Monday, 7 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines/Vikrant Joshi/

1. Liquor at Coldplay concert: Cong wants state to clarify stand. 
What does Congress exactly want? It is not an Anoop Jalota's concert or Ramdev Baba's Yog Shibir. Today, even at art galleries where painters display their arts, champagne is served with cheese. On one side we are hosting an international event where the whole world will have eyes on us, and on the other we are fighting over petty issues. Congress's ex MP Milind Deora has raised his voice against his own party men for opposing Cold Play in Mumbai. The only concern during such concerts is free flowing of "drugs" as a lot of party-goers and music lovers are addicted to the substance whilst they listen to their favourite band. 

2. NCP leader gunning for Navi Mum civic chief? 
Dig my writing a month ago. I had clearly said, Tukaram Mundhe has rubbed Ganesh Naik the wrong way by cancelling all the projects which Mundhe doubted. The whole story has begun there. Today Times of India has seconded it!

3. Court stops Navi Mumbai realty project over political interference 
Bhai Jagtap & Rajesh Tope are the two political interferences which are creating hassles in getting the shopkeepers right of possession of their own properties at Ulwe. Mumbai Mirror has broke the story. From being a labour union leader to owning properties worth crores, Congress's Bhai Jagtap has come a long way. Recently he sold his 10000 sq feet commercial property in Baba Siddique's mall in the KFC lane at Bandra Mumbai. Also if you want to meet "labour" leader Bhai Jagtap you can find him only at 5 star Hotel's cafe's or dining at expensive restaurants. Well, people surrounding him or footing his bills are businessmen or mill owners. No need to explain the agenda of discussions over such lunches & dinners.

4. Colaba gets city's 1st paid roadside parking 
Good story by Mumbai Mirror. After all, some Corporators knowing their limitations, certainly know how to be in news and how to depend on their friends to get publicity.

5. काँग्रेसच्या १७ नगरसेवकांचा पत्ता होणार कट 
Bhai Jagtap is adamant on not giving tickets in the upcoming Municipal elections to the 17 Congress corporators who had voted against him during the MLC elections held last year between Bhai Jagtap, Ramadas Kadam & Prasad Lad. He treats them as traitors. Apart from Eknath Gaikwad, Priya Dutt, Gurudas Kamat, Krupashankar Singh, Sanjay Nirupam, one more person needs importance and say here in Mumbai Congress, Bhai Jagtap! 

6. खोत यांच्या बंगल्यासमोर ऊस उत्पादकांचे आंदोलन
Sadabhau Khot & Raju Shetty could go on agitation and carry protests at the drop of the hat when they were not in power. These two people along with Mahadev Jankar had the guts to go to Baramati and challenge Sharad Pawar in his own turf. But as soon as these three came in power (2 are Ministers in Maharashtra Govt while Shetty is an MP) addressing the issues of farmers have presumed secondary role for all 3. Yesterday, the farmers of he sugarcane belt staged a protest outside Sadabhau Khot's bunglow in Sangli. Talk about tasting your own medicine. 

7. मुंबई ते नेरुळ अवघ्या १७ मिनिटांत !
Government is doing this now, Ganesh Naik who owns 11 speedboats is doing this since years. He travels from Navi Mumbai to CST via one of his luxury speedboat and reaches just town in 30 minutes from Navi Mumbai.

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