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OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines/ Vikrant Joshi/

1. Ashwin praise 'great motivation' for Yasir
Look at this ! Now who will ban cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin or tag him "Anti-Indian" for praising a Pakistani player? Yesterday Indian bowler R. Ashwin praised Pakistan's Yasir Shah for becoming joint fastest bowler to take 100 scalps in test matches. Now anyone daring to take on this India's ace bowler? Where is Arnab? Where is MNS? Where is our Facebook page stating our hatred towards Ashwin? Will Priyanka Chopra be correct, if she says that only cinema artists are targeted for supporting Pak actors? Alright, I hope R.Ashwin is aware of Uri attacks, as most of the time our cricketers are unaware of what is happening in the outside world.

2. HC relief for Kapil: notice for racing flat extensions stayed
Tell me in all honesty, who live in India, was this outcome not expected? The tweet against the errant babus of the BMC and the whole strategy behind the tweet actually backfired very badly for comedian. Didn't I mention that all will end well for Kapil, question was & is, how much did he spent as "kharchapaani"?  

3. Pay MRP for bottled water at malls and multiplexes in city.
OK. Weights & Measurement Department have come up with this. Now tell me, are the Mall guys or the Multiplexes selling you the bottled waters or are they selling the service to you? Boss, if you want a bottled water at the fixed MRP please visit the panwaalah's or the grocery shops. Multiplexes, restaurants, coffee-shops & Malls are providing you with services (that includes ambiance as well) & looking at the capital cost & the operational cost they incur, in fact no one should sell bottled waters or  cold-drinks at MRP. Now everyone has stayed at a 5 star hotel once, I presume..Tell me how many of you argue at the reception for the mini-bar you use? Isn't alcohol more expensive there than the local wine-shop? Definitely yes right? But why you pay at the star hotel? Because it is for the service you are provided. 

4. Ministers to have PIO, thanks to Journo Govind Tupe 
Good one, Govind Tupe. Great follow-up. But somewhat don't agree to the statement you made "We can keep a track of files with Ministers, how fast they come & go or why they are stuck for months for approval?" For this did you ask for a PIO? 2 things to this: You can get this info by paying Rs. 200 to the peon OR for free, if you have good relations with the Minister's PA/PS. Secondly, those who pass information about the file to us (journo's)generally keep a copy of the file ready with them. My views: WITH PIO in Minister's office, it will be great to keep a tab on PS's & PA's as the Minister changes them as per his wishes & whims & also any dalaal of his, occupies the chair of a PA. 

5. BMC polls countdown: Raj, Uddhav hit ground running 
Uddhav Thackrey has started to fulfil his promise made at the Dusshera rally by visiting Shakha's. Last heard, MNS corporators on the other hand are more scared than filled with enthusiasm as they are scared of all of their ill-gotten wealth as they know, the minute RT knows about it (on his visits), there will be a demand for the share in the pie. 

6. Khadse taunts CM over photo with goon 
How CM is at fault? The person to be questioned is builder Suresh Hawre of Navi Mumbai where CM visited to be apart of a private function where the goon was also present. Is builder- Goons friendship-something new you are reading? They are like Ram & Sita or like Romeo & Juliet. Both cannot survive without each other.  Those who don't understand the relationship, please read Mumbai's mafia dossiers. When CM attends any private function, such as in this case with Hawre, how will CM know that a wanted goon is also invited? 100's of them crowd to take a selfie or a picture with the CM. This goon also took. Tomorrow Hawre gets call-girls to the function and just by chance they get clicked with the CM, will you question CM's character? I would not in case of Fadnavis but had it been any of the Ex-CMs , I wouldn't had. So totally uncalled for. Also mind you, when CM is at a private function sitting in that 500 sq feet room of the guest, there are no staff's with him except one PA. 

7. "अर्थ" बैठकीला मंत्र्यांचीच दांडी ! 
So, apparently FM Mungantiwar didn't reach the meeting which he was suppose to convene wherein everyone from the department including the Secretary was present at the state guest house-Sahyadri. As per the news, they all waited from 3pm to 11pm. Now those who know Mungantiwar, please tell me when have you called him on his mobile & he hasn't answered? As per what I know, 99% all calls, only if he is in a very important meeting, are answered by the Minister himself, or else he arranges a call back. This meeting was attended by Class 1 officers including the Secretary who is an IAS. Now tell me, is it possible to keep these levels of bureaucrats waiting and that too none of the officers who waited had the guts to call him to even text him. Impossible to believe. Surely a case of miscommunication. 

8.  मायबाप रसिकांना धोका देणे शक्य तरी आहे काय? 
Yes Ajay_Atul. Apparently when these singer-musician were playing the electricity went off and it was apparent these guys were not singing in actual, and the CD was playing. Ajay-Atul were just lip-syncing, as soon as the current was off they were exposed. But they are denying the same. In actuals, in any of the LiVE performances, the artists actually NEVER sings. It's all technology. PERIOD!

9. लोकमतचा "दीपोत्सव" सिद्धिविनायकचरणी!
Vijay Babu was present at Siddhivinayak with Dinkar Raikar at Siddhivinayak to present their annual magazine to the lord. If rumours are to be believed, along with Deepostsav, another magazine named "Spandhan" was also offered to the lord, but slyly. Guess who the editor of this magazine is? Mrs. Kulkarni, and yes the 3 monthly magazine has all the advertisements which even Vijaybabu is unaware off! Great going Atulya ji!! 

10. आयुक्त रस्त्यावर, अधिकारी मैदानात 
The BMC office bearers are one of a kind! They don't have any emotions or feeling for the common Mumbaikar. It just doesn't bother them, what a deadline means, what the MC is going through, what the government goes through, how is the financial capital of the country projected? Nothing means absolutely nothing. These bureaucrats don't have any remorse for their actions. Now this is heights. Playing cricket & that too when people are dying of potholes...inhumane!!

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