Wednesday, 30 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. BMC Commissioner: Can't take my parents for walk on footpaths.
Ajoy Mehta who is heading the BMC in full force complained about the need of the hour. No footpaths to walk. But sir, Dr. PAllavi was doing a decent job nah? Anyways sir, even if the footpaths were alright and manageable, tell me who wants to walk on streets of Mumbai with this quality of air? And believe me, this air (pollution) is the major reason for many ailments not only to the aged but also to the younger people. Next best option, How about taking your parents to the Malls for a walk? In the meantime as your beloved parents do the walking, you can also be at work at the mall itself...99% all malls in the city have flouted all the norms required to get a NOC from BMC or Fire Department. You can easily unearth another scam of your department and secondly your parents along with walking can breathe normally. But sir, my salute to you for one of the best gestures shown: In todays world, when children just "throw" away parents in a city like Mumbai, where family values are zero, hats off to you for letting your parents stay with you (both aged 92 & 88 respectively). At least people who think bureaucrats are heartless, emotionless, & too self centred, take a cue from this!! 

2. Play national anthem in cinema halls, audience must rise: SC
Wasn't this happening? Why do our governments & courts waste each others time to do things which is already A PRACTICE? Every theatre is playing National Anthem followed by that stupid tobacco advertisement. Everyone gets up and has 200% respect towards our flag. Those who don't get up whilst the anthem is playing, theatre public is enough for teaching that person a lesson. In my views, Courts should concentrate on more serious matters and look to clear thousands of other matters pending. Audience will rise, whilst anthem is playing, this is India !!

3. Sena: BJP used banned notes to influence voters. 
Haha...whilst BJP took the cake Sena leaders are crying foul over spilled milk. If and IF BJP has used old notes, that means any which ways they are more convincing, smarter and powerful than Sena leaders. So the powerful one obviously gets elected. Sena means brawn, and BJP means brain, is what I have concluded from this! 

4. Agent Sal-loo- Salman Khan saw some people shitting on the bandstand and on one phone call he gets to becomes face of BMC's campaign on open defecation. Aditya Thackrey met Salman couple of days ago, was it decided then? Salman might not know, if he is the face of this campaign, many times his posters will be hanging near the railway tracks where people might use the same to clean up if in case of unavailability of water...He might get irked again and end up killing someone or sending Shera to do the needful. BMC, unofficial request, any which ways people use MC & BC (which is why it is BMC) when they talk about you, the cuss words will be doubled, if they see Salman promoting this. Tomorrow you will ask Pangatrao Kadam to be face of campaign, "बेटी बचाओ, बेटी पढ़ाओ "!

5  IAS reshuffle - Must Read Atul Kulkarni's piece on yesterday's IAS reshuffle. Very nicely put up in words and reasons given for abrupt transfer of senior officers. (Please note, my "love" towards Kulkarni is in tact ) 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. Women back in in Haji Ali sanctum  
Believe me when I say this, but it is the biggest victory for women to enter any shrine be it a mosque or a mandir. But comparatively, people in Metro's are a bit broad minded & don't react fearing the law and consequences. Do you think somewhere in Rajasthan or somewhere in Kerela you think this decision of the court will be taken lightly and women will be freely admitted to come inside the shrine dominated by the men? NO!! People deep inside the country are so blind-folded with traditions that no one dares to go against. The girl who will dare so, not only her but her immediate family, her relatives will be boycotted or raped or killed by religious fanatics. If any "activist" women tried to break the rules, she will have a very heinous end. Those who propagandising this move, better start your tours in the fanatic country, called India. 

2.16 tainted road contractors bad Rs. 1500cr works
What should we say to this? Why and how does the BMC or MMRDA or the PWD get the same tainted contractors to do the same work which will be again of shoddy quality and play with life of Mumbaikar's? But let me tell you, with this Rs. 959 crore road scam, let the contract be awarded to anyone, the watch dogs, the various agencies and various check-points will make it very difficult to  promote corruption. For the first time, along with the CM, BMC chief is also adamant on quality work and making people take the onus. 

3. Sanjay Dina Patil and Nawab Malik clash 
Both are alleging fights. They say when the ship is about to sink, the rats abandon the first. Same case with NCP. All the leaders are just waiting for Senior Pawar to retire from active politics. The day the captain of the ship will give up on politics, just see how everyone jumps the queue and joins other parties. What to say about Sanjay Dina Patil? Just for a small family gathering Dina pAti family books a table for 200 people. All are very secured in their political life and continue their " rule " in the Chembur area of Mumbai, even today. Nawab Malik is very small for him. Just for the police agencies, please check the arms licenses if it was there. By the way, apart from few reporters, Nawab Malik is not a liked person by 90% of the NCP its because of his attitude. 

4. CM's wife in a music video with Amitabh Bachchan 
Saw the picture in a red dress of our CM's wife Amruta shaking a leg with legend Amitabh Bachchan for a music video. Gossip mongers will attack the CM for his "bold" freedom that has been given by the CM, but lets not worry. Tell me one CM whose wife is not active in politics even after her husband has been dethroned from the post. Remember Prithviraj Chavhan's wife went to Yeola and bought saree's worth Rs, crore for a wedding scheduled in the family. But again she did a lot of social work. Ashok Chavhan's wife (now MLA) was no different. Both Chavhan's wives use to take active part in politics and "businesses" of husbands. At least Amruta Fadnavis is still working as a normal human being, staying away from politics and pursuing her hobby that of singing. Now, is it a very big thing to use Devendra's good office for roping Amitabh? Common, this much is permissible. 

5. Man tries to extort Radhyesham Mopalwar using Arun Gawali's name, arrested
No, totally wrong story. If someone has gone to extort money from veteran bureaucrat Mopalwar, it is nothing to do with any earlier incidents happening in Mopalwar's life. It is an old vendetta! How come people just get up one day, pose as Gawli's men and straight head to the MSRDC office. Don't they know the number game, S S Zende, Prabhakar Deshmukh and many more are way way ahead of Mopalwar. Watch this space for more info. 

6. सरकारी अधिकारी  आता १० वर्षच प्रतिनियुक्ती 
Oh wow!! That means we will have all the VET's occupying the chair in Vidhan Bhavan returning back to the department, as forget 10 since 20 years they are in the same department. I have a list of state cadre officers who have not gone to their parent department since the beginning. Lets start with Subhash Deshmukh's OSD Krishna Jadhav or Hardas who was with Eknath khadse. GAD, be prepared for a lot of RTI's and officers, please be ready for some blackmailing (of course not by me) but the Times & lokmat. 

Monday, 28 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Shell out 50% tax if you come clean, much more if caught
So the scare of 200% penalty is finally out ! But the bill presented in the parliament by FM fails to tell us as what will be the cap price this penalty will be applicable? Will the house-wives income declared upto Rs. 2.50 lakhs be tax free or even that will be slated to come under the new 50% cap ? Surely, people who have got "entries" in their accounts, if they  are un-explainable, will surely come under this penalty clause. For example, in your whole life your bank accounts have funds in tune of Rs. 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs getting deposited & removed, and all of a sudden you get Rs. 1 crore in your account, that will be treated as suspicious & penalty of nearly 85% will be applicable. So in a way, this is yet another chance given by the government. Under VDS had the % before September 30th been anywhere around even 30% believe me, a lot of black money would have been declared then, as  45% was a bit high, now say some observers. Some would argue that had Modi kept the % around 30, it would have been unfair to the tax payers who are already shelling out 35% on an average on their monthly icnome. 

2. BJP wins big in state. 
I will tell you who are the biggest winners in this. See, local council elections is the biggest & realistic picture as to what is going on in the rural parts of the state. These elections give us true picture as what will be the results slated in the Assembly elections scheduled in 2019. BJP is the clear winner, but mind you only because of Devendra Fadnavis. Minus this person from the equation & see the results. It is one man army. Also for me party-wise the clear cut winner is Shivsena that is followed by Congress. The only party to take a beating to their image is self obsessed NCP, in that also, Dhananjay Munde (clearly the hero & saving grace of NCP) and Tatkare have managed to save party's face. Shivsena's victory was without even one rally undertaken by Uddhav Thackrey; whereas his counter part (Devendra Fadnavis) out of 40 rallies that he addressed the party won in 32 of them. Isn't this Devendra's victory? But IM VERY HAPPY FOR THE LOSSES OF prodigies of "माजेल" leaders like बाई-माणूस Pankaja Munde, CORRUPT & BOGUS BJP State President till date Raosaheb Danve,  WOMANISER Minister Babanrao Lonikar, BJP's man but current Leader of Opposition from Congress-Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil & Over ambitious, acts like Gandhi but is corrupt to no extend-Jayant Patil.  By the way, yesterday CM wasn't available for any of the media houses for bytes--from where did Yadu Joshi get his interview that appeared in Lokmat today? History repeating?

3. Oppn protests notes ban, calls govt anti poor.
Admist Bharat Bandh, Aakrosh morcha held by the congress saw only 10 shops closed in the Kalina. I'm sorry Congress party, you party is failing to create an impact with people like Nirupam & Ashok Chavhan leading the way. Yeh Public hai, aur yeh sab jaanti hai !!

4. वशिल्यावर पदे दिली की हेच होणार 
God alone knows when will senior neta Narayan Rane be happy with Congress leadership in the state? Congress is successful outside Mumbai. In Mumbai there are so many captains driving the party. No one understands that If one is Sachin Tendulkar, he HAS to retire. In my views, what I have seen in recent past, only Narayan Rane has the fire, the guts & power to take on likes of ace Devendra Fadnavis. Just because of one Sonia Gandhi episode, Narayan Rane has been on sidelines since years. But what the Delhi is not understanding is COngress's downfall is happening because of internal politics. As a journo, tell me one Congress leader speaking good about another? Only Rane has the command, the experience & the "ways" to keep State congress alive. (Pls note this is not a paid piece) . You think senior leaders in the party are listening to Ashok Chavhan? You think Sanjay Nirupam is able to stop Krupashankar Singh from going too Delhi? No never....Only Narayan Rane will & can do this....

Sunday, 27 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. PM Modi pitches for cashless India 
Is it Modi saheb? Congress's slogan "Garibi hatao" misconstrued by PM Modi as  "Garibo ko hatav". In a population of 125 million, tell me practically is it possible to go cashless? This move will surely wipe out the workers, labours, factory workers, the maids, the servants, the bhajiwaala, your dhobi and every person who is dealing only in cash for the living. I have heard some bhajiwala's in Mumbai have started used PayTM. OK. but this is Mumbai, a metro!! Tell me, will a vegetable vendor not far say in Thane district at Mokhada will accept your cards or online payments? They don't know whats internet, forget the online payment concept. If this happens, if Modi wants India to turn into America, that day will not be far when your maid comes in her own car to wash your utensils, just as America. But this is a far-fetched dream. As along with Modi, we still have the Lalu Prasads, the Thackreys, the Pawars, the Didi's and the Amma's living in the same country. If the government has failed miserably in implementation of the who demonetisation drive, just imagine what uproar will be generated the day, we have cashless country. As the great scholar Amartya Sen said, Modi has in a blanket decided we all are criminals. This further cashless economy concept will have every common man on streets and yes there will be riots. Proper planning & implementation & reaching to the last tribal in North east or Vidharbha should be the main agenda for the government to go cashless and nothing less!

2.  My father's (Patrakar Hemant Joshi's) take on Narayan Rane in MARATHI: Just click the link 
राणे आणि उणेदुणे २ : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

3.   राज्य निवडणूक आययुक्तांनी केली रायगड जिल्ह्यात मतदान पाहणी 
Now see how Journalism works. In todays Lokmat Yadu (Kaka) Joshi out of nowhere has written how good Election Commission boss JS Saharia is working. Kaka had to go to Alibaug and file this news (of course with Saharia). Such a big journalist (because of whom the whole accreditation committee met PM Modi last week & had my timeline flooded with pictures) and going to Alibaug to file one small news of Saharia's visit to a council? Not digested. For your information, just 10 days ago my same dearest Kaka had come down heavily on JS Saharia. If you remember the story in his editorial in Lokmat, it was Saharia who was out with his wife through out the whole day and had asked his officials to take care of his DOGS. And when in the night Saharia returned instead of thanking his government officials for taking care of the dog, he asked the dog if the two uncles took good care of him? 10 days ago such a story and now going to Alibaugh to do a positive story?..Kya baat hai Yadu kaka? Now I know how pressure is built on officials....Badiyaan hai....

4. EC seizes Rs. 26 crore in run up to local elections in state. 
This is just the official figure election Commission has declared. Tell me, if Rs. 26 crore has been seized, how come Mohan Kadam (who knows what has he done all his life), Ajay Rajurkar, Chandu Patel won their seats? You think in Yavatmal there were no monies exchanged? Forget MLC, even the local council elections which took place yesterday, people like MLA Shirish Choudhari have spent crores & crores for his wife to get elected. In fact in my views EC has just managed to grab ONLY 10% in the whole money game in Maharashtra.  

5. मतदान हिंसाचाराचे गालबोट 
Read in Lokmat, there were fights between 2 groups or 2 opponents everywhere yesterday owing to the local elections. But isn't politics a game of the goons of any town in India? Which educated & elite people actually participate in the whole thing? The Karyakartas or the followers of any political persons are all fed with alcohol, loads of foods and money during the campaigning days. So the situation is such, that only "violence" can resolve things between two parties. The cops are no less. No state during this time is any less than UP & Bihar ( Watch the movie Rajneeti or Omkara or Apaharan to get a clue).

6...तर सीबीआयमध्ये महिला संचालक येणार (मीरा बोरवणकर)
I always feel a certain news material we journalists predict or know is ALWAYS a paid news. Whenever (90% of the time) when we print that this certain person will occupy this certain position, be rest assured this news is either hatched by the person in question whom the news is about or the next competition. Why will I get my name in the news? To let seniors know, that I'm the next deserving one, I have been ignored a lot, been on side position for many years and so on. Why will my competition get it in the papers? To sabotage the whole move of the more deserving one which happens many times. Remember Rakesh Maria ? But this Meera Borvankar thing, looks like some one else is at mischief.  But yes, in all respect she deserved to be in CBI...

राणे आणि उणेदुणे २ : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

ऑकटोबर २०१६ च्या सुरुवातीला केंद्र शासनाच्या वित्त विभागाने ईडी च्या प्रमुखास बोलावून लेखी आणि तोंडी सांगितले कि या देशात ज्या नेत्यांच्या कुटुंबात २५ पेक्षा अधिक कंपनीज आहेत, आधी त्यांची यादी तयार करा, नंतर त्यांच्या कंपन्यांची सखोल चौकशी करून नेमका अहवाल आमच्याकडे पाठवा. ईडीकडे अमुक एखाद्या व्यक्तीची तक्रार पुराव्यांसहित असेल तरच माहिती असते, उठसुठ आर्थिक गुन्हे करणाऱ्यांची यादी किंवा माहिती त्यांच्याकडे नसते. सुरुवातीला त्यांना आयकर खात्यावर अवलंबून राहावे लागते. केंद्राकडून सूचना 

मिळाल्यानंतर ईडी ने आपल्या राज्यातील असे कोणते प्रमुख नेते आहेत कि ज्यांनी अलिकडल्या २५ वर्षात उलटसुलट धंदे करून विविध कंपन्या उभ्या केल्या, त्यावर माहिती जमा करायला सुरुवात केली, असे करतांना ईडी ने ज्या दोन नेत्यांवर या राज्यात आपले लक्ष केंद्रित केले त्यापैकी एक नव्या मुंबईतले बडे नेते होते आणि दुसरे नेते श्री नारायण राणे होते, या राज्याचे माजी मुख्यमंत्री होते.राणे यांची ईडी मार्फत चौकशी सुरु आहे, हि बातमी लीक झाली, नव्या मुंबईतल्या त्या नेत्याचे नाव गुलदस्त्यात राहिले कारण चौकशी करावी असे त्या नेत्याने केलेल्या कुठल्याही व्यवहारात आढळले नाही. अत्यंत महत्वाचे म्हणजे ईडी साठी जेव्हा राणे यांच्याविषयी माहिती गोळा करायला आयकर खात्याने सुरुवात केली, आयकर खात्याला वेगळ्या पद्धतीने सांगावयाचे झाल्यास, भडकविण्यात केंद्राशी कायम जवळीक राहिलेल्या मुंबईतील एका नारद वृत्तीच्या विशेष म्हणजे काँग्रेसच्याच नेत्याने राणे यांच्या विरोधात उलट सुलट माहिती देण्याचा हीन प्रयत्न केला, याच पद्धतीने ईडीच्या अधिकाऱ्यांनी माननीय मुख्यमंत्री आणि माजी मुख्यमंत्री पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण यांच्याकडून देखील राणे यांच्या विषयी आर्थिक गैरव्यवहारांवर काही माहिती मिळते का, त्यावर माहिती घेण्याचा प्रयत्न केला पण त्या दोघांनीही, आमच्याकडे अशी कोणतीही माहिती नाही, सांगून कानावर आणि तोंडावर हात ठेवले. पण राणे यांनी प्रत्यक्ष भेटून जेव्हा मुख्यमंत्र्यांना, माझी अशी काही चौकशी सुरु आहे का जेव्हा विचारले, त्यावर मात्र फडणवीस यांनी मौन बाळगणे पसंत केले. आपल्यापेक्षा अमुक एखादा नेता मुंबईत पक्षातल्या नेतृत्वात सरस ठरत असेल तर त्यांचे असे हलकट पद्धतीने पंख छाटण्यात काँग्रेस चा तो गोरागोमटा कपाळकरंटा नेता तसाही बदनाम आहे,म्हणून घरातले, नात्यातले नेते देखील त्याची साथ सोडून बाहेर पडले आहेत किंवा संजय निरुपम त्यावर विविध सत्यकथा सांगून तुम्हाला भारावून सोडतील....

मधले ते एक माझगावचे प्रकरण वगळता राणे यांची जी कधी उघड तर कधी गुप्त पद्धतीने चौकशी सुरु आहे, भुजबळ यांच्यासारखे अडचणीत येतील असे राणे यांच्या बाबतीत ईडीला काहीही आढळलेले नाही अशी माझी माहिती आहे. अत्यंत महत्वाचे असे कि मी नेहमीच सांगतो, आपले संबंध सतत सर्वदूर सर्वांशी मधुर असावेत. समोर एखादा चतुर्थ श्रेणी कर्मचारी जरी आला तरी तो जणू क्लास वन अधिकारी आहे, असे माझे त्याच्याशी विथ रिस्पेक्ट बोलणे असते कारण समोरचा माणूस तुम्हाला काय माहिती देऊन जाईल किंवा कुठे मदतीला धावून येईल सांगता येत नाही म्हणून अमुक लहान तमुक मोठा पद्धतीने लोकांशी वागू नये. नारायण राणे यांना यावेळी तोच अनुभव आला. राणे राजकारणात पडण्यापूर्वी ते आणि त्यांचा हनुमान विजू विचारे आयकर खात्यात नोकरीला होते हे तुम्हाला सांगणे म्हणजे मंत्री विष्णू सावरा यांना त्यांचा स्टाफ लुटतो किंवा दरदिवशी बेवकूफ बनवून मोकळा होतो हे सावरा यांच्या दोन्ही मुलांना सांगण्यासारखे.....

आयकर खात्यात नोकरी करीत असतांना राणे हे विजू विचारे यांचे हनुमान होते पण पुढे राणे नोकरीतून बाहेर पडले आणि जसजसे सत्तेच्या राजकारणात मोठे होत गेले, राणे पुढे आणि विजू विचारे यांनी मग कोणताही कमीपणा न मानता राणे यांचा हनुमान होणे पसंत केले. वैशिष्ट्य म्हणजे राणे भलेही या राज्याचे एक दिवस प्रमुख झाले, मुख्यमंत्री झाले पण ते आयकर खात्यातील त्यांच्या मित्रांना, तेथील अधिकाऱ्यांना किंवा कोणालाही विसरले नाहीत, आयकर खात्यातील कोणत्याही पदावरील व्यक्ती आजही किंवा ते मंत्री किंवा मुख्यमंत्री असतांनाही थेट पोहचत असे,आणि नारायण राणे त्या मंडळींची अडचण तेथल्या तेथे लगेच सोडविण्याचा प्रामाणिक प्रयत्न करतात त्यातून त्यांच्या या सकारात्मक संबंधांचाच त्यांना यावेळी फायदा झाला, ईडी ने त्यांची चौकशी सुरु केली आहे आणि त्यात कोण कसे मातीचे तेल ओतते आहे, आयकर खात्यातील त्यांच्या मित्रांनी त्यांना नेमकी माहिती दिली, राणे सावध झाले. मी जे राणे यांना ओळखतो, त्यावर हेच सांगता येईल, चौकशी भलेही होऊन जाऊ द्या पण राणे यांचा भुजबळ किंवा तटकरे होईल असे दूरदूरपर्यंत वाटत नाही. परदेशात राणे कुटुंबाचा कोणताही व्यवसाय नाही आणि गुंतवणूक देखील नाही....

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. 16 contractors cheated city of Rs. 572 crore
Mumbai Mirror's exclusive story today. But before Mirror it was Mid-day who had apparently named the 6 contractors who have "raped" our city. Mid-day was also the first paper to give photographs of all the rich Marwadi contractors. Out of the 16, only 2 make to my list who needs to be put in jail. One is J Kumar (backed by a senior BJP city neta) and other one is RP Shah Construction whose "silent" partner is a senior cabinet Minister's husband, who is known to carry her resignation papers in her purse; please someone tell her to carry a deodorant as well !! 

2. Probe panel granted more powers; fresh trouble for Khadse 
For the unknown, to probe the land deal of Khadse family, for which Khadse had to resign from the cabinet, state government had appointed a committee  to probe the whole deal headed by justice Dinkar Zoting. But if my sources are to be believed, an outgoing MLC from Jalgaon has cut a sweet deal with the justice and Khadse will soon be coming out clean. Time for CM to know this update in the Khadse land grab case. He has already got clean cheat in the Dawood phone call case, if he comes clean in the land grab case (or in case he makes a scapegoat out of his son-in law or activist Barathe), it will be no sooner we will see a cabinet rejig, and Khadse back in power for the last 1 year. 

3. Shivsena changes tune, backs demonetisation. 
At times, why I don't know, but Shiv Sena doesn't hesitate to play the agony aunt ever? Earlier in 2014 after the BJP was voted the highest seats, Shiv Sena observed. When it saw NCP would back the BJP, it assumed the role of vice-captain and came in power. Same thing was repeated at the Kalyan-Dombivali Corporation polls. Next was this demonetisation. Uddhav Thackrey was the first to speak against Modi's drive, but today as we read in the papers, they have backed the government, after Modi reminded them what will they answer Balasaheb in the heavens for not backing. Why this happens all the time? It's always about a naughtiest boy in the school classroom where he does all the tricks, but studies at the same, and grabs teachers attention and still remains the favourite as well as the hated (amongst few) of the class. 

4. भिवंडी महापालिकेत पदोन्नती खिरापत घोटाळा -लोकसत्ता 
Apparently CM Fadnavis has ordered an enquiry in the whole promotion scam in the Bhiwandi Municipal Corporation. Loksatta's exclusive news, but as usual they haven't named any. It is the Municipal Corporation's Commissioner who is behind this whole game. He along with his staff's (since there is not a single developmental work happening there) promoted people even when they were not eligible, after taking bribes! To begin with Ex Commissioner Achyut Hange is the man behind the whole game !!! 

5. जिल्हा बँकांना २१ हजार कोटी 
NABARD has been instructed by the RBI to deposit Rs. 21,000 crore of new currency to the Co-op banks. The whole decision came in light of the need for cash, as almost all politicians from all parties have been requesting the PM to do so. Reason, either a relative of the politician or himself are the promoters of some or the other Co-op bank. Last read somewhere, Shivsena is grabbing the attention of "getting it done". Whosoever it is, finally politicians breathe a sigh of relief! 

6. तेलंगणाच्या मुख्यमंत्र्यांचे बाथरूम बुलेटप्रूफ 
Sakal has given this news! Why ? No reason...but request people and politicians of Maharashtra to not take anything of this seriously, as tomorrow you might see a Nitesh Rane demanding bullet-proof bathroom, if the current security is anything less. There are many to name who carry security even if they party in the best pubs of the city. Bhamla, Baba Siddique, Rane jr, are some of the examples. God knows who threatens these guys for their desh-sewa? 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review of some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review of some of todays headlines...

1. PM: How will you face Balasaheb Thackrey in heaven (to Sena MP's)
Being a commoner, we all always think that all politicians should rot in hell. But mind you, there are some who actually deserve heaven even after "some" mistakes are committed from them, which we always think are pardonable! Mistakes are committed by such souls only on emotional grounds.  Balasaheb (ONLY HIM) was one of them. He surely is in the heaven for the endless good deeds & obligations he has done for people of Maharashtra. Yesterday Shiv Sena's MPs went to meet PM Modi over demonetisation issue and Modi uttered the above words. But Modi ji, out of all the MP's present yesterday in the Sena's delegation, please give me one name that will go to heaven after they leave their corrupt souls here. One MP during his stint here in the BMC was so shameful, that he use to collect money (bribe) in Mandir. One pujari was appointed for the purpose! How do you expect to let them go to heaven, PM? 

2. Cong, BJP bag 2 seats each in council polls, NCP & Sena get 1 each 
Finally Patangrao Kadam's dream comes true. His brother gets elected in the upper house. Patangrao (lady lover even at this age) didn't leave one stone unturned to get his idiotic brother victorious. Spent money as if there is no tomorrow. I should thank God for not letting corrupt & bogus officer Sham Sunder Shinde win from Nanded. Rajurkar beat him but again not with a big margin. Last heard, Shamsunder Sindhe had spent Rs. 25 crore for this election. When demonetisation took place, he had offered pieces of lands to the voters, as a token for voting for him. But thank God, it all went in vain. My bad luck, even his son's name is Vikrant. If you all recollect Vikrant is the same boy who had created havoc in the South Mumbai's society where all bureaucrats & judges stay. He had continuously knocked on to a judge's door for which Shamsunder Shinde was embarrassed to no extend and Mumbai Mirror had done the story. Later I found out, unlike me, he loves his drinks & sniff's!! "शिंदे जी, स्वर्ग नर्क काहीही नसत, सारी पापे इथेच फेडावे लागतात..तुम्ही आयुष्यभर नुसता पैसा कमावला, बघा विक्रांत कसा निघाला "... In Gondia, CM's closest aide Parinay Fuke won. Expected. Now PArinay ji, this is Mumbai and you are in the big game. Believe me when I say this, we are not some journalist like your friends from Nagpur working here, who will stand behind you when you are caught in 5 star hotels with babes! 

3. J & K encounter: 3 killed body of 1 mutilated 
Another mayhem by Paki's. But it was surprising to see new currency found near bodies of terrorists. This demonisation had done at least 1 good thing in Kashmir. Since 8th of November, no locals were hired for stone pelting or throwing grenades at the army as there was no money to spend for the terrorists! 

4. Demonetisation pulls down state's rising alcohol sales, more turn to country liquor 
Haha..dont tell me now, our babu's and heavy drinkers in Journalism will be having "desi" and performing their duties. Those who are regulars at the bars (officers) had already stocked up at their homes on the 8th night itself. Why only officers ? Tell me as if you all didn't!! But for sure Press Club is crying foul as it seems deserted nowadays. 

5. For Rs. 90 an hour, someone's willing to queue up for you..
New idea for our black money owners. Don't be surprised if this company which is from Noida, sees a lot of travellers from Delhi to Mumbai, or some over enthusiast IT guy starting this service in Mumbai. 

6. मुख्यमंत्र्यांनीच खासदारकीची दिली होती ऑफर -अतुल कुलकर्णी - लोकमत 
Didn't I tell you on Monday it looks like a supari story against Nirupam. Now tell me, if CM had offered Rajya Sabha seat to Sanjay Nirupam, would party-men like Bhandari & others would have kept quiet? 100% CM wouldn't have done this. MY opinion. Sanjay Nirupam is on "sharing & caring" relationship with a senior journalist from english media who is now best friends with Atul Kulkarni. Is it Atul is raking his value a bit more before he sits in front of Nirupam or is he following the best friends strategy? 

Monday, 21 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review of some of todays headlines

OFF THE RECORD review of some of todays headlines...

1. Man who gave Modi idea of demonetisation slams...
So who exactly was it? Traders (Gujrati's, marwadi's, Kutchi's) are proudly claiming it was a brainchild of Mukesh Ambani's ex President -Business Development & now RBI Governor Urjit Patel. But as per Mumbai Mirror's claims today (also as per Facebook posts) it is Anil Bokil of Artha Kranti Prathisthan who gave Modi the idea of demonetisation. "जो भी हो, भाई, आपको लाइन में खड़ा हर एक  गरीब खोज रहा है, और बस दुआ personally देने को उत्सुक है "...  

2. Maha fails to use Rs. 458 cr funds for upgrading ITIs
Last week read BMC has un- used funds for a particular project. If you see, maximum development of the state is hampered beacuse of non utilisation of allotted funds for a particular department in the Budget. Take example of  the Bhiwandi Corporation. As per sources, Rs. 500 crore are yet to be taken from the public in form taxes & dues and Rs.1000 crore are yet to be shelled out by the Corporation for payments of various bills & projects undertaken & completed or those which remain incomplete. Every month there is a fight to pay off the salaries to the staffs.  No Diwali bonus was given this time. With whom the onus lies to clear the earlier books, is the big question mark.  If a Corporation is facing such situation, even if any Commissioner wants to undertake development how will it be possible? So the allotted funds remain utilised hampering the government. 

3. BJP MLAs sons in bar brawl leading to murder
 Apparently, BJP MLA Krushna Khopde's sons were drinking & having merry and a fight which was triggered over the discount in billing with the pub staff, continued on the streets, which led to the murder of one of the friends of the MLA's sons. Yesterday a prominent leader of AAP pointed out, how different is it from the Jessica Lal murder? I so agree with her statement. Someone was questioning what is happening in CM's hometown especially when he is incharge of the Home Department? Our CM is no Bejan Daruwalla or any baba from Indore. He cannot predict what Pankaja Munde is upto now let aside  a murder been taking place over drinks. But i'm sure the character he is, if the person caught is MLA's son, severe punishment will be rendered. How can you all forget what he did to Khadse? (He will step back only if Delhi calls)

4. Babus using your cash to covert black to white 
Mid-day's breaking story, Babus across at the counters at the RTO and state excise department are taking money in new currency and turning their ill gotten wealth (old currency) into new currency. Cool nah? With responsibility I can say, forget these departments, just concentrate on the Bank Managers of every branch of every city. Also don't forget the co-op bank managers. It is much bigger than this. 

5. मुख्यमंत्र्यांचा सभांचा सपाटा  
For the upcoming polls of the local self governing bodies, CM Fadnavis has taken over himself as the star campaigner for the BJP. It seems only he alone knows how to handle situations and come in front of public in these trying 50 days. OR lets find out the actual reason for CM's regular absence from Mumbai since November 8th 2016. Rallies are just an eyewash, is it CM ?

6. सरकारवर ३०२ चे खटले दाखल करा-विखे
Hahah..sometimes I take it as a joke and pity his advisors as to what Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil as leader of opposition even brings to the table. If standing in queues and dying is an offence on government, Vikhe Patil, you were Agriculture minister for years in the previous regime. Then the current government should impose sec 302 on you as well for the deaths of farmers in Marathwada & Vidharbha.  People died due to loans, its repayments, faulty meters, bogus water pumps, seeds scam, irrigation scam and so on...

Patrakar Vikrant Joshi

Sunday, 20 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines.../Vikrant Joshi

1. 120 die in worst rail accident in 6 years.
When the new Government announced it's ambitious plans of connecting India with bullet trains, every normal person who travels by trains, was of the opinion that the Government should first make the existing railway system of our country, the tracks, the facilities inside the trains, the bookings and all related activities a notch higher than the current situation and  than think of investing in the mega project of bullet trains. Such is the condition of todays railways that, forget the commoners, but whenever  MLA from Solapur  Praniti Shindi boards the train to come to Mumbai, she has to spot a rat running haywire for which many officials get pulled up regularly and it becomes news. If this is the condition an MLA faces, forget we commoners! So first instead of showing us far fetched dreams, government should first set the basic infrastructure in an organised manner. But yes, yesterdays accident was devastating. Another failure of Railways. Prayers for the deceased ! 

2.Videocon and Shivsena-85 crore ? 
Videocon gave Rs. 85 crore donation to Shivsena? Today "bechaara" Anil Desai has been put in a  spot of bother for giving wrong figures. Surely a scapegoat. 85 lakhs can be easily explained by the Videocon to the agencies than Rs. 85 crores. And they say there is no horse trading in Shivsena for choosing even a Corporator..."समझनेवाले को इशाराही काफी है " you know why Uddhav Thackrey was the first one to speak against PM Modi's drive of demonetisation? From what I understand in politics, Shivsena and MNS, both believe only in "incoming". They don't know what is "outgoing". Meet any of the party-man who is a MLA or a corporator, let him cross his heart and not admit to this. All the elections and campaigns are to be fought with no help from the top. But all this is done by the party leaders as a tribute to the great BALASAHEB, who has actually done favours on Maharashtra far many times.

3. Traders turn to Shivsena 
I usually go out for dinners without even looking at the right side of the menu in Mumbai compulsorily on every Friday evening and Saturdays with my wife and our friends. Please, unlike other journalists, I don't call the authorities and ask them to make my bill in 5 star hotels "free". I spend my own money. Anyway point is, being from upper middle class family, due to PM MOdi's drive, If a regularly party goer like me can stop his BASIC activity of dinning out, who is going to come to expensive shops and purchase goods? only if the client is an NRI, then no difference... Else demonetisation has crumbled the economy to a big extend! Wait for sometime. Let the currency inflow in the economy be regularised, and let people's mindset get adjusted, everything will fall in place. Business will be back to regular fold in 6 months. Viren Shah, the troublemaker and owner of Roopam, is asking the government to reduce taxes. Isn't it funny? It's not even been a month for PM Modi's announcement and traders (Gurjatis) are showing no faith in their Prime Minister. Inspired from anyone Viren?

4. Pawar slams Modi.
PM Modi graced Baramati & Pune twice with veteran Sharad Pawar. Just a week ago I read somewhere Pawar was praising Modi & a lot of "bhaichaara" was happening on stage. Pawar saheb has been quoted when demonetisation took place in late seventies, the party who introduced this, couldn't even win 1 seat from Mumbai. If this happens, I certainly want BJP to be free of the Darekar's & the Lad's and the non performing MLA's of the city, who just won under the Modi wave. By the way a lot of MLA's from Mumbai of BJP cant even manage to keep their staff's happy, forget the constituency. Three popular MLAs from Mumbai from the suburbs, once upon a time partners & friends, can't even stand each other now. 

5. मुंबई काँग्रेसची एकाधिकारशाही -अतुल कुलकर्णी -लोकमत 
Very good piece by Atul Kulkarni on current Mumbai Congress. But don't know why, based on the previous records, again it looks more like a Supari against Nirupam than feedbacks from actual leaders. 

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1.  BJP miffed as Sena queues up with Oppn (he may ask to take on Govt in Modi
In the whole country, the first person to speak openly against Demonetisation drive was Sena chief, Uddhav Thackrey. It made sense what he spoke. He relayed his sentiments for the common man, who is the actual sufferer in the whole queuing up at banks. Today, in a story of Mumbai Mirror, the journalist has quoted a senior leader (who is actually a senior leader in SS is a question mark to me, either all of them whom we know are above 70 and rest are in their 20's & 30's) saying that Uddhav has asked the MP's to take on the government in the Parliament in the forthcoming winter session. I would say, senior leaders, whosoever has been quoted, if your MP's even dare to do so, the hammer of Modi is waiting for your head. If Modi decides that its payback time for you MP's, Arvind Sawant & Shrikant Shinde, your family has or will just undergo mammoth weddings this month. Be careful, Modi might ask you the expenses you incurred; Shrikant Shinde, if  your ONE wedding card is estimated to be in few thousands, imagine what papa Eknath has spent on the whole wedding? So no daring with Modi. Uddhav is safe as he has a lot of white income (for example-rentals from Malls he is partners with) in rentals coming his way, he can adjust accounts, you have newly acquired richness through corruption, so please don't listen or fall in media trap! Also, one from the Times of India building- heard in one of the city's paper, the actual reporter's who did the story for a month without caring much for time & health, are sulking as it has become a habit of only one person grabbing the bylines only with 10% contribution to the process. 

2.  पवार आणि पैसे : पत्रकार हेमंत  जोशी

3. राणे आणि उणेदुणे १ : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

4. ब्रिजेश सिंह शासनाचे प्रवक्ते 
After the DG of DGIPR, Secretary, Inspector General & in charge of cyber crime, IPS Brijesh Singh has been handed over new responsibility of being the Spokesperson of the government now. All the government departments will have to coordinate with Brijesh Singh. But if you ask my views, I don't see this as a positive move by the Government. Brijesh Singh is known to be a very quiet person! Very articulate & an introvert type! Does not mingle much, will interact with only selected people even from the media, mostly English Print one's. Ajay Ambekar is his Man Friday. After being hammered by the CM over the "Fadnavis" or "Phadanvis" spelling issue and transferred abruptly to Aurangabad by the CM himself, now I know how Ambekar always lands up with post of his liking.  DG is not happy with the 2 Director's government has appointed and given him. Secondly he is an IPS. He should have rather concentrated on the 40 cyber cell's program which CM inaugurated or taken up a side posting. Government is merely pressuring an able officer of his calibre, by entrusting him with loads of loads of portfolios. How will he justify his performance? IAS Manisha Mhaiskar was doing a fabulous job as the Secretary and had control over many UNSAID things that are on the open in the DGIPR now. A senior (english media) journalist told me, Brijesh Singh has been got here in the DGIPR to end the corruption in the department and set discipline in the team and get maximum output. But where is the authority? My clear cut understanding is the OUTSIDE media consultants hired by all the Ministers are making DGIPR officials dance on their tunes everyday. For example, a delegation of the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK visited CM some days back and a magazine's bureau chief got initimation from the UK's PR office with photos, agenda & press note, but our DGIPR didn't have a clue on the issue, rather it is learnt that they were waiting for the clearance from CM PRO for sending us the same. Where is the control & the authority? 

5. जिल्हा बँकांना जुन्या नोटा स्वीकारू द्या ! 
This request was made by all the Ministers in yesterdays State Cabinet meet. As the election of local governing bodies are nearing the only way to change your 500's and 1000's were through Co-op banks. Many politicians are either on the board or control the State Co-op banks in their districts since many years. With no commission, the banks till day before were converting politicians black money to bundles of 100's and 10's. It has stopped now due to Centre's instructions. Now the politicians are worrying about the fact as to how to distribute money during elections to be held late this month. 500's & 1000's are being ignored by the voters from the rural parts. 

6. सत्तेचे वर्हाडी... विवाहात उधळणीचे धनी ! 
Eknath Shinde- from where did you get this much money to spend on your child's wedding? Child is a MP from Thane-Shrikant Shinde! How could you light up trees which started from Cadbury junction in Thane to your residence, which is good 2 kms in distance? My question is pertaining to that common people are dying here standing in the queues for hours, many people don't know what will they eat in the evening, and you splurged a food festival in Shrikant's wedding and yes not for 100 odd but for 25000 people! Ridiculous!! The timing was not right, Minister! You remember how once a Shivsainik now NCP man Bhaskar Jadhav was pulled up for spending a fortune on his daughters wedding. His party chief had summoned Bhaskar Jadhav, lets see if Uddhav Thackrey calls on you.

राणे आणि उणेदुणे १ : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

आपण सारेच सध्या प्रचंड तणावाखाली आहोत, ज्याची त्याची बायको देखील तणावाखाली आहे, चिडलेली आहे, काळजीत आहे,तिला पडलेला प्रश्न हाच कि उशांखाली, साडीच्या घडीत, माहेरी आईकडे, चहा साखरेच्या डब्यात, मैत्रिणींकडे पै पै करून जो पैसा तिने दडवून ठेवला होता, तो अचानक नवऱ्याला काढून द्यावा लागला, पुढे तो परत मिळेल किंवा नाही शिवाय बिंग फुटल्याने झालेली फजिती ह्या बायका विसरलेल्या नाही त्यामुळे विवाहित नवऱ्याला जेवढ्याशिव्या त्यांनी आजपर्यंत हासडल्या नसतील तेवढ्य शिव्या अलीकडे त्या, बायको जवळ नसलेल्या मोदींना देऊन मोकळ्या होताहेत आणि आम्हा पुरुषांची अवस्था तर अतिसाराचा, हागवणीचा आजार लांबलेल्या रोग्यासारखी झालेली आहे, आमचे प्रत्येकाचे चेहरे मूळव्याधीच्या रोगाने बेजार झालेल्या माणसासारखे अलीकडे दिसू लागलेले आहेत, सहन होत नाही आणि सांगताही येत नाही....

जो तो जणू दारावर बसायला आले आहेत अशा पद्धतीने एकमेकांना भेटतो, अन्न गळ्याखाली उतरत नाही आणि कसेबसे झोपतो पण दोघेही एकमेकांकडे पाठ करून, मोदींनी आयुष्यातली जणू गम्मत घालवली आहे, पण हि तर सुरुवात आहे, आगे आगे देखो होता है क्या, ये तो ट्रेलर है, पिक्चर तो अभी बाकी है मेरे भाई...नरेंद्र मोदी यांनी बंद केलेल्या ५०० आणि १००० रुपयांच्या नोटांचा खरा मोठा फटका बसलाय तो या राज्यातल्या, या देशातल्या कर भरण्यात जाणून बुजून पिछाडीवर स्वतःला ठेवणाऱ्या मुसलमानांना. दडवून ठेवलेल्या नोटा आता काढायच्या कशा आणि रिचवायच्या, बदलाच्या कशा या विवंचनेत जसे मुसलमान आहेत तसे परेशान आहेत या राज्यातले सरकारी नोकरीत काम करतांना प्रचंड काळा पैसा विविध ठिकाणी खूप मोठ्या प्रमाणावर दडवून ठेवणारे सरकारी अधिकारी, अभियंते आणि कर्मचारी. येथे भारतात राहतांना कुराणाचा दाखला देऊन कर न भरणारे मुसलमान पाश्चिमात्य देशात मात्र झक मारून कसे सुतासारखे सरळ वागतात, कर भरण्यात तेथे मात्र आघाडीवर असतात, थोडक्यात त्यांना येथे वाटत होते, गरिबकी जोरू सबकी भाभी, पण मोदी खमके निघाले म्हणून बरे झाले, द्या आता उत्तरे साऱ्याच भारतीयांनी सरकारला कि काळा पैसा आणला कोठून....? 

खरी गम्मत तर पुढल्या काही महिन्यात येणार आहे, जेव्हा तुम्ही आम्ही जर बेनामी मालमत्ता जमा केली असेल तर त्यावर उत्तरे देतांना. एक काल्पनिक उदाहरण देतो, समजा मनोरमा कल्याणकर नावाच्या बाईचा पुण्याला बाणेर परिसरात एक प्लॉट आहे, ज्या प्लॉटची किंमत खरेदी करतांना देखील पाच कोटी रुपये होती, आता मनोरमाला सरकारी यंत्रणा विचारेल कि ती काय करते, मनोरमा सांगेल, मी गृहिणी आहे आणि माझा नवरा प्राथमिक शिक्षक आहे, मग हा प्लॉट घेतला कसा, त्यावर घाम फुटलेल्या चेहऱ्याने ती सांगेल, साहेब हा माझा प्लॉट नाही, सरकारी नोकरीत मोठ्या हुद्द्यावर जे नरेंद्र कल्याणकर आहेत, त्यांनी माझ्या नावाने गुंतवलेला हा पैसा आहे, जे माझे दूरचे नातेवाईक आहेत. थोडक्यात बेनामी मालमत्ता जमविलेल्या नेत्यांना, अधिकाऱ्यांना, व्यापाऱ्यांना किंवा इतर कोणालाही, कितीही दूर पळू द्या, यापुढे वामार्गाने पैसे जमा केलेल्या कुठल्याही भारतीयांची सुटका नाही. गम्मत म्हणजे जो उठला त्या प्रत्येकाने एकतर सोने किंवा डायमंड खरेदी केले किंवा सी ए ला हाताशी धरून मोदी यांच्या घोषणेनंतर कलकत्ता पॅटर्न ज्याला म्हणतात, त्यापद्धतीने आपल्या सी ए कडे सारा पैसा जमा केला, यातही सुटका नाही, ज्या सी ए मंडळींनी असे पैसे मोठे कमिशन घेऊन ताब्यात घेतले ते सारे पुढल्या काही महिन्यात त्यांच्या अशीलांसहित बिहाइंड द बार असतील आणि दाम दुप्पट भावाने सोने चांदी डायमंड विकणारया व्यपाऱ्यांना आज आनंद झाला आहे कि त्यांनी कसे लुटलेले आहे या दिवसात त्यांच्या ग्राहकांना, डोन्ट वारी, हे सारे व्यापारीही पुढल्या काही दिवसात तुम्हाला सुतासारखे सरळ झालेले दिसतील, त्यांना मोदी नक्की पळता भुई थोडी होणार आहे. सामान्य माणसाची मात्र जी फजिती होते आहे, ते मात्र चुकीचे, त्याची किंमत नक्कीच भाजपा आणि मोदी यांना मोजावी लागणार आहे...

आता तो दिवस फार दूर नाही कि तुमच्या घरी येणारी कामवाली, तिच्या मालकीच्या कार मधून येतेय किंवा शेतात राबणारा मजूर आपली बाईक घेऊन येतोय, यापुढे कुठलाही भारतीय असुरक्षित फील करणार नाही, त्याचे वय ६० पुढे झाले कि सरकार त्याला साऱ्या सुविधा आणि वरून निवृत्ती वेतन देऊन मोकळे होईल, विशेष म्हणजे या देशातल्या सुशिक्षित बेरोजगाराला देखील मोठ्या रकमेचे वेतन देण्यात येईल, जेणेकरून तरुणाला वाटणार नाही कि आपण बापाच्या भरवशावर जगतोय....

सरळमार्गी माणसाला वाटायचे, सरकार दरबारी काळा पैसा जमा होणे आवश्यक आहे, मोदींनी ते केले, आणखी आणखी ते करताहेत. आजपर्यंत आपण श्रीमंत अमेरिका आणि प्रगत चीन बघायला जात होतो, नजीकच्या भविष्यात नक्की वेगळे घडेल, ते येतील सुजलाम सुफलाम भारत बघायला.. 

पवार आणि पैसे : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

आत्ता आत्ता पर्यंत या देशात अगदी कायम सारे जोक्स चुटके विनोद सरदारजींच्याच नावाने खपविल्या जायचे. जी सरदार जमात अत्यंत पराक्रमी आहे, उत्तम व्यवसायिक आहे, जगभरातल्या कोणत्याही देशात पसरलेली असून तेथेही श्रीमंत व्यवसायिक म्हणून नोन आहे, जे सरदार अतिशय चांगल्या पद्धतीने जगभरात आणि पंजाबमध्ये अतिशय आधुनिक उत्तम शेती करून आसपासचा परिसर सुजलाम सुफलाम करून सोडतात, ज्यांचे अन्नदान त्यांच्या आसपास असणाऱ्यांना तृप्त करून सोडते, सारे चुटके जोक्स मात्र त्यांच्या नावाने सांगितल्या जायचे, त्यातून जणू हेच प्रतीत व्हायचे कि सरदारांना कवडीची अक्कल नसते जे वास्तव नसायचे. कायम आपल्यावर वाट्टेल ते चुटके सांगून मोठ्या प्रमाणावर आपली इमेज विनाकारण मालिन केल्या जाते बघून त्यांच्यातले कोणीतरी न्यायालयात गेले आणि कायद्याने बंदी आणल्या गेली कि सरदार जमातीवर आधारित चुटकुले सांगितल्या गेले तर तो प्रकार गुन्हा ठरेल. सरदारांचा विषय अशाप्रकारे संपत नाही तोच, अलिकडल्या काही वर्षात विशेषतः व्हाट्सअप किंवा फेसबुक प्रकार फोफावल्यानंतर जो तो मराठी माणूस 
उठतो आणि पुण्यातल्या प्रामुख्याने तेथल्या ब्राम्हणांवर विविध चुटके जोक्स सांगून टाकून मोकळा होतो. वास्तविक पुण्यातला प्रत्येक घरातला प्रत्येक सदस्य अतिशय वेगळा, जो जग गाजवून मोकळा होतो पण पुणेकर म्हणजे विचित्र आणि विक्षिप्त असा समज करवून दिल्या जातो आणि जो उठतो तो त्यांची कधी कधी अतिशय खालच्या पातळीवरून थट्टा करून मोकळा होतो, वास्तविक पुणेकर आणि पुणेकर ब्राम्हण त्यांच्या क्षेत्रात बुद्धिमान आणि कमालीचे यशस्वी पण त्यांच्यावर टाकण्यात येणारे चुटके त्यांच्या हे हृदयाला भोक पडणारे असतात. महत्वाचे म्हणजे ज्या नेत्याने वास्तवात शून्यातून वैष्णव निर्माण केले त्या नेत्याची थट्टा विविध चारोळ्या टाकून केल्या जाते त्या केंद्रीय मंत्री रामदास आठवले यांची खिल्ली उडविण्यात येते...

या राज्यात गोखले असोत कि फुटाणे कितीतरी चारोळ्या करणारे सुप्रसिद्ध कवी आहेत किंवा होऊन गेलेत पण अलिकडल्या काही वर्षात त्या सर्वांची नांवे इतिहासजमा झाली आणि नाव झाले प्रसिद्धीला आणल्या गेले ते केवळ आणि केवळ रामदास आठवले यांना. वास्तविक आठवले यांचे स्थान अख्ख्या जगातील हिंदुस्थानी बौद्ध समाजात फार वरचे आहे, प्रथम क्रमांकावर आहे किंबहुना त्यांच्या स्वरूपात बौद्ध बांधव साक्षात बाबासाहेब बघतात, असे असतांना उठसुठ किंवा जो तो उठतो तो आठवले यांच्या नावाने चारोळ्या टाकून त्यांना थोडक्यात बावळटठरवून मोकळा होतो, हे असे का घडते त्यावर दस्तुरखुद्द आठवले यांनी देखील आत्मचिंतन करायला हवे आणि अमुक एका समाजाच्या आदर्श पुरुषावर बौद्ध नसलेल्या मंडळींनी वाट्टेल ते केवळ थट्टा म्हणून खपविणे, कितपत योग्य आहे, त्यावर देखील विचार व्हायला हवा, उद्या तुमच्या बापाची अशी कोणी उठसुठ थट्टा केली तर मला माहित आहे, थट्टा करणार्याचा तुम्ही गळा दाबून मोकळे व्हाल, मग रामदास आठवले दरवेळी टार्गेट का, त्यावर या समाजाने आणि आठवले यांनाही चिंतन नक्कीच करायला हवे, महत्वाचे म्हणजे दिवंगत बाबासाहेब भोसले जेव्हा या राज्याचे मुख्यमंत्री झाले तेव्हापासून तर अगदी आत्त्ता आत्ता पर्यंत म्हणजे त्यांचा मृत्यू होईपर्यंत त्यांच्यावर असेच विविध असंख्य जोक्स सांगून हा मुख्यमंत्री म्हणजे इंदिरा गांधी यांनी लादलेला जोकर असे त्यांच्या पक्षात आणि विरोधकांत त्यांना हिणविल्या जायचे, त्यामुळेच भोसले यांची राजकीय सत्तेतली कारकीर्द अल्पजीवी ठरली. उद्या आठवले यांचाही भोसले होऊ शकतो, ते व्हायला नको....

वर जे मुद्दे यासाठी घेतले कि अलीकडे ज्याक्षणी पंतप्रधान नरेंद्र मोदी यांनी जेव्हा ५०० आणि १००० रुपयांच्या नोटा बाद करण्याची घोषणा केली, त्या क्षणापासून अतिशय असुरी आनंदातून जो तो उठतो आणि फक्त आणि फक्त शरद पवारांची थट्टा किंवा टिंगल टवाळी करून मोकळा होतो, असुरी आनंदातून जे जोक्स किंवा जी खिल्ली उडविल्या गेली ती केवळ शरद पवार यांची, वास्तविक अलिकडल्या काळात म्हणजे १९७५ नंतर या राज्यात कितीतरी नेते किंवा मंत्री वाममार्गाने पैसे मिळवून श्रीमंत झाले पण ज्याचे त्याचे टार्गेट केवळ शरद पवार हेच का, त्यावर इतर कोणीही विचारमंथन करण्याची गरज नाही, विचारमंथन करायचेच असेल तर ते शरद पवार यांनी आणि त्यांच्या कंपूने करायला हवे, पवार यांचे हे आजवरचे सर्वात मोठे अपयश आहे कि जोतो उठतो आणि असुरी आनंद झाल्यागत शरद पवारांवर चुटके टाकून म्हणजे जोक सांगून किंवा कार्टून टाकून मोकळा होतो, मला वाटते त्यात शरद पवार हे केवळ एक प्रतीक आहेत, लोकांना वाटते कि पवार आणि कंपू मोदी यांच्या भूमिकेमुळे, निर्णयामुळे मस्तपैकी रस्त्यावर आले आहेत, आणि हा मेसेज जो पसरलाय तेच पवारांचे फार मोठे अपयश आहे, त्यांनी वर जाण्याआधी जर हा लागलेला डाग पुसून टाकला तर आम्हा पवारांच्या चाहत्यांना मनापासून मनस्वी आनंद होईल. आणि पवारांना काहीही अशक्य नाही फक्त त्यांनी त्यांच्या बगलबच्चाना बोलावून सांगायला हवे, सत्ता मिळो अथवा न मिळो पण पैसे खाऊ नका, स्वतःचा तटकरे किंवा अजितदादा करवून घेऊ नका...

पत्रकारितेतून मला मिळालेले यश बघून माझ्या सहकारी मित्रांनी हेच पसरविले होते कि मी पित्तपत्रकारिता करून पैसे मिळतोय पण शपथेवर सांगतो, मी अशी पत्रकारिता कधीही केली नाही कि तुझे अमुक लफडे माझ्याकडे आले आहे, छापायचे नसेल तर पैसे दे, म्हणून मी या क्षेत्रात तग धरून उभा आहे आणि या अशा संशयातून अनेकांनी माझ्याकडे सुरुवातीला बघितले पण ते सारे जेव्हा माझ्या जवळून सान्निध्यात आले तेव्हा त्यांच्या लक्षात आले, माझी पत्रकारिता ती तशी नाही, मी बिनधास्त लढतो मग दुखावल्या गेलेले वाट्टेल ते पसरवून मोकळे होतात, बदनामीची चिंता न करता माणसाने लढायचे असते, ढोंग केले कि माणसाचा निखिल वागळे होतो....

Monday, 14 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Properties without KYC compliance to be seized- Mid-day 
If you have bought a property in your relatives name, and if your relatives financial background cannot prove that he can be an actual owner of the property, it will be termed as a "benami " property & it will be taken back by the government! You need to identify yourself in front of the government as the owner of the property, those who have not done this, next move of PM Modi will be a hammer on such people's head ! This will a tedious job but for the authorities, to find the right owner. The onus of the right identification of  the owner of a property will be most probably given to the District Collector, as per sources. My suggestion, all Government needs to do is take a record of all Power of Attorney's that have been made in last 15 years (as actually real estate boomed around 2000). Most of the time, if suppose, I have excess inflow of black money, I will buy flats in any town in a relative's name. Every family in India has one poor relative who is always willing to do anything for the richest one in the family, and yes obviously the poorest relative of mine has to stay in the rural parts. I transfer the cash required for the black component via hawala and the for the white amount I transfer the money from my wife's account to my relatives account. The relative after payment & registration of the property is rightfully the owner of the property. Till then my relative has never seen even a lakh of rupees in his account ever. Immediately in that week I register one Power of Attorney wherein I take all the rights such as sale, transfer,  in my wife's name or my son's name. Deal is done! Property is mine, and my relative is happy with few bucks in his pocket ! Mind you, all bureaucrats, in fact many of them, will be in deep trouble, if the government decides to act!

2. Irla traders twiddle thumbs as biz halves /Crawford Market business down to a trickle in 5 days 
Irla market is famous for what? No not for it's atrocious Prime Mall constructed, but for one brand that has stood the ground for years and been a dominant force in retail. ALFA. This brand has it's own  8 retail shops all admeasuring more than 2000 sq. ft. Till from what I remember, whatever time of the day or month or year I have been to these shops since 1990's I had to always queue up for billing, forget the rush inside the stores. Maddening is what I call this experience to shop at Alfa. Right from its inception the shop attracted customers with all imported stuff's be in perfumes (90% duplicate) to electronics. Till today, even the riches of our Juhu area shop for their dry fruits & protein shakes & mobiles from these 8 shops. Well, for all this years the only mode of payment to these shops is CASH. No card. No Discount. No cheque. Since years, these shops have been raided by all the possible authorities, but how cases got settled, is a big question mark for me. Day before my wife happen to go for a small purchase, she said during the peak hour, no single person was there at the shop, and one placard displayed at the cashier. Credit card will be charged 1.5% extra. The mother of Alfa is Crawford Market. In fact, the modus operandi is smuggled or duplicate items are got into India at the shores and the container will "all setting" is related from the port and goods are delivered at Corwford Market. No taxes paid or paid but on very less value declared. Hence the cash business for such shops. 

3. 289% rise in rape cases over past 5 years in city 
Closing of dance bars and now demonstration's effect. Time & again my plea to the government. Make prostitution legal to save your wife, daughter or sister on the streets. 

4. Fadnavis announces mobile vans to exchange old notes across state
I just pray, that the ruckus that is created for the cash since one week and the frustration building in the nation, hope no one drives these Vans away with heaps of new currency. Just fearing public outrage!

Friday, 11 November 2016

Demonetisation Drive, will it backfire?

Usually whenever I put anything on my Facebook wall, it is flooded with likes and comments! Yesterday when I declared a cash prize on finding a politician, bureaucrat, celebrity, cricketer or a top notch businessman standing at the long queues in banks for exchanging their currencies;  as expected, the comment box went empty. This demonetisation drive hasn't affected, whom I call, drivers of this country. But it has surely made a huge hole in their pockets. What I have learnt in these past couple of days, the whole demonisation drive, will only hamper our politicians and bureaucrats. Actors especially producers & the businessmen are any which ways the scared species of the lot due to the threat of presence of the underworld even today. So 95% of all transactions happening in Bollywood today is white. Cricketers make money, but even their 90% of the income, even thought from the brands they advertise for, comes in the accounts. That leaves us with abundance of black money in the economy that belongs to the politicians and bureaucrats. But then why didn't we see them in the queue's at the banks? 

Answer is simple. The money got through illicit means has been already spent on buying acres of acres of land banks in the villages where these politicians or bureaucrats belong to, or is lying with the biggest builders of our country or in worst case scenario invested in some running company of Mumbai, for which they are or their family member is paid through "salary". But since over a lakh of flats are being unsold, even the black money is lying unused or without any returns to the builders or the original black money holders. Real estate in India or Mumbai is in a bad shape! Yesterday, not being a fan of any party, I must congratulate Uddhav Thackrey for coming out in open and dare to bear the truth and plight of a common man. But comparison of Trump to Modi was a bit too much... I haven't seen Modi in any reality show on television nor has he been spotted with any model!

But you know what will happen now? If you know, the pinch of demonetisation is going to hit us hard. Bureaucrats or politicians who have suffered the pinch of loosing this stashed cash, are going to come with double force on us. Corruption is in our blood. Now when a businessman comes to Mantralay for getting his work done, there will be obvious demand of favours. Now the favours will change. The long lasting method of buying wife's painting of which fun was made, will be the new mode of getting black money, the white way. The favours will be in form of demanding the new currency, or making the officer or politician a partner in the project or in worst circumstances booking a property somewhere in the name of any family member or driver or the peon of the politician or bureaucrat. People who had small works, where the work would be over in Rs. 5 to Rs. 10 lakhs will be completely wiped out. Corruption will be at the biggest level for the biggest works. Officers will fight for plum postings, as they will see this as their last resort to earn the money they lost in converting black money. Corruption in our country will not and never end. But with this drive, the levels and the games of playing it will change. 

People are going haywire buying gold in whatever rates the goldsmiths are quoting. CA's and the "entry market" are flourishing. Be sure and make sure, all of this is going to backfire big time. If you have noticed, when you buy gold, even against cash, the cashier always demands your address. So when you thought you have bought gold of black money, the jeweller whilst depositing cash in the bank account is also submitting bills raised to the IT, which has your address. Whilst trading cash against cash, be careful of not getting fake notes. And for once, do not believe in rumours!! 

Vikrant Joshi

Thursday, 10 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines

1. Government: New Rs. 1000 notes not soon
Rumours are spread across the country after the demonetisation announcement by the PM. Got several messages such as your bank lockers can't be opened alone now! A revenue official will accompany you to the locker and if excessive gold found, it will be taken back by the government. Next rumour is that an IT official along with a Sales Tax officer will be present in every branch of all banks just to monitor the Manager if he encourages "adjustment". Next was that 1000 rupee note will be circulated in the market after 6 months! If this happens, then clearly the agenda to demonetise 1000 rupee note, was to only stop or curb the counterfeit market used for anti national activities. 

2. IT probing jewellers and hawala agents
The ones who made "money" out of the whole panicked situation in the country for the last 2 days were the jewellers and the Hawala agents. Gold was sold at a record of Rs. 50000/- per tola and hawala agents charged commission up to 40% for getting an entry or transferring your cash in tax heavens. The whole "Angadia" market is shut for Diwali for good 8 days till Laab Pachaam. But surprisingly, the hawala racket or angadia's did not operate even after Diwali...Talk about getting tips! What is angadia? With a  commission of Rs. 200 per lakh these people take your cash say in Mumbai and the same day you can get cash in any part of the world!! The turnover of angadia in Mumbai alone is estimated to be Rs. 200 crore per day!! People were seen queuing the jeweller shops. My question, the jeweller will have to despot your cash in the bank right? If you know, all jewellers take your address whilst preparation of the bills? Wont it be accounted and won't you be caught ? 

3. Lalbaug flyover shows cracks after just 5 years 
Another shame to the people who built this flyover! Waiting for the agency to take the onus, and let the blame game begin!

4. Homemakers cash stash not on Radar-IT
They will say it now, and later when you put lakhs of rupees in savings accounts of your spouses, the source will be surely questioned. Don't get fooled by any of this. If you see, the agencies haven't had any check-nakas in and around Mumbai. They are letting you play with whatever you have ! Once everything is accounted, God bless you!!

5.  मोदींच्या गुजरातमध्ये सात महिन्यांपूर्वीच नोटा रद्द ? 
Apparently a newspaper cutting made way to our media's whatsapp group saying that Gujarat was tipped off as early as 6 months that demonetisation will take place. Now I know a place in Gujrat, a village which is known for "angadia" business only. The whole village does only this. Whole market is knows about this. Just for your information, this whole village had stopped its activity in the last 6 months. Not a single rupee was either sent out, nor received! Modi loves his Gujrat & his Gujrati's!! 

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Black Out? 500, 1000 notes no longer valid 
Watta move by the PM !Just 4, that included the PM himself, the Finance Minister, & top two officers in the Finance Ministry & RBI knew about this historic move beforehand. Kudos, Narendra Modi !! In Maharashtra, particularly in Mumbai, it was a fashion to keep "safe houses" by the riches. In these safe houses suitcases were stacked with cash. Obviously of the highest denomination! All these suitcases are of no use today! Also, with this move PM is showing no mercy towards builders. He knew from the very beginning that all the black money of this country is lying with builders or invested in lands. The nexus of politician-builder is broken last night, finally! Now we can think of having affordable houses across the country. One market in Mumbai is suddenly on the move is the "entry market". The black to white market is charging as high as 25% to get your black money routed in your account. Earlier the market was of 5% commission. One thing is for sure,  BJP is settled in India for next 2 terms, for sure!! Meanwhile Congress is still murmuring on how it banned 25 paisa coins...haha..also, Mantralaya will be unofficially closed till further notice, as many bureaucrats have called in sick!!

2. BJP MLA acquitted in graft case 14 years on 
Narendra Mehta is free from the "blackmailing money" case that was pending since 2002. Then the Corporator, now MLA has made so much money that he gifted his vernac wife a Lamborghini worth crores. Why Narendra Modi is not after people such as this Narendra Mehta? If he can arrange IT raid on the powerful Thakurs from Virar, one scrutiny notice to such Mehtas is no problem, I feel!

3. EOW chargesheet on Yash Birla companies.
This Yash Birla companies are fraud. During the NCP-Congress Yash Birla had supplied computers to tribal schools in the remotest area of Maharashtra. I recollect, not to go as far as Gadchiroli, in Thane district also, where the survey was carried out, only boxes of CPU had reached to schools where they dint have electricity. These computers till now are unused as there were no trainers, no person went to install and no one to teach computers to the tribal students. There were no benches to keep these computers, forget the rest. The tender was worth 7 cr, which was further increased to 20 crores. No inquiry then in this matter, not even today!

4. The curious case of Chhagan Bhujbal's 'missing' report 
Someone let this Bhujbal out please to count his money and exchange it now!! haha...Immediately tomorrow Bhujbal will be sent back to jail as Dr Hemant of JJ will no longer tender his services to any cash rich politician henceforth, is the pledge he has taken I hear!!

5. What can  Shivaji Maharaj memorial can do for Maharashtra, if not built?
Times of India's journalist Nauzer Bharucha had written this on his Facebook Page that what If Shivaji Maharaj was alive today, would he recommend his government to spend this money on his memorial? No, never! Today Mid-day has given a break up as to what all things Maharashtra will benefit if we save this money and distribute to the poor. But again, in Maharashtra, blind belief & ego takes an upper edge then development. 

Monday, 7 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines/Vikrant Joshi/

1. Liquor at Coldplay concert: Cong wants state to clarify stand. 
What does Congress exactly want? It is not an Anoop Jalota's concert or Ramdev Baba's Yog Shibir. Today, even at art galleries where painters display their arts, champagne is served with cheese. On one side we are hosting an international event where the whole world will have eyes on us, and on the other we are fighting over petty issues. Congress's ex MP Milind Deora has raised his voice against his own party men for opposing Cold Play in Mumbai. The only concern during such concerts is free flowing of "drugs" as a lot of party-goers and music lovers are addicted to the substance whilst they listen to their favourite band. 

2. NCP leader gunning for Navi Mum civic chief? 
Dig my writing a month ago. I had clearly said, Tukaram Mundhe has rubbed Ganesh Naik the wrong way by cancelling all the projects which Mundhe doubted. The whole story has begun there. Today Times of India has seconded it!

3. Court stops Navi Mumbai realty project over political interference 
Bhai Jagtap & Rajesh Tope are the two political interferences which are creating hassles in getting the shopkeepers right of possession of their own properties at Ulwe. Mumbai Mirror has broke the story. From being a labour union leader to owning properties worth crores, Congress's Bhai Jagtap has come a long way. Recently he sold his 10000 sq feet commercial property in Baba Siddique's mall in the KFC lane at Bandra Mumbai. Also if you want to meet "labour" leader Bhai Jagtap you can find him only at 5 star Hotel's cafe's or dining at expensive restaurants. Well, people surrounding him or footing his bills are businessmen or mill owners. No need to explain the agenda of discussions over such lunches & dinners.

4. Colaba gets city's 1st paid roadside parking 
Good story by Mumbai Mirror. After all, some Corporators knowing their limitations, certainly know how to be in news and how to depend on their friends to get publicity.

5. काँग्रेसच्या १७ नगरसेवकांचा पत्ता होणार कट 
Bhai Jagtap is adamant on not giving tickets in the upcoming Municipal elections to the 17 Congress corporators who had voted against him during the MLC elections held last year between Bhai Jagtap, Ramadas Kadam & Prasad Lad. He treats them as traitors. Apart from Eknath Gaikwad, Priya Dutt, Gurudas Kamat, Krupashankar Singh, Sanjay Nirupam, one more person needs importance and say here in Mumbai Congress, Bhai Jagtap! 

6. खोत यांच्या बंगल्यासमोर ऊस उत्पादकांचे आंदोलन
Sadabhau Khot & Raju Shetty could go on agitation and carry protests at the drop of the hat when they were not in power. These two people along with Mahadev Jankar had the guts to go to Baramati and challenge Sharad Pawar in his own turf. But as soon as these three came in power (2 are Ministers in Maharashtra Govt while Shetty is an MP) addressing the issues of farmers have presumed secondary role for all 3. Yesterday, the farmers of he sugarcane belt staged a protest outside Sadabhau Khot's bunglow in Sangli. Talk about tasting your own medicine. 

7. मुंबई ते नेरुळ अवघ्या १७ मिनिटांत !
Government is doing this now, Ganesh Naik who owns 11 speedboats is doing this since years. He travels from Navi Mumbai to CST via one of his luxury speedboat and reaches just town in 30 minutes from Navi Mumbai.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines/Vikrant Joshi 

1. Powerful Gesture-Public Eye 
Till now everyone in Maharashtra must be aware of the noble act of  Collector & IAS Officer, G Shrikant for his driver "Mama". For the unknown, the collector on the day of his driver's retirement  after 31 years of government service, offered him to drive to the office on his retirement day & felicitated him with a red beacon toy car made out of silver. Day before, just to congratulate him, called the bureaucrat and reminded him that no one in the history of Maharashtra's bureaucracy has ever done this before. Shrikant ji being the witty one he is, reminded me, that not only in bureaucracy but even the whose who in our country fail to acknowledge the services of our help. True sir! But sir, there are people in this country who have "gifted" acres and acres of lands in the drivers or peons name & made them rich. Politicians especially! But in the end, even if the driver or peon has acres of lands in his name, the power of attorney holder is certainly the politician or bureaucrat. Have we not heard company's directors of scamster politicians are peons & drivers?  Also the first politician in history of Maharashtra to bestow his "blessings" on his driver is COngress's Patangrao Kadam. When he was the Director of ST, he along with his partner use to travel all across Maharashtra in their government allotted car. Later the driver of Patangrao's car made so much money out of OVERTIME (God alone knows if that was authentic) that he built a bunglow in Pune and named it after his bosses, "Rang-Patang". 

2. Sand miners block Mumbai -Ahd Highway
In a shocking incident revealed today by Mumbai Mirror, the illegal sand miners had blocked the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway for good 3 hours because their boats were seized by the authorities. They protesters have clearly stated that they shared the profits of the illegal mining with all the authorities. We need the CM to act on this with immediate basis. The protestors should be forced to name each and every official along with any politicians, if any, with authentic proofs to substantiate their claims of being equal partners in profits of the business. If this happens, stern action needs to be initiated on the officers by the Revenue Department. Golden way to break-in the nexus of illegal sand mining in the entire Thane & Palghar district. 

3. The law is sacred, they should uphold it without fear-Dharmendra Jore-Mid-Day
Must read --"Raag Darbari" of Dharmendra Jore's in todays Mid-day. He unfolds the story of how illegal shrines or temples encroaching the footpath or the walkway will be demolished as per the orders of the Court before 31st December. The Government has also issued stern warning to the Collectors and relevant authorities to not succumb to any pressure. But one thing, I don't understand, we couldn't move even one brick of tainted society Adarsh even if it is proved illegal by all the authorities. Similar cases in Thane & Navi Mumbai. I have my doubts for this sacred shrines as a lot of people have belief's and superstitions attached to them. Demolishing them will surely stage protests and mass gatherings. Lets see if we can succeed in this!

4. सबसे बडा रुपय्या-यदु जोशी-लोकमत 
Yadu (kaka) Joshi in his column in Lokmat today has exposed the monies that has/will be exchanged in the upcoming MLC elections in Maharashtra. Without naming the actual spenders, he has made shocking revelations in Lokmat today. Instead of writing and building hopes of other journalists in those parts where elections are scheduled, will Yadu Joshi dare to go to ACB or ED and lodge a complain if he knows everything? A journalist merely because he knows a thing or two, shouldn't make claims; if that is substantiated it should be registered with relevant authorities. Also in the same column where he has praised G Shrikant for his act, he has shamed one ex-chief secretary who ordered two of his office staff's to take care of his dog whilst the officer and family were out for the whole day. Is the person in question  JS Saharia or Ratnakar Gaikwad? 

Thursday, 3 November 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. Apology not enough, Christian groups want owner, designer in Jail. 
"Goregaon Social" or every pub in the Mumbai city by the name "socials" is run by Riyaz Amlani who is also the President at the National Restaurant Association of India.  Few days ago we read his interviews in leading papers. My views on the episode: it is a MAJOR mistake from the over enthusiast project consultant/Architect. Knowing about Riyaz Amlani, have heard he runs some 15 odd clubs alone in Mumbai very professionally. Since even WE run a chain of coffee shops, the design, the colour combination, the theme of the store is always fixed. Not even the tile we put on the floor changes, such perfect is our planning! The vendors are fixed, the suppliers are set. The architect does not come to us for any issue, except major ones,  because he need to work only as per the formula given to him. So no question of Riyaz getting involved in this whole thing. By the way, if the apology was accepted by the Archdiocese, now don't understand the demand of arrest of Riyaz ? Also, over enthusiasts people, I have stayed in the UK for 3 years, if you want to know what actually blasphemy means, just visit Mosques of Bradford and see what is written about Indian gods & hindu women in there. Riyaz, be ready to fight or spurge money my friend!!

2. ED scanner on ex-CM's Rs. 300 cr money laundering.
Oh! Is it the ex-CM from Konkan in trouble? Looking at Congress's internal warfare thats going on now, the only person who would emerge the most powerful and who could have saved Congress's face was Rane. Competitors and party leaders have tipped off the ED & here we go, fresh trouble for Bhujbal's best friend. Is it a trend to finish off mass leaders? Technically also, Times who has broken this story has been very apt in describing him as an EX CM. Had it been Vilasrao Deshmukh, they would have mentioned Late Ex Cm, had it been Ashok Chavhan, they would have mentioned "currently in legal battle over a tainted society" , my doubts don't run for Prithviraj Chavhan, so the left is only Rane.

3. Ministers clash over tribal kids' deaths; Pankaja says she handles only nutrition.
Read today, Min Pankaja Munde & Dr. Deepak Sawant are fighting as to who is responsible for the tribal kids death. In my views, whosoever it is, the responsibility of all health related issues, be it medical facilities or providing food should be fixed to the Public Health Ministery. Then no other Ministry should invite tenders for supply of food items to the tribal or even we as common public. All such similar portfolios should be under one head. Likewise, all the education portfolios such as School, Higher & Secondary, Technical should have only 1 Minister i.e. the Education Minister. No need to have separate Ministers, so no question of fights!!

4. BJP refuses to back key Khadse aide in MLC polls.
Again old news reappearing in Times,  BJP has finally taken a stance against Pakistani people. Those unknown, Gurumukh Jagawani is a Pakistani born national who came to India and to Jalgaon and use to pick up saheb's bags. But since the party has not cared a bit for Khadse, Gurumukh Jagwani for me was long time gone, then itself. I was in fact waiting as to someone will launch an attack on him, as maximum letter heads for transfers, cracking deals, asking favours in any Minister's tapaal, is that of "agent jagwani"

5. State tribal school under scanner after 10 year old student gets pregnant 
Latest update, the Maharashtra DGP is getting up an SIT to probe the " rape " of a 10 year old. A very heinous act in Khamgaon, Buldhana district. Guilty even if under age should be punished at any cost. But again, as I have time & again said, NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik has lost the plot. He is demanding CM to resign because somewhere in Maharashtra a rape has occurred & a 10 year old girl has remained pregnant. Thank God, Malik is not holding Fadnavis responsible if an hen is laying eggs! Mahesh Tapase where are you? 

6. तुकाराम मुंढेप्रकरणी राष्ट्रपतींकडे मागणार दाद 
Brave decision by CM Fadnavis to back Mundhe. But sir, what happened in cases of Gedam or Ashwini Joshi or other such able officers? Why didn't you back then? You shifted able IAS officers on complains of "faltu" ex-MoS cum now switched to BJP Mla Dr. Sunil Deshmukh from Amravati? In fact this is what hampers motivation of younger IAS officers. Anyway, this Mayor Sonawane is going to approach Hon'be President of the country to remove Tukaram Mundhe. Hmm..will he get any justice there? No, Never! 

7. खासदार मामाच्या नावाने लाखोंचा गंडा 
Lokmat has exclusively given this news. Hemant Devadiga, nephew of ex MP Sanjay Dina Patil is the person in question. The charges are cheating of people against promised admissions & getting jobs at Godrej. But what can we expect from the family member? The family is quite famous for their brawls and "bhaigiri" in the constituency Sanjay represents. 

Vikrant Joshi