Friday, 9 December 2016

OFF THE RECORD review of some of weeks headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of weeks headlines...

1. Politicians Nitin Gadkari & Manikrao Thackre get their children wedded. 
On the eve of upcoming Nagpur session, both eminent politicians of Vidharbha, Nitin Gadkari & Manikrao Thakre got their children wedded around this time. It was said media was so generously managed that apart from the fiery Nikhil Wagle (on his FB page) I did not see any negative writings on Gadkari's wedding in particular, where huge amount of monies were spent and allegedly 25000 people attended the wedding. I have lost the count as to how many times the couple of the Gadkari family stood on the stage and how many receptions were held. Surely not done in Rs. 2.5 lakhs as per permissible limits. But who will look into this? Who will fight against this? Today's Lokmat has dedicated a special news item as to whose who were present for the Delhi reception. Was Lokmat's Yadu Joshi (apparently Gadkari's favourite toy boy) was flown to Delhi for one night? If you caught a glimpse of the wedding reception attended by the whose who in Nagpur, many dalaal's of the government who have sold Maharashtra were seen hobnobbing with every one, thus making the "Purti" Gadkari's event successful. On the other hand a low key affair of Manikrao Thakre family saw a good turnout of politicians & businessmen.

2. My father Hemant Joshi's link to the following subject in MARATHI.
शरद पवार राष्ट्रपती आणि राष्ट्रवादी : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

3. Local Journalists angry with Management for Nagpur winter session.
Time & again, almost all journalists from Nagpur & those representing local newspapers are upset with their management. It seems that the management has no faith in them. Rather can we put it that, the local team working in Nagpur cannot manage the "big bucks"? Hence even after having 3 to 4 of local representatives of all newspapers, I don't know why journo's from Mumbai fly down to Nagpur every December ? Aren't local journalists not trained well, do they lack any particular skill (bargaining & blackmailing) sets which the Mumbaikars have learnt in all these years? I understand those not having any local representative in Nagpur present, sending their persons, but sending your Mumbai's 3  people after having 3 representatives in Nagpur is a bit dodgy. The press box then gets crowded. DGIPR should initiate action on this or fix the numbers. 

4. Horrible flight services to & fro Nagpur 
December being the most important month for the orange city as many journalists, ministers, bureaucrats, government departments move to Nagpur for a period of 15 days. It is surprising to note, not one flight since last one week the session has commenced have left nagpur on time! 

5. Entry for "Dalaal's" closed.
Due to the car movement restricted inside the Vidhan Bhavan at Nagpur, many dalaal's cannot enter the premisses officially now. Earlier they use to just sit in the car of any Minister or Bureaucrat & enter the premises. But still saw Abhay Jain of Jain irrigation eating like a dog at Minister Girish Mahajan's cabin on one of the day. 

6. Notes worth Rs. 85 lakhs caught near Dadar yesterday 
Apparently new currency caught of Rs. 85 lakhs yesterday was tipped off by RTI activist Ketan Tirodkar. One of the person caught in the Innova car with the currency was ex Central Minister & ex CM of Maharashtra Sushilkumar Shinde's nephew. The Income Tax Department & the police were hesitant to make the arrest even after continuous follow up by Ketan. The nephew was apparently left from the crime scene after he made a few phone calls. 

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