Thursday, 27 October 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines/Vikrant Joshi/ WISHING YOU & YOUR FAMILY A VERY HAPPY DIWALI...

1. China warns India over gods boycott, says ties on the line
 I was at the airport last night, 1 Chinese and 1 Indian girl were sitting there. I looked only at the Indian Girl...

Boycott means Boycott!! haha..

We are China's biggest trading partner in the entire South East Asia. If we do this, it will finish a lot of mid level businessmen who survive only on China, and thus giving rise to unemployment & inducing crime & poverty. There are huge numbers of business people who actually get their materials from China & sell it here locally. They will be completely eliminated from the system. As it is the taxes & duties are sky high. After all the fancy procedures & greasing many palms, once the container leaves the dockyard, then only the wholesalers are assured of their stocks with meagre margins left. But in a way, if we ban Chinese goods, the biggest retailers such as ALFA at Irla will take a beating. If you don't know what this shop is all about, ask your neighbour. 8 out of 10 people in Mumbai know about these 8 shops in one crowded lane of Parle at Irla. They will run out of business as since years their "crores of profits" depend only on Chinese goods. Please note they don't pay taxes & duties on all containers they Import. It happens the Manish Market or Chor Bazaar way. All containers they import only 50% of them clear the docks legally, and rest of them are left without any duties or either UNDER invoicing. For e.g if the container has 50 lakhs worth of stocks, only 5 lakhs is declared on the form and duty is paid. Thats how these shops like Alfa & Manish market are able to sell you same branded goods at a cheaper price than that prevailing in the original market. By the way, none of the shops take cards. ONLY CASH. 

2. Fanavis: BJP, Sena for BMC polls alliance 
This had to happen. But Yadu (kaka) Joshi of Lokmat has predicted something else today. He has called this announcement of BJP & Sena coming together a farce! His argument says, that even if they have announced of combining powers, none of the parties have clarified as to which Nagaprpalika which party will fight & how the ratio is going to be that has led to a lot of confusion in the party-men. For your information, both Sena & BJP especially Danve had openly come in the front and announced their liking to fight 212 nagarpalika elections on their own. Tricky situation. Time will tell. In Mumbai 100% both parties will go solo.

3. CBI questions Maria, Deven Bharti in Sheena Bora murder case
Ok one clue for everyone interested in the Sheena Bora Murder. As per what information OFF THE RECORD i possess, if you recollect who had taken the onus of interrogating Indrayani as soon as she was arrested? Then Commissioner of Police Rakesh Maria! Have you heard any commissioner coming personally to interrogate a suspect? No, never!! But Maria came...why? Because a certain business magnet who eventually will control our economy one day. had called up Maria & asked him to take care of his best friend's (Peter Mukherjee) wife Indramani personally. Guess who is this business magnet? Mr. Mukeshbhai. Actually the cops, who have conveniently forgotten this,again, some Rs.1000 crore were invested in an off shore account in the UK. Later they say, it was distributed to many account holders account in various countries. Why are the cops silent on this one? Why don't they investigate where is that money of Peter Mukherjee which he had collected from selling his stake at a leading channel?  

4. Coming soon, jail tourism in state 
If this happens, I'm sure all our criminals will atlas find someone to voice their opinion. In a barrack where only 50 inmates can stay, it is filled with minimum 100 people. Overcrowding is one, and the lack of basic hygiene & facility is another headache for the inmates of any jail of our state. By organising jail tourism at least on the face of it, jail authorities will be forced to keep everything clean & tidy and there will be less spread of diseases, which is one of the main reasons for custodial deaths. 

5. Thane Collector clicked driving the wrong way amid traffic jam 
Dr. Mahendra Kalyankar, in all honesty were you actually beating the traffic or actually you were out to check heavy vehicles that were prevented to enter that area? I know Collectors don't go alone to raid any particular spot or check highway inflow of banned vehicles without intimation or taking proper precautions. If you have done so, which is so unlike you, since I know you very well, Bravo!!

6. तुकाराम मुंढे आयुक्तपदी कायम
CM Fadnavis, great move, but where was your support to many other ZP CEO's or Collectors who were transferred when a local "sadakchaap" like the case of ex Minister of state Dr. Sunil Deshmukh of Amravati complained against able officers? Bloody cheap and corrupt of the first order Dr. Deshmukh had the audacity to stand up in Vidhan Bhavan and demand action for not showing respect to him against the MC of that time. Such MLA's should be crucified. If you dig the matter in detail, why respect was not shown, because this MLA had asked the commissioner to do unjust favours. So if the CM can back Mundhe, what was wrong if you had guarded other much more able and more daredevil officers than Mundhe. 

7. Bhujbal gets court nod for 3 more tests 
A week ago Bhujbal was left from the hospital when Jail authorities had written to JJ Dean Dr. lahane  inquiring about the exact status of his health. JJ had said that since they didn't have equipments & machineries to take extra tests on Bhujbal, he will be needed to be sent to private hospital. But again today, Bhujbal has been asked by a special court to get admitted to JJ AGAIN. Boss, this Dr. Hemant Gupta, is surely managing right from peon to the court for the Bhujbals. 

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