Thursday, 1 December 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. No tax on gold bought with disclosed income
First Black Money, now Gold, then benaami property, then your bank locker and finally it will come to the brand of under garments you wear!  It will be compuslory to declare even this under Modi's regime. Now it's getting a bit too much. 1 thing which is for sure, that the implementation of any process required behind such daredevil moves  require planning to the T. But in case of demonetisation, it has taken a beating & how. Lets wait & watch... Slowly & steadily, PM Modi wants us to be in equal status to the ruffian who is standing on the street. In PM Modi's eyes, whatever we all have done is wrong the entire life. The day will not be far when every common man will be on the street causing civil unrest.

2. Demolition drive unearths 274 hidden rooms in Thane Lodge
Don't we all know the "addas" in our areas where prostitution is at the peak. I say it very responsibly that it happens with police hand-in-glove. No brothel or pimp has the guts to run the show without ignoring the men in khaki. Civil servants are obliged once in year during "Diwali". Demolition Man Sanjeev Jaiswal is doing a good job, but he is disturbing the smallest person in the whole system, the prostitutes. Whats the fun or achievement in dislodging a person who is selling herself to run her house? If you guts Mr. Jaiswal, please target the builders & big politicians of your Thane district who are on rampage of illegal constructions in partnership with politicians. You can finish the commoner's whenever you want, but I will salute you only when you raze illegal floors or flowerbeds of big builders. With this, I'm not in favour of prostitution, but they at the bottom of ILLEGAL pyramid of Thane District. How about actions on Bhiwandi Godowns, villages built on mangroves such as Kasheli & Kalher.

3. Don't access FB, Twitter using Free WIFI, says Brijesh Singh
Haha, what if the hacker finds out whose wife, girlfriend & women you search regularly? So be safe & change passwords at regular intervals.

4. MLAs to undergo BMI test -Min Girish Mahajan--सामना
So all the 288 MLA's will have to get their BMI's checked. Girish Mahajan-- Can you do something of their face? Ugly as many of them are, I would suggest you get their BP's, Sugar, Kidney, Liver & of all get an HIV test  every now and then. I know so many MLA's (including you) who love to keep physical relations with every other female who comes with work to them. Most of them are heavy drinkers and non-veg food lovers. So mere BMI will not indicate their fitness levels.

5.सिंचनच्या चौकशीचा वेग मंदावला- लोकमत.
Girish Mahajan, why do you forget Sharad Pawar is the "baap" of all. In lieu of Bhujbal , Pawar has traded for a safe passage for his nephew Ajit. Tatkare even today is walking on a tight rope. He also knows, the day the inquiry will gain pace, it will be him who will follow Bhujbal's fate. Also that's the cost SP has dealt with senior BJP leaders. You say the inquiry was in full swing when Pravin Dixit was the ACB boss, are you hinting anything towards Kamble or Mathur? Don't forget, even your land grab case inquiry has not died, but that also has taken a back seat!

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