Tuesday, 11 October 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines/Vikrant Joshi (www.vikrantjoshi.com)

1.Mumbai belongs to Sena, Sena to Mumbai-Uddhav Thackrey-Hindustan Times
You have to agree, there was no fire in the speech of Uddhav Thackeray yesterday, as against what we are used to. But in actual, this is what has won UT record-break results everywhere in Maharashtra. UT is not a warrior like Balasaheb. He is a strategist! He gets his work done in many cases, rather than just influencing minds of the janta.  Guided by able regular updates from PRO Harshal Pradhan, & Milind Narvekar, UT has delivered. But in yesterday's speech, one bizzare point caught my attention. UT urged to take action at Bhendibazaar rather than picking up stalls of Dosa makers on the road. No clue from where that came from. UT, since Mumbai belongs to you, & you very well know what goes on at Bhendibazaar, wouldn't it be advisable to let your army loose at the infamous Bhendibazaar? I promise, if you do so (along with Govandi) you will never ever, for the next 50 years, will have to beg for votes in Mumbai. You will be supreme power in Mumbai. But matter of fact is, Bhendibazaar is untouchable, not only by your army, but the BMC & the police. So please stop getting sentimental about south-indians (dosa makers). As it is your current favourite's these season are--the Kutchi's, Gujrati's & Marwari's. But one thing I assure about Sena, to many people who think they are closest to any Thackrey, "आम आदमी कभीभी ख़ास हो सकता है, और ख़ास आदमी कभीभी आम"/ 

2. Jailed NCP leader checks into JJ to celebrate birthday -Mumbai Mirror 
Gilbert Mendonsa the NCP leader in question here is locked up at Thane jail. Some questions: A) Why every-time, all the VIP guests of jail, are brought to JJ or St George even if they are lodged at Thane or Taloja? Thane Civil Hospital is equally capable right? B) Why is it always only notorious physician of JJ Dr Hemant Gupta is in-charge of such patients? C) How come Dr Hemant Gupta who takes Rs. 1500/- pm from JJ as his fees, can afford a Mercedes Benz? Dr. Hemant Gupta, be prepared to answer, as a lot of agencies and activists are going to pose a lot of questions now. Entire JJ needs a clean-up. In jails, the system is such that right from Jailor to Hospital staff everything can be managed. Gilbert Mendonsa just bought himself a birthday present & followed the procedure.

3. Have kept resignation ready: Pankaja Munde-The Times of India
See the arrogance. Have kept resignation ready in my "chopper". Madam, how a commoner will believe you,  if you cover a distance of 500 kms via helicopters? You say aren't arrogant, but have self respect, I request all of you to just go to her cabin at Mantralaya and observe. Her staff's including the PS & PA's take a beating (of words) every now & then. Not that they commit any mistakes, but madam is Salman Khan of Maharashtra Cabinet. सटकलं तर बस्स!! Last heard, every-time Mahadev Jankar wants to meet Pankaja, he  calls up madam's PS and asks about her mood and then only dares to go in front of her. 

4. Jolt for Raj, his only corporator from Ulhasnagar joins BJP-The Times of India
When the ship starts to sink, it is the captain who is suppose to go down with the ship, rather than running first. But in the case of MNS, captain is often caught unaware of the fact, that his ship has begun to sink. Wake-up call before MNS becomes history, Raj Thackeray. 

5. हिमंत असेल तर युती तोडा--सकाळ, सामना, लोकसत्ता, मटा & लोकमत
Every newspaper has on it's own decided to end the BJP & SS tie-up. Every political news in any paper of Maharashtra shouts this discreetly. Yesterday why did UT say about breaking of the alliance? He said this on some conditions, that if u do this, if you plan anything against Sena, l'll break the alliance. No one reported how he praised the CM & the PM for their contribution. No one reported what he said about Sharad Pawar & Prithviraj Chavhan. This speech of UT is the biggest example of what is shown in the papers is all managed & planned. 

6. अनंत गीते यांच्या माध्यमातून १५० कोटींचा घोटाळा- टॅब प्रकरण--लोकमत 
Who has supplied TAB in the Mumbai's BMC? Who has been the mediator from TAB supplies?  Who's content (written notes) is in the TAB's? Google, you will get the answers. Anyways, who gave this information to the media? It was Nawab Malik via press conference yesterday at Roha. The supplier/mediator of the content to these TAB's is an NCP neta's son, who along with his father is thinking of jumping sides to Sena now. Earlier being in NCP this neta was close to BJP bracket & now the SS. This of course, hasn't gone down well with the NCP, and hence the matter was exposed. 

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