, just white wash your branding, and done, You will be spared. I know who must have given this idea to Shivsena. Has to be one of the 5 contractors that BMC has blacklisted. They often change their names & re-apply in tenders & get them again shamelessly. For e.g. RP Shah will change his name to R Shah and re-apply. Same formula, after all  same group nah! ARE WE DUMB or what?  Anything can happen in this country. In literal sense, we make a mockery of our judicial system. 

3.Maha civic polls Phase 3: BJP wins big in small towns, Cong saves face 
Congress comes out a winner in phase 3 of the civic polls held in smaller towns. Overall BJP takes the cake, Congress comes at No 2. Now the question is why Shivsena is lagging behind? Yesterday I was with a senior journalist of a Marathi news channel who threw some light which made sense to me. If you remember in Thane district, Eknath Shinde alone had vigorously campaigned for candidates who got tickets from SS for local polls. The results were favourable for SS. Only Eknath Shinde alone campaigned. No Raote, No Sunhash Desai, No Aditya Thackrey or not even Uddhav Thackrey even once came for campaigning. Why? This week's India Today's article on CM Fadnavis by Kiran Tare (google it) is an eye opener to understand the permutations & combinations. BJP chief Amit Shah wanted CM Fadnavi's chair for his chamcha Chandrakant Patil to become CM, who in literal sense has to base in Politics. CM Fadnavis must have got a hint about this. So if you all recollect, just before polling started in Maharashtra, CM fadnavis went to Matoshree & met Uddhav Thackrey. Now if keeping situations of the article of India Today handy, was it a masterstroke from CM Fadnavis and large heartedness of Uddhav to let CM campaign (40 rallies ) alone and Shivsena will not campaign for local elections? CM must have told Uddhav to stay back and let him win the corporation on his own merit which in turn will save his CM seat. Was it promised that the due favours will be returned to Uddhav during BMC elections salted to be held early next year? All these are doubts...But if true, Wonder what will Ashish Shelar & co will have to say on this ?  

4. "Laxmi " remark politically motivated: Danve 
BJP State Chief says We speak about "Laxmi" 25 times in a day and Laxmi does not constitute money. Whhhaaatttt? In Hindustan reference to Laxmi is MONEY boss. Don't we perform Laxmi Pooja every Diwali? What else does that mean? Ahhh...Now from what I can understand, Danve must be having a "special friend" by the name Laxmi whom he must be using & abusing. Now I get it Mr. Danve, why the clean shave everyday & why the dye in your hair? Bloody Cheapskate!! 

5. आखूड शिंगी, बहुदुधी, काळी कपिला... ! अतुल कुलकर्णी लोकमत पान ६ 
MUST READ, MUST READ!!! This is what Journalist Atul Kulkarni is capable of. What two fantastic stories in Lokmat today...One front page on purchase of medicines scam & the other his editorial on Page 6. Yadu (kaka) Joshi, the day Atul Kulkarni just concentrates on Journalism, Lokmat will be at another level with you two in full swing. Best reads of this week.  

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