Monday, 21 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review of some of todays headlines

OFF THE RECORD review of some of todays headlines...

1. Man who gave Modi idea of demonetisation slams...
So who exactly was it? Traders (Gujrati's, marwadi's, Kutchi's) are proudly claiming it was a brainchild of Mukesh Ambani's ex President -Business Development & now RBI Governor Urjit Patel. But as per Mumbai Mirror's claims today (also as per Facebook posts) it is Anil Bokil of Artha Kranti Prathisthan who gave Modi the idea of demonetisation. "जो भी हो, भाई, आपको लाइन में खड़ा हर एक  गरीब खोज रहा है, और बस दुआ personally देने को उत्सुक है "...  

2. Maha fails to use Rs. 458 cr funds for upgrading ITIs
Last week read BMC has un- used funds for a particular project. If you see, maximum development of the state is hampered beacuse of non utilisation of allotted funds for a particular department in the Budget. Take example of  the Bhiwandi Corporation. As per sources, Rs. 500 crore are yet to be taken from the public in form taxes & dues and Rs.1000 crore are yet to be shelled out by the Corporation for payments of various bills & projects undertaken & completed or those which remain incomplete. Every month there is a fight to pay off the salaries to the staffs.  No Diwali bonus was given this time. With whom the onus lies to clear the earlier books, is the big question mark.  If a Corporation is facing such situation, even if any Commissioner wants to undertake development how will it be possible? So the allotted funds remain utilised hampering the government. 

3. BJP MLAs sons in bar brawl leading to murder
 Apparently, BJP MLA Krushna Khopde's sons were drinking & having merry and a fight which was triggered over the discount in billing with the pub staff, continued on the streets, which led to the murder of one of the friends of the MLA's sons. Yesterday a prominent leader of AAP pointed out, how different is it from the Jessica Lal murder? I so agree with her statement. Someone was questioning what is happening in CM's hometown especially when he is incharge of the Home Department? Our CM is no Bejan Daruwalla or any baba from Indore. He cannot predict what Pankaja Munde is upto now let aside  a murder been taking place over drinks. But i'm sure the character he is, if the person caught is MLA's son, severe punishment will be rendered. How can you all forget what he did to Khadse? (He will step back only if Delhi calls)

4. Babus using your cash to covert black to white 
Mid-day's breaking story, Babus across at the counters at the RTO and state excise department are taking money in new currency and turning their ill gotten wealth (old currency) into new currency. Cool nah? With responsibility I can say, forget these departments, just concentrate on the Bank Managers of every branch of every city. Also don't forget the co-op bank managers. It is much bigger than this. 

5. मुख्यमंत्र्यांचा सभांचा सपाटा  
For the upcoming polls of the local self governing bodies, CM Fadnavis has taken over himself as the star campaigner for the BJP. It seems only he alone knows how to handle situations and come in front of public in these trying 50 days. OR lets find out the actual reason for CM's regular absence from Mumbai since November 8th 2016. Rallies are just an eyewash, is it CM ?

6. सरकारवर ३०२ चे खटले दाखल करा-विखे
Hahah..sometimes I take it as a joke and pity his advisors as to what Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil as leader of opposition even brings to the table. If standing in queues and dying is an offence on government, Vikhe Patil, you were Agriculture minister for years in the previous regime. Then the current government should impose sec 302 on you as well for the deaths of farmers in Marathwada & Vidharbha.  People died due to loans, its repayments, faulty meters, bogus water pumps, seeds scam, irrigation scam and so on...

Patrakar Vikrant Joshi

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