Wednesday, 30 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. BMC Commissioner: Can't take my parents for walk on footpaths.
Ajoy Mehta who is heading the BMC in full force complained about the need of the hour. No footpaths to walk. But sir, Dr. PAllavi was doing a decent job nah? Anyways sir, even if the footpaths were alright and manageable, tell me who wants to walk on streets of Mumbai with this quality of air? And believe me, this air (pollution) is the major reason for many ailments not only to the aged but also to the younger people. Next best option, How about taking your parents to the Malls for a walk? In the meantime as your beloved parents do the walking, you can also be at work at the mall itself...99% all malls in the city have flouted all the norms required to get a NOC from BMC or Fire Department. You can easily unearth another scam of your department and secondly your parents along with walking can breathe normally. But sir, my salute to you for one of the best gestures shown: In todays world, when children just "throw" away parents in a city like Mumbai, where family values are zero, hats off to you for letting your parents stay with you (both aged 92 & 88 respectively). At least people who think bureaucrats are heartless, emotionless, & too self centred, take a cue from this!! 

2. Play national anthem in cinema halls, audience must rise: SC
Wasn't this happening? Why do our governments & courts waste each others time to do things which is already A PRACTICE? Every theatre is playing National Anthem followed by that stupid tobacco advertisement. Everyone gets up and has 200% respect towards our flag. Those who don't get up whilst the anthem is playing, theatre public is enough for teaching that person a lesson. In my views, Courts should concentrate on more serious matters and look to clear thousands of other matters pending. Audience will rise, whilst anthem is playing, this is India !!

3. Sena: BJP used banned notes to influence voters. 
Haha...whilst BJP took the cake Sena leaders are crying foul over spilled milk. If and IF BJP has used old notes, that means any which ways they are more convincing, smarter and powerful than Sena leaders. So the powerful one obviously gets elected. Sena means brawn, and BJP means brain, is what I have concluded from this! 

4. Agent Sal-loo- Salman Khan saw some people shitting on the bandstand and on one phone call he gets to becomes face of BMC's campaign on open defecation. Aditya Thackrey met Salman couple of days ago, was it decided then? Salman might not know, if he is the face of this campaign, many times his posters will be hanging near the railway tracks where people might use the same to clean up if in case of unavailability of water...He might get irked again and end up killing someone or sending Shera to do the needful. BMC, unofficial request, any which ways people use MC & BC (which is why it is BMC) when they talk about you, the cuss words will be doubled, if they see Salman promoting this. Tomorrow you will ask Pangatrao Kadam to be face of campaign, "बेटी बचाओ, बेटी पढ़ाओ "!

5  IAS reshuffle - Must Read Atul Kulkarni's piece on yesterday's IAS reshuffle. Very nicely put up in words and reasons given for abrupt transfer of senior officers. (Please note, my "love" towards Kulkarni is in tact ) 

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