Tuesday, 18 October 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines /Vikrant Joshi /www.vikrantjoshi.com

1. HC notice to public health minister in Rs. 297 crore scam
Couldn't believe the person who has filed the PIL in this scam is journalist "Atulya" from the marathi daily Lokmat. By the way these days, if you don't seem to locate the Lokmat scribe in Mantralaya or at office, please visit Vidhan Bhavan on the 1st floor and knock on to the anti chamber of LOP Dhananjay Munde. Earlier (late) R R Patil, then Eknath Khadse and now Munde, the journey of anti-chambers & friendship of "Atulya" with their private secretaries is unbreakable. So desperately want to name a few, but !! Anyways, where do you think he gets his "breaking stories" from? Mind you Dhananjay Munde, whenever this scribe has got close to any leader, look at the fate those people have had. RR Patil passed away, Khadse had a humiliating end to his career hence the concern! Coming back to the scam, Dr Pawar is back as Director, first  step against the scribe's wishes. Secondly please make me understand, who is the Cabinet Minister for this portfolio? Dr. Deepak Sawant right? He belongs to Shiv Sena right? Now the whole world knows that the PRO of Shiv Sena and "Atulya" are the thickest friends our industry has seen just like Dharmendra & Amitabh from Sholay. Couldn't the PRO "control or manage" this easily & normally gullible "Atulya"? or was it a message from the top against Dr. Deepak Sawant? 

2. Dil in mushkil, Karan Johar says alvida to PAk actors
Look how The Times plays dirty. This is a paid story or might be a "return gift" from the Page 3, party & femme lover,owner of the paper, Jain, to Karan Johar, his very old & good friend. Have you read anywhere in any paper today about this apology or explanation from Karan Johar as the first news? Regional Marathi papers have carried the stories on internal pages. Forget the other ones. Who gives this as your leading story? and that too the premier national daily like Times? Too late for Karan any which ways, I guess!

3. पन्नास लाखांत आमदार फुटायचे-अजित पवार 
As Maharashtra gets ready for it's Corporation & Council's elections, this statement has definitely hurt the BJP & Sena most. Crooked as Ajit is, he surely knows only NCP as of today is cash rich! Even though the BJP & Sena are in the power, he knows, that including the MLA's even the government is facing money crunch. So poaching will be extremely difficult for these parties. On the other hand, Congress has never had the culture to poach candidates,  with very few cases here & there, so those who are blaming Ajit Pawar for his slippery tongue, in my views, he has sent a strong signal to the aspiring candidates. 

4.  मुख्यमंत्र्यांच्या विरोधात हक्कभंग आणणार! नारायण राणे 
Narayan Rane never leaves any opportunity to take a Press Conference whenever other party leaders are outside Mumbai. This is called "timing". Yesterday LOP Radhakrishna Vikhe along with party president Ashok Chavan and others were at Delhi to meet Rahul Gandhi to discuss the upcoming strategy for the elections. This opportunity was seized by "neglected in the party" Rane. But sir, to move a breach of privilege notice against the CM, please guide, how many of them have been actually presented since years in the house, and how many have been accepted by the Committee & acted upon? So, I doubt, if this statement of yours will disturb the CM, apart from making some headlines the next day. 

5. State to buy 2 fancy VIP cars in Palghar 
Yesterday CM Fadnavis signed a notification to provide Rs. 20 lakh cars each for the guardian Minister of Palghar, Vishnu Savra & the other one for the VIPs of the district. First thought, that crossed my mind was that, now whenever there will be any rally at Palghar against the Minister, it will be now easier to escape, as that is what he is known to do. Also, mind you, Savra's own designated Innova having the " M " emblem & red beacon was used by the "dismissed" Private Secretary everyday. Savra was forced to use the age old Ambassador.

6. मी 'माझे ' काम करत राहणार-मनपा आयुक्त तुकाराम मुंढे 
When "non corrupt" attitude goes in the head, then it is a problem for the society & it's development overall. You are non-corrupt, efficient & have a sense as to how a society should be; but today, whosoever goes to meet you even for any positive work, that person is looked suspiciously by you. How do you expect development will take place? How will you built in confidence in your colleagues, Mundheji?  Hence the statement of the NMMC Commissioner, that no one turns up to meet him, is justified. But, then, as per what information I possess, Tukaram Mundhe is known to be best friends and often visit their residences for elongated dinners, of many allegedly corrupt bureaucrats of our state. So why the farce, Tukaramji? 

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