Sunday, 18 December 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Salman Khan meets BMC chief 
How bad politics & politicians can be? Yesterday all papers flashed photos & carried stories of how Salman Khan met BMC Commissioner Ajoy Mehta in tow with Aditya Thackrey and became the face of defecation-free Mumbai. But you know who actually coordinated the whole meeting? It was young sainik Rahul Kanal from Bandra who did the ground work & arranged for meeting. It wasn't like Aditya Thackrey or the BMC got up one morning and thought Salman Khan should be the face of the campaign. But no where Rahul's name was mentioned. Feel sad for him. This is how karyakarta's get upset if the party fails to give them recognition. Many times what magic a pat on the back or small recognition does for a karyakarta, lakhs of rupees from the party also does not work.  

2. CM orders probe-Public eye
CM has assured a high-level probe into procurement of high tracts of lands by serving & retired bureaucrats on the proposed Mumbai nagpur expressway. Shahpur seems to be the favourite place for these bureaucrats. But as the newspaper says, it was Sarnaik who raised the issue in State Assembly. That is true but before MLA Pratap Sarnaik "hijacked" the news, Mumbai edition of THE Hindu & Marathi daily Sakal had already published the same news early in the last week. The person in question who made these shocking revelations was Shetkari Sangharsh Samiti's Baban Harne. In fact The Hindu is in possession of all the papers confirming the ownership of bureaucrats. Last week I was on a flight to Nagpur. One person out of nowhere was carried on a wheelchair and bought to the tarmac. He was seated right in front  of me so I could sneak peak into what he was doing the entire flight. He was making notes of various people he had to meet & with agendas set. Sitting on wheelchair in his last leg of life, ex Chief Secretary Arun Bongirwar still wants to eat the pie. His son Piyush is named in this scam. Apparently Piyush is having tough days ahead as noted RTI activist has  taken his "supari". That's why yesterday also in Mid-day we read about how Piyush forced UD Minister Ranjit Patil to sign a particular file for a eatery at BKC, Mumbai.

3. Mira Bhayander Corproation's PWD scam 
Hahaha,,,The scam is given to the reporter by Naresh Gite who is the Municipal Commissioner at Mira Bhayander Corporation. It is like a "prostitute" giving lectures in life on how virginity should be saved for the right moment. Being Min Pankaja Munde's ex private secretary Naresh Gite was at the centre of the chikki scam. Ask Journalist Atul Kulkarni of Lokmat who exposed the scam, and he will narrate the entire episode. 

4. 12000 objections to DP, but only 3400 turn up for hearings 
The news report says, that many people did not know about the hearing date for the suggestions & objections to be recorded at the Head office. The news seems to be doubtful as even when the suggestions & objections were called every person/entity having problem with DP 2034, was knowing of the date & venue of the hearing. For your information, the news also says that the committee has 3 corporators of the ruling BJP & Sena and 3 officers of the UD. But for everyone's information everyone including KP Bakshi was eyeing this regulator post which has been encompassed as the OSD to CM. But it was retired IAS officer Gautam Chatterjee who has been entrusted the responsibility of hearings of all wards and his word will be considered final even at the BMC level; where it will go next in front of 227 corporators. The CM will also not think twice if he sees Chatterjee's remarks on the DP as it will be considered final. Gautam Chatterjee is known for his integrity & honesty. 

5. Congress demands action against State BJP Prez
Finally Danve does what he knows best! Putting foot in his own mouth. Often while working at Maharashtra level, Danve often calls up CM Fadnavis for getting a file cleared which has his recommendation letter attached. Left with no choice Devendra Fadnavis rejects the same as many times the rules and regulations have to be twisted if the file has to be passed. Then Danve calls up CM and says, " I have worked with Gangadharao (Devendra's father) and he always had shown respect towards me, the same is expected from you". Devendra Fadnavis without blinking an eyelid still rejects the file. So it did not come as a surprise when Danve asked people to take "Laxmi" before elections.  He has a track record of being corrupt and that is the reason he was sent back from Modi's cabinet to Maharashtra at state level. 

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