Tuesday, 8 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Black Out? 500, 1000 notes no longer valid 
Watta move by the PM !Just 4, that included the PM himself, the Finance Minister, & top two officers in the Finance Ministry & RBI knew about this historic move beforehand. Kudos, Narendra Modi !! In Maharashtra, particularly in Mumbai, it was a fashion to keep "safe houses" by the riches. In these safe houses suitcases were stacked with cash. Obviously of the highest denomination! All these suitcases are of no use today! Also, with this move PM is showing no mercy towards builders. He knew from the very beginning that all the black money of this country is lying with builders or invested in lands. The nexus of politician-builder is broken last night, finally! Now we can think of having affordable houses across the country. One market in Mumbai is suddenly on the move is the "entry market". The black to white market is charging as high as 25% to get your black money routed in your account. Earlier the market was of 5% commission. One thing is for sure,  BJP is settled in India for next 2 terms, for sure!! Meanwhile Congress is still murmuring on how it banned 25 paisa coins...haha..also, Mantralaya will be unofficially closed till further notice, as many bureaucrats have called in sick!!

2. BJP MLA acquitted in graft case 14 years on 
Narendra Mehta is free from the "blackmailing money" case that was pending since 2002. Then the Corporator, now MLA has made so much money that he gifted his vernac wife a Lamborghini worth crores. Why Narendra Modi is not after people such as this Narendra Mehta? If he can arrange IT raid on the powerful Thakurs from Virar, one scrutiny notice to such Mehtas is no problem, I feel!

3. EOW chargesheet on Yash Birla companies.
This Yash Birla companies are fraud. During the NCP-Congress Yash Birla had supplied computers to tribal schools in the remotest area of Maharashtra. I recollect, not to go as far as Gadchiroli, in Thane district also, where the survey was carried out, only boxes of CPU had reached to schools where they dint have electricity. These computers till now are unused as there were no trainers, no person went to install and no one to teach computers to the tribal students. There were no benches to keep these computers, forget the rest. The tender was worth 7 cr, which was further increased to 20 crores. No inquiry then in this matter, not even today!

4. The curious case of Chhagan Bhujbal's 'missing' report 
Someone let this Bhujbal out please to count his money and exchange it now!! haha...Immediately tomorrow Bhujbal will be sent back to jail as Dr Hemant of JJ will no longer tender his services to any cash rich politician henceforth, is the pledge he has taken I hear!!

5. What can  Shivaji Maharaj memorial can do for Maharashtra, if not built?
Times of India's journalist Nauzer Bharucha had written this on his Facebook Page that what If Shivaji Maharaj was alive today, would he recommend his government to spend this money on his memorial? No, never! Today Mid-day has given a break up as to what all things Maharashtra will benefit if we save this money and distribute to the poor. But again, in Maharashtra, blind belief & ego takes an upper edge then development. 

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