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OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines/Vikrant Joshi (

1.  Actors row: Filmmaker says PM must apologise for Lahore trip; Anurag Kashyap.
Karan Johar is playing all his cards to make sure he has his film released as planned. Apart from the film, if this movie goes on to become a success, it will also salvage Ranbir Kapoor's career and put an end to his list of failed movies. Hence the support started with SaifALiKhan to Salman to Anurag & now by Priyanka. They all belong to the KjO camp. I'm rather curious as to why SRK hasn't jumped into the support, as his movie Raees, which also stars a Paki artist, will be banned from release? Also the people who are against the Kjo camp, like Ajay Devgn, has come out openly & supporting the country & our soldiers. Time of MNS not to bow down to any pressure. Let's see how this matter is resolved. 

2. Big Fan of India & Hindu, says Trump
Trump had lost the battle when he had passed racists remarks against Asians & how if he was to be elected, will deport every illegal immigrant from Asian countries. Just for understanding, from which countries do illegal immigrants come from?Which caste do they belong to ?ANSWER-- 90% of them are Muslims coming from Asia & Pakistan in particular. Hence the clarification made by Trump. 

3. 51% of illegal constructions plaints await BMC action
If this is the case, I'm sure everyone of us want to know what & how did BMC of the rest of 49% which they assume to have initiated action. Who were involved & how were the illegal matters resolved? In such cases for the rest 49%, the minute a notice is issued, the local corporator or MLA take money from the person against whom action is initiated by the BMC, and he is advised to go to the Court and take a stay order. In many cases, many corporators & MLA's have a battery of lawyers always available with their services. If you observe closely, where have the illegal complaints come from? They are slums of Govandi & Kurla & Bandra East. Instead of attacking BMC, activists & the police should attack the elected representatives of these areas, who bring in heaps of people & issue them all the necessary documents required to be a Mumbai citizen and create vote banks.

4. मुंडे यांना अपघात घडवणाऱ्या चालकाविरुद्ध खटला चालणार
Allegedly a noted journalist, now an RTI activist, had found out the actual reason of Gopinath Munde's death. He had claimed, the accident & all the related occurrences by Media was a lie, which he could prove with evidences. Again allegedly, his mouth was shut with Rs. 10 crore as the settlement amount. 

5. राजकारणात या, पण आधी पोस्टर चिकटवा-नितिन गडकरी 
Nitin Gadkari made this statement at Nagpur. He meant, a politician can be a true fighter only if he comes from the ground level. I agree with him 100%, as those who have had a "royal opening"
have failed to make a mark for themselves. That includes Nitesh Rane, Nilesh Rane, Aditya Thackrey, Parth Ajit Pawar, Pankaj Bhujbal, Sandip Naik, Salil Deshmukh, Akash Phundkar, Amit Deshmukh, Aniket Tatkare, late Nikhil Khadse, and so on...BUT those who have made mark are the ones who have started from the  ground level; they are Dhananjay Munde, Pankaja Munde, Supriya Sule  and so on...

6. गणपतराव देशमुख यांना धमकीचे पत्रे
After Sardar Tarasingh, next in line is veteran and MLA since 50 years, Ganpatrao Deshmukh from Sangola. I'm a bit amused, as again in this letter the threatening person has demanded Rs. 10 crore? How and why has he said this is questionable, as both these MLA's, though not very active, are known to be carry a clean image. 

7. युवासेनेचा मुंबईमधे मोर्चा-
Dear Aditya Thackrey, you are in the government and you only carry out rallies. It's become a joke on the social media. How immature is this step? You have a partner in the government whom you have good ties since last so many years. In stead of discussion & finding apt solutions to the problem, you are trying to woo the voters, and secondly showcase of strength, is what I get out this. On top of that, the whole of South Mumbai was held at ransom cause of your rally. Traffic was dislodged for hours and I don't know about you, but it is the poor policeman who has to bear the brunt for such rallies. At times, they are there to even take  blows from the public, if situation slips of out hands. My advice, please take rallies on Sunday's with good amount of notice period. 

8.  Beyhadh is like a breath of fresh air 
Yes, it is. Jennifer Winget is awesome as Maya & after long time any series has appealed to the "class" audience. Now over to scriptwriters, not to mess the subject & be crisp. 

9. Family & friends attend Shilpa's father's prayer meet 
It's been almost a week now Shilpa Shetty's father has passed away. Since last 3 to 4 days, all filmy papers have either quoted the shetty's or Kundra's or printed their pictures in some or the other occasion. It is painful, we understand, but what is the reason to cover them everyday? Was it a **** event?

10. Hollywood unforgiving-Irrfan Khan 
As in Hollywood, no hero is made to be GOD even thought they are more good looking, they have their head on the shoulders and they are way richer than you guys at Bollywood. Also the public in the west are matured. The public in the west rates the actors as per their performance rather than their richness. So Irrfan, you are right! either you perform, or perish!!

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