Wednesday, 16 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1.  BJP miffed as Sena queues up with Oppn (he may ask to take on Govt in Modi
In the whole country, the first person to speak openly against Demonetisation drive was Sena chief, Uddhav Thackrey. It made sense what he spoke. He relayed his sentiments for the common man, who is the actual sufferer in the whole queuing up at banks. Today, in a story of Mumbai Mirror, the journalist has quoted a senior leader (who is actually a senior leader in SS is a question mark to me, either all of them whom we know are above 70 and rest are in their 20's & 30's) saying that Uddhav has asked the MP's to take on the government in the Parliament in the forthcoming winter session. I would say, senior leaders, whosoever has been quoted, if your MP's even dare to do so, the hammer of Modi is waiting for your head. If Modi decides that its payback time for you MP's, Arvind Sawant & Shrikant Shinde, your family has or will just undergo mammoth weddings this month. Be careful, Modi might ask you the expenses you incurred; Shrikant Shinde, if  your ONE wedding card is estimated to be in few thousands, imagine what papa Eknath has spent on the whole wedding? So no daring with Modi. Uddhav is safe as he has a lot of white income (for example-rentals from Malls he is partners with) in rentals coming his way, he can adjust accounts, you have newly acquired richness through corruption, so please don't listen or fall in media trap! Also, one from the Times of India building- heard in one of the city's paper, the actual reporter's who did the story for a month without caring much for time & health, are sulking as it has become a habit of only one person grabbing the bylines only with 10% contribution to the process. 

2.  पवार आणि पैसे : पत्रकार हेमंत  जोशी

3. राणे आणि उणेदुणे १ : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

4. ब्रिजेश सिंह शासनाचे प्रवक्ते 
After the DG of DGIPR, Secretary, Inspector General & in charge of cyber crime, IPS Brijesh Singh has been handed over new responsibility of being the Spokesperson of the government now. All the government departments will have to coordinate with Brijesh Singh. But if you ask my views, I don't see this as a positive move by the Government. Brijesh Singh is known to be a very quiet person! Very articulate & an introvert type! Does not mingle much, will interact with only selected people even from the media, mostly English Print one's. Ajay Ambekar is his Man Friday. After being hammered by the CM over the "Fadnavis" or "Phadanvis" spelling issue and transferred abruptly to Aurangabad by the CM himself, now I know how Ambekar always lands up with post of his liking.  DG is not happy with the 2 Director's government has appointed and given him. Secondly he is an IPS. He should have rather concentrated on the 40 cyber cell's program which CM inaugurated or taken up a side posting. Government is merely pressuring an able officer of his calibre, by entrusting him with loads of loads of portfolios. How will he justify his performance? IAS Manisha Mhaiskar was doing a fabulous job as the Secretary and had control over many UNSAID things that are on the open in the DGIPR now. A senior (english media) journalist told me, Brijesh Singh has been got here in the DGIPR to end the corruption in the department and set discipline in the team and get maximum output. But where is the authority? My clear cut understanding is the OUTSIDE media consultants hired by all the Ministers are making DGIPR officials dance on their tunes everyday. For example, a delegation of the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK visited CM some days back and a magazine's bureau chief got initimation from the UK's PR office with photos, agenda & press note, but our DGIPR didn't have a clue on the issue, rather it is learnt that they were waiting for the clearance from CM PRO for sending us the same. Where is the control & the authority? 

5. जिल्हा बँकांना जुन्या नोटा स्वीकारू द्या ! 
This request was made by all the Ministers in yesterdays State Cabinet meet. As the election of local governing bodies are nearing the only way to change your 500's and 1000's were through Co-op banks. Many politicians are either on the board or control the State Co-op banks in their districts since many years. With no commission, the banks till day before were converting politicians black money to bundles of 100's and 10's. It has stopped now due to Centre's instructions. Now the politicians are worrying about the fact as to how to distribute money during elections to be held late this month. 500's & 1000's are being ignored by the voters from the rural parts. 

6. सत्तेचे वर्हाडी... विवाहात उधळणीचे धनी ! 
Eknath Shinde- from where did you get this much money to spend on your child's wedding? Child is a MP from Thane-Shrikant Shinde! How could you light up trees which started from Cadbury junction in Thane to your residence, which is good 2 kms in distance? My question is pertaining to that common people are dying here standing in the queues for hours, many people don't know what will they eat in the evening, and you splurged a food festival in Shrikant's wedding and yes not for 100 odd but for 25000 people! Ridiculous!! The timing was not right, Minister! You remember how once a Shivsainik now NCP man Bhaskar Jadhav was pulled up for spending a fortune on his daughters wedding. His party chief had summoned Bhaskar Jadhav, lets see if Uddhav Thackrey calls on you.

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