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OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines/Vikrant Joshi ( 

1. Nashik's h'way burns after child's rape-The Times of India 
The act is surely to condemn! As per reports a 15 year old  (Dalit)boy tried to molest a 5 year old (Maratha) girl in Talegaon , Taluka Trimbakeshwar. Medical examination has ruled out rape, but has confirmed molestation. It is absolutely no brainer to trouble other people, as a way to express your anger. What the mob did, is also worth condemning. Stone pelting at the police, injuring policemen, burning government buses and holding thousands of people on ransom by doing a rasta-roko and that too on a national highway is so not acceptable. The roads were jammed for almost 10 hours and people have suffered immensely on the Mumbai Agra Highway yesterday.   Imagine the traveller's plight. I fail to understand, such cases were reported even during the earlier governments. But why such heinous crimes are taking violent turns especially when BJP is at power, is beyond by understanding. Is there someone who is playing the mischief of "caste card" and spreading rumours and hatred against the current government? CM must be tipped off by something like this. That's why first thing he tweeted was to not believe in rumours. BUT AS PER CONFIRMED REPORTS, it is after guardian MINISTER GIRISH MAHAJAN's address to the mob, things took an ugly turn. The minister said, "it is not a rape, if you want, get her checked by a Maratha Doctor"..& that's where the guardian minister in trying to impress the CM, FAILED. He was  not only pushed by the people abut his car was also pelted with chappals, thus aggravating entire Nashik regions anger. 

2. पंकजा समर्थक अधिक आक्रमक--लोकसत्ता 
Why Minister Pankaja Munde's ego so important? For those who don't know, every Dusshera there are lakhs of people who gather at a place called Bhagwangad in Beed district. The occasion is of Bhagvangadh's anniversary. As per rule set up some 2 years ago, no political speech will be allowed to deliver from this place. But Pankaja Munde, stubborn that she is, not ready to mend her ways. The religious chief of Bhavangadh Dr. Namdeo Shashtri who has half of the people's backing there is against Pankaja's views. Hence today CM Devendra Fadnavis will be travelling to Beed to draw a compromise strategy agreeable to both these heavyweights of this region & caste. Apparently, Pankaja's people have promised that Pankaja just wants to address the crowd & not even a single word on politics will be uttered. Why I feel, the sufferer's in the power game will be the poor "vanjari" people whom all these heavy-weight politicians represent. There are already 3 groups in existent now after Gopinath Munde's death. One who supports Dr. Namdeo Shashtri, the other isPankaja Munde's army & the third one who is getting all the mileage & support (automatically) LOP Dhananjay Munde.   

3. महापालिकेत भाजपाचाजुगार - यदु जोशी-लोकमत 
Read my uncle's views on the current BJP's strategy on the upcoming BMC elections. Mind you, this piece was not against CM Devendra Fadnavis but surely against the strategy of BJP chief Ashish Shelar. Anyone reading between the lines or getting the message loud & clear?  

4. राज्यातील अधिकारी अकार्यक्षम --फुंडकर --सकाळ 
Mind you, it's been only 6 months that Minister Pandurang Phundkar has assumed the role of guardian minister of Jalgaon. During this period only once the mInister has travelled to jalgaon tp attend DPDC. How will the control come? Also whatever people say, even today, Jalgaon district is indirectly working on the terms of ousted minister Eknath Khadse. Phundkar is his prodigy. But another self acclaimed, self proclaimed & sheer out of own's belief, Minister from Raver Girish Mahajan is assuming himself to be the entire controller of North Maharahstra. His jaagir (he assumes) starts from Nashik (sorry JJ Hospital in Mumbai) right upto Jalgaon. Now being very close to the CM many things are happening as per what Mahajan wants. And bureaucrats are confused as to whom to listen? Khadse (who has all bureaucracy's kundli) OR the current captain of state Girish Mahajan.? They have decided to ignore both, and hence Jalgaon is suffering. Phundkar, in a way to be in good books of the CM has to praise Mahajan but at the same, he can't ignore his idol Khadse. 

5. ३६ कोटींच्या स्कायवॉकला भगदाड! सकाळ (मुंबई टुडे) 
No one is using these skywalks. The skywalks built in Mumbai by spending 100s of crores is a place where drug peddler's sell their stuff, a place were anti social elements sleep legally now, and a place where hooliganism is at it's best. A waste of Tax payer's money! And now the quality issues. 

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