Wednesday, 26 October 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines/Vikrant Joshi/

1. Salman's guard Shera booked for assault
Salman Khan's bodyguard Shera is a Manish Nagar (Andheri West) resident. Shera is Salman Khan of Manish nagar or Andheri. You should see the way he conducts himself on the Ganpati Visarjan day. Half of time he is drunk. Thinks no end of himself. Points gun to anyone even if there is a small fight. He himself roams around with bodyguards. Just because he has the shelter of Salman Khan and he knows that "bhai" gets free from anything wrong he does, Shera things even he can get away from things. But Mr. Shera, he is Salman Khan. The money & the contacts he has, it will only enough for the Khandaan.

2. Thackrey scion gets state nod to net rare crabs.
Whats up with the Thackrey family? Father loves photography, elder son loves partying, visiting countries, being on page 3 and the younger one is totally into rare species of animals. None of them are politically inclined as their "first love" unlike Balasaheb or Raj. Should we believe in rumours that the party is indeed controlled by the Wife & Mr. Narvekar jointly?

3. State govt's gift to mayor: Red beacon for official car
Should we call it a gift or "bhik" ? Ambekar never sat in any vehicle which didn't have a beacon. If you see, how a person behaves when he gets money all of a sudden, same is the case of Ambekar. Madam out of all odds was selected for the Mayor post. So with less education and typical "bhai"type attitude, madam came to the chair and demanded things. Beacon was one of them. Even when there are orders from the High Court and clear mention with the RTO as to whom the beacon on the cars are allowed, mayor was not in that list, Ambekar still roam in Mumbai with one. Arrogance is her middle name. It is ok if you are brilliant and arrogant, people will accept you, e.g. Raj Thackrey & Ajit Pawar, but if you have ONLY arrogance with no intellect, just to respect you in the party, "bhik" such as these will be given.

4. Hang lemon and chillies at penguin quarantine: MNS
Start with Krishna Kunj, Sandeep as there seems to be no luck going MNS's way. Also it is quite surprising to see your quote almost everyday in Mumbai Mirror.

5. Was a part of NCP in 1999, claims builder
Nawab Malik, Riyaz Bhati was a part of your Bandra cosnitutency team. Santosh Dhuwali will second that. Yes, not for 4 months as per your claims but for good 4 years. So the Dawood connection starts from your party. Anyways, Nawabbahi, do you remember who had made phone calls to Dubai from mantralaya landline in the early 90s. It was alleged that the calls were made by Madan Bafna who is again NCP man, close aide of your party chief. So instead of blaming Shelar and trying to be in the news, how about doing some research?

6. Evaded Tax? Eunuchs will name & shame you: Midday
Rajendra Nimbalkar, another Tukaram Mundhe in working style, has started this concept in Ulhasnanagr Municipal Corporation. So if the government can do it, various moneylenders, banks, common people duped by builders, can use this "facility" now that too without getting booked.

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