Thursday, 3 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. Apology not enough, Christian groups want owner, designer in Jail. 
"Goregaon Social" or every pub in the Mumbai city by the name "socials" is run by Riyaz Amlani who is also the President at the National Restaurant Association of India.  Few days ago we read his interviews in leading papers. My views on the episode: it is a MAJOR mistake from the over enthusiast project consultant/Architect. Knowing about Riyaz Amlani, have heard he runs some 15 odd clubs alone in Mumbai very professionally. Since even WE run a chain of coffee shops, the design, the colour combination, the theme of the store is always fixed. Not even the tile we put on the floor changes, such perfect is our planning! The vendors are fixed, the suppliers are set. The architect does not come to us for any issue, except major ones,  because he need to work only as per the formula given to him. So no question of Riyaz getting involved in this whole thing. By the way, if the apology was accepted by the Archdiocese, now don't understand the demand of arrest of Riyaz ? Also, over enthusiasts people, I have stayed in the UK for 3 years, if you want to know what actually blasphemy means, just visit Mosques of Bradford and see what is written about Indian gods & hindu women in there. Riyaz, be ready to fight or spurge money my friend!!

2. ED scanner on ex-CM's Rs. 300 cr money laundering.
Oh! Is it the ex-CM from Konkan in trouble? Looking at Congress's internal warfare thats going on now, the only person who would emerge the most powerful and who could have saved Congress's face was Rane. Competitors and party leaders have tipped off the ED & here we go, fresh trouble for Bhujbal's best friend. Is it a trend to finish off mass leaders? Technically also, Times who has broken this story has been very apt in describing him as an EX CM. Had it been Vilasrao Deshmukh, they would have mentioned Late Ex Cm, had it been Ashok Chavhan, they would have mentioned "currently in legal battle over a tainted society" , my doubts don't run for Prithviraj Chavhan, so the left is only Rane.

3. Ministers clash over tribal kids' deaths; Pankaja says she handles only nutrition.
Read today, Min Pankaja Munde & Dr. Deepak Sawant are fighting as to who is responsible for the tribal kids death. In my views, whosoever it is, the responsibility of all health related issues, be it medical facilities or providing food should be fixed to the Public Health Ministery. Then no other Ministry should invite tenders for supply of food items to the tribal or even we as common public. All such similar portfolios should be under one head. Likewise, all the education portfolios such as School, Higher & Secondary, Technical should have only 1 Minister i.e. the Education Minister. No need to have separate Ministers, so no question of fights!!

4. BJP refuses to back key Khadse aide in MLC polls.
Again old news reappearing in Times,  BJP has finally taken a stance against Pakistani people. Those unknown, Gurumukh Jagawani is a Pakistani born national who came to India and to Jalgaon and use to pick up saheb's bags. But since the party has not cared a bit for Khadse, Gurumukh Jagwani for me was long time gone, then itself. I was in fact waiting as to someone will launch an attack on him, as maximum letter heads for transfers, cracking deals, asking favours in any Minister's tapaal, is that of "agent jagwani"

5. State tribal school under scanner after 10 year old student gets pregnant 
Latest update, the Maharashtra DGP is getting up an SIT to probe the " rape " of a 10 year old. A very heinous act in Khamgaon, Buldhana district. Guilty even if under age should be punished at any cost. But again, as I have time & again said, NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik has lost the plot. He is demanding CM to resign because somewhere in Maharashtra a rape has occurred & a 10 year old girl has remained pregnant. Thank God, Malik is not holding Fadnavis responsible if an hen is laying eggs! Mahesh Tapase where are you? 

6. तुकाराम मुंढेप्रकरणी राष्ट्रपतींकडे मागणार दाद 
Brave decision by CM Fadnavis to back Mundhe. But sir, what happened in cases of Gedam or Ashwini Joshi or other such able officers? Why didn't you back then? You shifted able IAS officers on complains of "faltu" ex-MoS cum now switched to BJP Mla Dr. Sunil Deshmukh from Amravati? In fact this is what hampers motivation of younger IAS officers. Anyway, this Mayor Sonawane is going to approach Hon'be President of the country to remove Tukaram Mundhe. Hmm..will he get any justice there? No, Never! 

7. खासदार मामाच्या नावाने लाखोंचा गंडा 
Lokmat has exclusively given this news. Hemant Devadiga, nephew of ex MP Sanjay Dina Patil is the person in question. The charges are cheating of people against promised admissions & getting jobs at Godrej. But what can we expect from the family member? The family is quite famous for their brawls and "bhaigiri" in the constituency Sanjay represents. 

Vikrant Joshi

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