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OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines

OF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines/Vikrant Joshi (

1. MNS threatens to humiliate civic chief too; FIR against 2 corporators.
If MNS does this, you will see it's effects in the BMC elections slated next year. But MNS will not do this, rather they cannot do this.  As I said yesterday, had Ajoy Mehta been in Thane, the civic chief himself would have accepted the challenge and roamed on the streets. After all, when will the friendship with IPS Paramveer Singh & IAS Sanjeev Jaiswal be useful? Right sir?  

2. Rahul accuses Modi of 'khoon ki dally'-Rahul Gandhi--The Times of India 
As my friend from the BJP Vivekanand Gupta rightly points out Rahulji, what did your father Rajiv ji Gandhi do in 1984? Why was Anderson allowed to leave the country after Bhopal was struck with the gas tragedy and killed thousands? That was "dalaali" !

3. UPA government too did surgical strikes, never made it public-Sharad Pawar-The Time of India
Hon'ble Pawar saheb, Media was an established 4th pillar of democracy even when you were the defence minister & believe me when I say this, nothing can be hidden from us. Also there were "media-friendly" people even then in the Army & Government. Such news of attacks and that too on Pakistan will never remain in pockets . Also, you say your government maintained secrecy then, why also Pakistan chose to be silent? If they were attacked, someone across the border would have spoken or given us befitting reply, or did we get? Did you remain silent then also? 

4. Thane's dead builder Suraj Parmar's obituary-The Time of India 
Today, on one of the pages of The Times of India, saw an obituary of Thane builder who committed suicide , Suraj Parmar. Felt really miserable. Today, the case is on the shelf, people have forgotten about the reason of suicide, all 4 corporators have begun their life with normalcy and are out on bail after staying in jail for 5 months. The civic corporation's engineers & building proposal department are back to do what they know best-corruption. Suraj, your death was a waste! The message you wanted to convey after your death, has fallen on deaf years. I feel for your two young children whom you have left behind! RIP my friend!!

5. Pune to get new new greenfield int'l airport at Purandar-The Times of India
Avinash Bhosale, Avinash Bhosale & only Avinash Bhosale will emerge the biggest contractor & dalaal in this. RTI activists of Pune-Vivek Velankar &  Ravi Kumbhar "should" turn their attention on MADC from now on.

6. Oppn fuelling quota stir for gains-Nitin Gadkari-Hindustan Times 
But your government is holding two days meet & discussing the issue, in literal sense, giving it importance. Dare your government didn't! FYI sir, no leader from the NCP or the Congress or even any Maharaj from Indore was allowed to be the leader. I heard, even monetary help was denied by the organisers. The leaders participated in the silent rallies as mere supporters.  

7. Sule warns CM of protest over Koparde rape-Hindustan Times 
I'm liking it. Supriya Sule the front-runner as against Ajit Pawar. But mind you, Ajit Pawar is more seasoned and knows the system well, and when Ajit Pawar decides to attack the government, it will be a scene to watch out for, as to who dominates the NCP's kin role? 

8. Snip off, snipped out--Mumbai Mirror 
Apparently separated husband wife Adhuna Bhabhani & Farhan Akhtar were suppose to be on one show together. But girlfriend of Farhan Akhtar was also denied hair job to be done by Adhuna along with Farhan for the same show. So who is this girlfriend of Farhan who has caused another filmy family to split? Actress SHRADDHA KAPOOR. How insensitive Shraddha? How can you be family breaker? 

9. After humiliation, BMC engineers take to strike-Mumbai Mirror 
Read what I have written yesterday. Perfect as per procedure mentioned!! 

10. मराठा आरक्षणावरून भाजपा कार्यकारिणीत नाट्य- लोकमत 
Apparently, in the two day conclave of BJP, it was decided that Pankaja Munde will present the memorandum for internal discussion on Maratha reservation. Why would she? Isn't she an OBC? Anything these Lokmat guys to make news headlines & create false interpretation. They wrote, Pankaja skipped the meet and Chandrakant Patil had to present the same. That's true she skipped, but again doing this, wouldn't it be hurting millions of her caste followers feelings? Who paid the journalist to promote such news?

11. भाजप उपाध्यक्षपदी प्रसाद लाड-लोकमत 
Isn't it insulting to people like Dr. Sanjay Kute or any veteran BJP MLA or MLC to see an import from NCP to be the boss? MLA Dr. Sanjay Kute is in the next post after Lad. Now Dr. Sanjay Kute joins the list of "not happy with the party" after Ashish Shelar & Madhav Bhandari. But work is still happening nah for these guys!!! But at least Mhada's repair board was spared from Lad's hands. 

12. अहो, आश्चर्यम... मंत्री बसेचिनात ! लोकमत 
Apparently CM Devendra Fadnavis has written a code of conduct for weekly attendance & time management of the day for all Ministers in the government. Still I bet Devendraji, you will still not be able to find Minister Raje Amberish in Mantralaya. 

13. मनोरा आमदार निवास नव्याने बांधणार! सामना 
What's wrong with the current MLA hostel? I see no leakages, no damages in the structure. See even if you make a five star for these vernacular MLA's, these rooms are used for common people coming from the constituency and PA's. These MLa's apart from few, prefer to stay in 5 star's or a lot of them are having permeant residences also here in Mumbai. 

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