Monday, 24 October 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines.../Vikrant Joshi/

1. Cyrus Mistry removed as Tata Sons chairman
Topics such as these are mere space fillers. Tell me are subjects such as BREXIT and Cyrus Mistry important for a common man in Mumbai or Maharashtra today ? I might agree only 10% would be interested in such subjects!! For a common man, he has to fight his struggle everyday, earn his daily bread by working for 12 hours and still he is left with nothing. Diwali is approaching, many people will be busy in trying to  get their bonuses early so that they can pay off their creditors and with the remaining money buy goodies for families,  plan trips nearby and someone today in Dombivali will be fighting with the Corporation for not cleaning the  drainage or getting a water connection...Where does this topic is of interest to a common man? We all have our own struggles. News such as this are meant for newspapers, as for the rest of the years these same Corporates give them advertisements worth crores. So chill!! I knew people who were giving their opinions on BREXIT on FB when their chawls were not having water supply of 24 hours or their houses dint have food to eat. We need to utilise our time effectively, if we have to succeed. Both The Tata group & Cyrus have minted crores from our country, AND BOTH OF THEM ARE RICH, so let them fight internally and how does it matter to us as a society?  We can't waste our energy over petty issues. Do we discuss at length why a certain "kaamwaali" was removed by our wife ? We have grave issues in front of Maharashtra and our motherland, that needs our attention, time & energy!

2. My father Hemant Joshi's article on some journalist Kulkarni and his antics.. Click the link below to read in MARATHI
राजकीय दिवाळे कि राजकीय दिवाळी 1 :पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

3.   BMC seeks replacement for dead penguin, activists fume.
Finally the skeletons are out of the closet. Now seems some tainted contractor was playing foul in this whole Penguin controversy. He acted as a mediator or a project coordinator for getting these Penguins. Yesterday, some channel interviewed the official of Byculla Zoo and he said that the Penguin died of liver disfunction and some other illness, and not because of change of weather. But an expert today, has cited Transportation and change in habitat as the main reason for the Penguins death. Don't understand, if the Penguin has died because of some illness, WHOSE onus is it to do a complete check up before even planning to move them to Mumbai? Also, TV channels are showing flashes of the rest of penguins kept in a tub. How ugly it is to see such a beautiful bird in an ugly surrounding. Tomorrow if Aditya visits Australia, don't be surprised he will insists on getting kangaroos all over Mumbai.  

4.  Congress threatens legal action against film deal
Congress City chief Sanjay Nirupam is generous these days. Those journalists who work for "packets" its golden time for them to reach out to Nirupam to take your Diwali gifts. Last heard, a leading journalist of a mainstream newspaper covering the BMC has received gifts in form of cash only as insisted by him. That's why I see wide coverage of Nirupam in that paper.  Last heard Nirupam will avoid calls from any senior Congress Leader, but will answer this reporter's call in flash of a second.

5. राज्य सरकारच "कोल्ड प्ले" चे सहआयोजक!
MP Poonam Mahajan is leaving no stone unturned to make "Coldplay" concert a huge success. She has even pressurised the government to be a joint partner in organising the same. Now as last reported by Loksatta, she is also of the opinion to waive off the entertainment tax that will be imposed on the organisers of the show. What? Why? Poonam ji I know your love for music, artists from the day you and your brother use to hang around in Enigma (a popular pub in Mumbai JW MAriott, now shut) and the activities that happened there. So kindly don't take our government for a ride, just to keep your few "stoned" friends happy. Im not against this concert. In fact it is welcomed with open arms. But please let the government earn some revenue. 

6. दुतोंडी भूमिका नको, युती करायची तर संपूर्ण महाराष्ट्रात करा! उद्धव ठाकरे
Uddhavji, who acts as a nagging wife? Today you speak one language of supporting the BJP and next day all we read is criticism of BJP either in your mouthpiece Samna or some Sena Leader will badmouth the current BJP government. Why will the BJP won't be conscious before making any ties with you? 

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