Thursday, 20 October 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines..

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines/Vikrant Joshi/

1.  High, Mighty (and Illegal)--Mid-Day exclusive 
The said story is about a building which had permissions to built ground + 2 floors and was meant for IAS & IPS officers at Kalina, Santacruz (east). Now there are 12 storey towers constructed. As per what information I possess, Corporator Brian Miranda who has exposed this scam had written to CM & MC,  & on regular basis followed up with the DE of the Building Proposal Department of the ward to forward complains to his superiors. But since powerful names of  IAS & IPS officers were involved, the engineer chose to keep mum. Then in day before's standing committee, when the discussions were happening about demolition of shanties followed by the fire at Behrampada, Miranda got up & exposed this scam. In fact, The Times group also refused to do the story even when they had names of all 57 officers along with all the papers since last 10 days. Fishy! By the way M/s B.G. Shirke constructions Company, Pune, is the builder of the said project. India Today, in 1989, and exposed this company's biggest scam with then Minister of Housing, Ranjit Deshmukh. Very soon will give a list of all 57 names of IAS & IPS officers. Just feel like, don't know why, perfect present to Birthday Boy today, Naseem Khan today. 

2. No Bhau Daji Lad expansion at byculla, says civic chief
Under which Additional Municipal Commissioner does maintenance & expansion plans of Bhau Daji Lad museum falls? IRS, AMC Dr. Pallavi Darade. How will the permission  be granted?  

3. HC notice to Ajit, Yavatmal MLC in irrigation scam 
MLC is NCP's Sandeep Bajoria. I was surprised when Ajit Pawar was claiming innocence in the irrigation scam. But the bargain "kaka" pawar has done for him is saving him. Bargain was Chagan Bhujbal. Tatkare is sitting on the edge, and now Bajoria. Bajoria's faith was decided in the last monsoon session when he put the Darda in a fix over the school's sex scandal. 

4. 3 KDMC officials suspended for drinking, partying 
Someone please catch the big fish. Additional Municipal Commissioner Sanjay Gharat. He enjoys supreme power, collects money as if he is the next Zende in the IAS lobby and is "dalaal" of Minister Ravindra Chavhan. 

5. Diwali cleaning: BMC flushes out illegal hawkers from SoBO streets
Great Job, Dr. Pallavi Darade. She actually went on the roads and made calls to the ward officers. Automatically she saw the hawkers got "informed" just before the van of the BMC came to seize the goods. She actually blasted the officers there and ordered that all the goods that are seized had to be auctioned compulsorily. And yes, she has warned the officers to conduct surprise raids on the Godowns as well!!

6. राष्ट्रवादीच्या प्रदेश उपाध्यक्षपदी धर्मरावबाबा आत्राम
His nephew Amberishrao is a Minister in the Maharashtra Government, after defeating his own uncle in 2014. Now NCP has given the plum post to the veteran Dharambaba Atram to save people from jumping camps. But earlier NCP had done similar things to Prasad Lad and many more...but what  is to happen will happen...everyone wants to save their ill doings.

7. नवी मुम्बई पालिकेट गैरव्यवहाराचा भूकंप--सकाळ exclusive
Must read...As per CM's long vision plan all mafias in our state will be seen behind the bars. After Ajit Pawar, Sunil Tatkare, Chagan Bhujbal, Ramesh Kadam, next in tow is Navi Mumbai's Ganesh Naik and family...

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