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OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines/Vikrant Joshi (

1. 152 quota seats & delimitation deal blow to all 227 corporations-The Times of India 
Who on earth cares which corporator is ruling which ward? If it is a male or a female? Apart from reporters covering the BMC beat, that only 10% as per my knowledge, no one even in the BMC must be knowing the names of all 227 corporator's Mumbai has. Same with public. In a constituency or ward of a Corporator, which is say about 2 to 3 lakh of people, apart from the usual chamcha's, who knows the name of Corporator's? Reasons are as follows: No 1 they are never accessible. No 2. they only work for business houses & are busy filing RTI's or planning a scheme to get their friends some benefits. No 3. If a poor person approaches the corporator, he is not even allowed to meet the corporator if he dosen't show respect and bow down to him. Not everyone is ready to do that. No 4. 90% Corporator's  all the time are busy only in planning their strategy to get close to the constituency's MLA or MP and ultimately with the party head. Had these corporator's been performing only 50% of their duties, Mumbai would have been a better place to stay. My observations are based only of the male species of the corporator's. Also friends, let anything happen, even if the seats or the quota has interchanged, don't be surprised if you suddenly see a distant relative of the current Corporator fighting for votes. Also if you observe closely, who has benefited from the Delimitation? Only BJP!!! Couple of day's ago both Shivsena & MNS had said, "we don't need interference of Devendra Fadnavis" haha...boss till the time this CM is there in power, only BJP will be calling the shots in all formats. Period!

2. Azmi: Raj tries to polarise atmosphere before BMC polls-Mumbai Mirror if Azmi is as clean as river Ganga!! Google Abu Asim Azmi & right from his video's for attending Dawood Ibrahim's son's wedding to role in Mumbai riots, it will give all the necessary information. But Azmi saab, you had one corporator who had made his presence felt in the BMC -Rais Shaikh. Even his ward has been allotted to a women's seat now. So where is the question of polarising the atmosphere? But heard Rais Sheikh has managed to scrape through his way in many of the contracts of the Deonar Dumping ground. So work of another 5 years is already done! Why you cribbing? 

3.  Navi Mum Mayor boycotts work after tiff with civic body over water meters-The Times of India
As per this newspaper report, the fight is between the Additional Municipal Commissioner Ankush Chavhan & Mayor Sudhakar Sonawane. The issue is (for unknown readers) the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) wants all residential societies to change to automated water meter's for which the Mayor is not understanding. Also, as per reports, not even the peon is listening to the Mayor. But I have a solution for this, Sonavane saheb, but only on one condition---Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe should not get a hint on this. Ok. Who is the Additional Municipal Commissioner of NMMC with whom you are having a tiff?? Ankush Chavhan right? Who is Ankush Chavhan? Ex PS to Sunil Tatkare. Which party does Sunil Tatkare represent? or rather which Camp does he represent? The answer is Ajit Pawar. Straight away knock on to the door's of either Tatkare or Ajit Pawar & get your work done. The fight must be only the percentage. Its are Ajit dada will help you out. But yes, you will have to do away with Ganesh Naik (your boss) as he is from the senior pawar camp & everyone on earth is aware of the two camps in NCP.  

4. 75 Turtles rescued by RPF at Dadar-The Times of India
Last week I had heard this story in some local paper. The actual offender was a close relative/family friend of a BJP heavy-weight from Kalyan-Dombivali. But suddenly the story vanished from a daily. Actually this turtle trade is a big business. I got my information, it was a close friend of Minister Ravindra Chavhan and the Minister left no stone unturned even at morning 5am to call the police station & put pressure on the cops. 

5. Uddhav Thackrey's apology was out of political compulsion-Narayan Rane-Hindustan Times
Yes..this is 100% correct. The only party who had actually got the advantage of the Maratha Morcha was Shivsena, and one mistake costed them a lot. Uddhav Thackrey in fact was a bit late on issuing apology. But did u observe, when did Sanjay Raut apologise.? After Uddhav Thackrey's press conference. He is junior, he should have done it right after the incident when cartoonist Prabhudesai apologised. But Raut waited for UT to apologise. Talk about getting bigger than the boots.  

6. भुजबळ समर्थकांचा मूक मोर्चा--सामना 
Why? Why? Why? OBC's do you still want a leader who has ripped our state naked? In our country & state especially, to get convicted in corruption is a very big issue. 99.99% many people manage this either by spending money or issuing apologies to the party head. In case of Bhujbal, everyone has left him. Not even money could buy him freedom. So period, he is at fault & a corrupt person. His biggest mistake was Sameer Bhujbal & Sameer's biggest mistake was to hurt his CA Karve. We need to understand one thing, never mess with your wife & CA. They even know what colour of undergarments you wear everyday. 

7. मंत्रिमंडळाच्या बैठकीवर ओल्या दुष्काळाचे सावट--सामना 
I fail to understand this particular decision of holding a cabinet meet in Aurangabad. When the state is already in Rs. 3 lakh crore debt, why the need to hold cabinet in Aurangabad? The whole staff's of all Minister's including all Class 1 bureaucrats have flown to Auranagabad. The answer someone gave me yesterday was to follow late Vilasrao Deshmukh's agenda & finding answers to the problems of Marathwada. Dear CM sir, has this happened anytime or have we got answers to the problems of Vidharbha? Since years now we hold special session in December In Nagpur only for this. No..Never. So all this is false. It's a one day picnic for all of you. 

8. पालकमंत्रयांच्या घरासमोर महाघेराव--सकाळ 
I heard that the slogans of the public were so loud, that the little, malnourished Minister chose to run away from his house from the back door & the Tribal Commissioner took upon himself to conduct a meeting with the morcha heads.

9. I'm a soft target because I'm a celebrity-Nawazuddin Siddique --Bombay Times
Nawaz, you have got rich my friend. But if money could have bought class, today all our politicians would have been rulers & never lost anytime. Your family has come from absolute nothing to see everything in a span of 2 years. Your sister-in-law has complained about harassment to her from you & your family right? My friend this will be true, as it is a common practise in Indian houses & especially the uneducated (educated one's are far worst) one's like you. India is the only country where even if a joker is made a celebrity by the media. In actuals, you need to understand if you are a celebrity in actual sense.  

10. Pakistan should be thankful to India-Adnan Sami-HT Cafe
Adnan, even you know how you have got your Indian Passport. So let some things be off the record. You have an Afghan wife. SO the hatred towards Pakistan is obvious. But end of the day, my friend, even you are a Paki by birth. It's been long we have seen your fingers do the magic, don't let your tongue do the wagging. We have MNS here who will be behind your life again. 

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