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OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines/Vikrant Joshi/

1. CM worried as cabinet Ministers play truant-Public Eye -The Times of India
The said story published today is about Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar not reaching to a meeting at Sahyadri Guest House on 18th October 2016. The news is as as old as 8 days and was already reported by Marathi Daily Sakal. Forget the news, I had also written a detailed review in my column. Is there any agenda against Mungantiwar, that the news is coming in THE Times OF INDIA after 8 days? Surprisingly, Lokmat's editorial today by Atul Kulkarni and this piece today in the Times is so similar. Was the news decided in advance at Minister Girish Bapat's Private Secretary, Chintamani Joshi's cabin 4 days ago in a CLOSED DOOR meeting wherein business & partner in crime of Atul Kulkarni ( RR Patil's ex OSD) Dr. Anil Mahajan was also present? What these 4 people were discussing "secretly"? Heard they (Atul & Dr Mahajan) are planning a hotel or a channel venture together in Pune. 

 2. Uddhav's dig at Ae Dil deal:'Yeh too honaa hi tha'
What is my objective to write OFF THE RECORD reviews? It is to give you all insight of what is presented to you in papers. I try to unearth the agenda of how media manipulates Janta. Anyways, the current Karan Johar Ae Dil movie "settlement" is the ongoing issue where everyone has without thinking twice labelled Raj Thackrey as a 'blackmailer' or a  "settler'. But yesterday, one of our state's popular & one of the biggest names in printing business happen to call me and present his argument. He says in fact, Raj Thackrey is the winner in the whole situation!! He explains "  It's a win win for Raj. He couldn't have handled defying the order of Central home minister, else his cadre would have been handled ruthlessly by cops! He stopped the future dumping (anti dumping import) of good but cheap Pakistani talent .He proved his might without sacrificing anything ; absolutely . All his imprisoned MNS "workers"are out of jail ,for the next election work. He posed his image as a patriot! He strengthened his film Artist's union;And much more benefits. A strategic decision for his party and himself ! I have not seen him playing strategy so well in the recent past. (Remember what happened to late Balasahebs fatwa ,not to screen Shaharukh Khan starer My name is Khan,and how it was rejected by the filmgoers? That was probably one of the the worst days in his life,his Fatva being not obeyed in Mumbai; Raj avoided that kind of a situation skilfully, one must say)" 

3. एका पेंग्विनची ' हत्या '
This has happened only to prove what arrogance & power can do. Aditya Thackrey just to keep yourself happy & satisfy your childish ego, a penguin has lost it's life along with Rs. 45 crore of PUBLIC money that was spent for these Penguins to live. There are 7 Penguins left now. Instead of taking the blame of their deaths in the future, please have courtesy & humanity & allow them to be shifted from the country they were bought from. Howsoever artificial surroundings you prepare, the Penguins are not meant for this country. It was pure Aditya's agenda of Penguins and nowhere Uddhav Thackrey is involved, as reported by this paper (Loksatta)

4. ...तर भ्रष्ट अधिकाऱ्याना ठोकून काढू-Nitin Gadkari @ Nagpur.
I guess Nitin Gadkari gets some sheer power or inspiration whenever he is in Nagpur to make daredevil statements. He say's in Nagpur, if the officers demand for bribe, we will beat them up. Last week also he did something of that sort. But Gadkari is a balanced person, I guess he forgot what MLA Bacchu Kadu had gone through after slapping an official in mantralaya. But in a way, bureaucrats had you all taken a strict action against MLA KADU at that time, Gadkari wouldn't have dared to utter any of these words. Also, Gadkari enjoys a good reputation in the bureaucracy, with this statement, has he given a jolt to his own image?

5. ६०० किमीचे पदपथ कोणी हडपले? 
Aditya Thackrey, instead of Penguins, you can gain mileage only if you free Mumbai's 2200 kms of footpath from all illegal activities. This will establish you as true Mumbaikar's leader. As it is Shisvsean's name after the road scam has taken a beating. I know nothing of this will hamper your party's  win at the MCGM. But again a small help to clear the footpaths, will save lot of lives. 
Sakal Mumbai has done an excellent story as to whom our footpaths belong to? A must read!!

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