Sunday, 6 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines/Vikrant Joshi 

1. Powerful Gesture-Public Eye 
Till now everyone in Maharashtra must be aware of the noble act of  Collector & IAS Officer, G Shrikant for his driver "Mama". For the unknown, the collector on the day of his driver's retirement  after 31 years of government service, offered him to drive to the office on his retirement day & felicitated him with a red beacon toy car made out of silver. Day before, just to congratulate him, called the bureaucrat and reminded him that no one in the history of Maharashtra's bureaucracy has ever done this before. Shrikant ji being the witty one he is, reminded me, that not only in bureaucracy but even the whose who in our country fail to acknowledge the services of our help. True sir! But sir, there are people in this country who have "gifted" acres and acres of lands in the drivers or peons name & made them rich. Politicians especially! But in the end, even if the driver or peon has acres of lands in his name, the power of attorney holder is certainly the politician or bureaucrat. Have we not heard company's directors of scamster politicians are peons & drivers?  Also the first politician in history of Maharashtra to bestow his "blessings" on his driver is COngress's Patangrao Kadam. When he was the Director of ST, he along with his partner use to travel all across Maharashtra in their government allotted car. Later the driver of Patangrao's car made so much money out of OVERTIME (God alone knows if that was authentic) that he built a bunglow in Pune and named it after his bosses, "Rang-Patang". 

2. Sand miners block Mumbai -Ahd Highway
In a shocking incident revealed today by Mumbai Mirror, the illegal sand miners had blocked the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway for good 3 hours because their boats were seized by the authorities. They protesters have clearly stated that they shared the profits of the illegal mining with all the authorities. We need the CM to act on this with immediate basis. The protestors should be forced to name each and every official along with any politicians, if any, with authentic proofs to substantiate their claims of being equal partners in profits of the business. If this happens, stern action needs to be initiated on the officers by the Revenue Department. Golden way to break-in the nexus of illegal sand mining in the entire Thane & Palghar district. 

3. The law is sacred, they should uphold it without fear-Dharmendra Jore-Mid-Day
Must read --"Raag Darbari" of Dharmendra Jore's in todays Mid-day. He unfolds the story of how illegal shrines or temples encroaching the footpath or the walkway will be demolished as per the orders of the Court before 31st December. The Government has also issued stern warning to the Collectors and relevant authorities to not succumb to any pressure. But one thing, I don't understand, we couldn't move even one brick of tainted society Adarsh even if it is proved illegal by all the authorities. Similar cases in Thane & Navi Mumbai. I have my doubts for this sacred shrines as a lot of people have belief's and superstitions attached to them. Demolishing them will surely stage protests and mass gatherings. Lets see if we can succeed in this!

4. सबसे बडा रुपय्या-यदु जोशी-लोकमत 
Yadu (kaka) Joshi in his column in Lokmat today has exposed the monies that has/will be exchanged in the upcoming MLC elections in Maharashtra. Without naming the actual spenders, he has made shocking revelations in Lokmat today. Instead of writing and building hopes of other journalists in those parts where elections are scheduled, will Yadu Joshi dare to go to ACB or ED and lodge a complain if he knows everything? A journalist merely because he knows a thing or two, shouldn't make claims; if that is substantiated it should be registered with relevant authorities. Also in the same column where he has praised G Shrikant for his act, he has shamed one ex-chief secretary who ordered two of his office staff's to take care of his dog whilst the officer and family were out for the whole day. Is the person in question  JS Saharia or Ratnakar Gaikwad? 

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