Wednesday, 23 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. 16 contractors cheated city of Rs. 572 crore
Mumbai Mirror's exclusive story today. But before Mirror it was Mid-day who had apparently named the 6 contractors who have "raped" our city. Mid-day was also the first paper to give photographs of all the rich Marwadi contractors. Out of the 16, only 2 make to my list who needs to be put in jail. One is J Kumar (backed by a senior BJP city neta) and other one is RP Shah Construction whose "silent" partner is a senior cabinet Minister's husband, who is known to carry her resignation papers in her purse; please someone tell her to carry a deodorant as well !! 

2. Probe panel granted more powers; fresh trouble for Khadse 
For the unknown, to probe the land deal of Khadse family, for which Khadse had to resign from the cabinet, state government had appointed a committee  to probe the whole deal headed by justice Dinkar Zoting. But if my sources are to be believed, an outgoing MLC from Jalgaon has cut a sweet deal with the justice and Khadse will soon be coming out clean. Time for CM to know this update in the Khadse land grab case. He has already got clean cheat in the Dawood phone call case, if he comes clean in the land grab case (or in case he makes a scapegoat out of his son-in law or activist Barathe), it will be no sooner we will see a cabinet rejig, and Khadse back in power for the last 1 year. 

3. Shivsena changes tune, backs demonetisation. 
At times, why I don't know, but Shiv Sena doesn't hesitate to play the agony aunt ever? Earlier in 2014 after the BJP was voted the highest seats, Shiv Sena observed. When it saw NCP would back the BJP, it assumed the role of vice-captain and came in power. Same thing was repeated at the Kalyan-Dombivali Corporation polls. Next was this demonetisation. Uddhav Thackrey was the first to speak against Modi's drive, but today as we read in the papers, they have backed the government, after Modi reminded them what will they answer Balasaheb in the heavens for not backing. Why this happens all the time? It's always about a naughtiest boy in the school classroom where he does all the tricks, but studies at the same, and grabs teachers attention and still remains the favourite as well as the hated (amongst few) of the class. 

4. भिवंडी महापालिकेत पदोन्नती खिरापत घोटाळा -लोकसत्ता 
Apparently CM Fadnavis has ordered an enquiry in the whole promotion scam in the Bhiwandi Municipal Corporation. Loksatta's exclusive news, but as usual they haven't named any. It is the Municipal Corporation's Commissioner who is behind this whole game. He along with his staff's (since there is not a single developmental work happening there) promoted people even when they were not eligible, after taking bribes! To begin with Ex Commissioner Achyut Hange is the man behind the whole game !!! 

5. जिल्हा बँकांना २१ हजार कोटी 
NABARD has been instructed by the RBI to deposit Rs. 21,000 crore of new currency to the Co-op banks. The whole decision came in light of the need for cash, as almost all politicians from all parties have been requesting the PM to do so. Reason, either a relative of the politician or himself are the promoters of some or the other Co-op bank. Last read somewhere, Shivsena is grabbing the attention of "getting it done". Whosoever it is, finally politicians breathe a sigh of relief! 

6. तेलंगणाच्या मुख्यमंत्र्यांचे बाथरूम बुलेटप्रूफ 
Sakal has given this news! Why ? No reason...but request people and politicians of Maharashtra to not take anything of this seriously, as tomorrow you might see a Nitesh Rane demanding bullet-proof bathroom, if the current security is anything less. There are many to name who carry security even if they party in the best pubs of the city. Bhamla, Baba Siddique, Rane jr, are some of the examples. God knows who threatens these guys for their desh-sewa? 

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