Tuesday, 4 October 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines / Vikrant Joshi (www.vikrantjoshi.com)

1. Baby Girl for Fawad-Mumbai Mirror
Is this suppose to be the news to be carried looking at the country's situation? I feel, this could have been avoided.  We generally feel good when someone is blessed with a newborn, but for Fawad Khan, not everyone in India, except few Khan's and Puri's, will be happy.  

2.  "Pak artistes good, but can't ignore soldiers"-Hema Malini The Times of India 
Thank God Hema Malini has still not come openly and supported her "long time" closest friend Suresh Kalmadi. Time will come, where she might give a statement about him being innocent also in the CWG scam. Such is the dosti. 

3.City executive held for 'faking' gau rakshak harassment episode-The Times of India
Times of India & Mumbai Mirror have conveniently done this story as per their own terms & conditions  & "adjustment" with the Police Department. Only Marathi Daily Sakal has carried the real story. The original person in question here is a daredevil encounter specialist. He actually captured the executive (Bhuvan) some 25 days ago and this person was taken for rides & drives by this encounter specialist morning to evening till the Ganpati festival got over. He was asked to take back his statement, which the executive did. But fate had something good in store with Bhuvan. An MTV roadie judge, now an AAP supporter, sent this man to AAP's Preeti Sharma Menon. The story saw the light in media, when yesterdayAAP leader Preeti Sharma Menon's driver was also picked up by the cops with Bhuvan. Frantic calls were made to ACS KP Bakshi & CP Padsalgikar. But KP Bakshi responded positively, CP Padsalgikar was very busy to attend calls as he was in a function, and DCP Satyanarayan's phone was switched off.  For information, still no justice has been prevailed. Lokmat's  "conscious" crime reporter refused to even acknowledge the case because of his close ties with the department. 

4. भाजप नगरसेवकाला लाच घेताना अटक --लोकसत्ता
What happen's after a Government officer is caught taking bribe? A raid is conducted at the officer's home & offices, at the same time when the trap is been laid to catch the officer red-handed.  Then such is the situation, that the officer has to submit bills of the branded underwear he has purchased. All relatives of this caught officer are questioned for hours & after thorough investigation, then the final report is made. Later he is taken to the court and the case goes on. Mind you, the officer is immediately suspended till he comes clean from the inquiry. It will be interesting to know what Anti-Corruption does when a politician is caught? Will he be removed from the party? 

5. दिवाकर रावतेंकडून गोपनीयतेचा भंग? लोकसत्ता 
The report say's Roate leaked points that were taken for discussion in the cabinet yesterday. Generally, as per normal practice, this information is not to be disclosed by the Cabinet Minister even to the Press. But what was Raote's agenda, remains a mystery. Might be, he wanted to showcase the people the demands he is making for their good, which are getting rejected every now & then, thus showcasing the situation Sena is facing at the hands of BJP even at the cabinet. 

6. सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक बनावट --निरुपम --सकाळ 
The high command has also distanced themselves on this comment of Nirupam. He was doing a fantastic job till now as city chief of Congress, but we fail to understand why do people dig their own grave? Sanjay Nirupam had very strategically sidelined the most powerful Congressi of Mumbai, Krupashankar Singh, getting all others in one frame, winning Rane's confidence and finishing the existence of Gurudas Kamat. This comment was totally uncalled for. 

7. दसरा मेळाव्यामुळेच उद्धव यांचा माफीनामा, मराठयांची गर्दी न होण्याची भीती-अजित पवार--सकाळ
If you observe, only Sakal carries Ajit Pawar's statements. For your information, Ajit dada, a Shivsainik is a Shivsainik, their blood is saffron and they don't know any caste. This is what i hear from speeches of all Sena Leaders. But more than the caste playing the spoil sport in the Dusshera rally, for me rains will be a crucial factor.  

8. Karan patel upsets his fans-HT Cafe 
Television's Shahrukh Khan, Karan Patel tweeted a very nice message on the day of Uri attacks. Due to some fan's hate mails and messages, Karan not only deleted those messages but went on to apologise his fans and atlas through a very mild tweet he tried to promote good humanism and asks us to forget being labelled as Indian or a Pakistani. Karan, my friend, was it the fan's hate mails or the channel pressure which prompted you to take your stance back? Just asking...my guess Star TV's pressure. 

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