Sunday, 2 October 2016

OFF THE RECORD review of some of today's headlines..

OFF THE RECORD review of some of today's headlines /Vikrant Joshi (

1. Terrorist hit Army again, in Baramulla, five soldiers hurt-The Times of India 
Please send this Salman "pakistani" Khan, SaifAli "Pakistani" Khan & Om "Pakistani" Puri at the border. Since they are so much into promoting art & artists of Pakistan, as when the terrorist cross the border, I'm hopeful that they will see these actors faces at border and return. Salman, why don't you first solve your household matters? Allegedly, what we read in newspapers & social media, Malaika Arora Khan (your bhabhi) was in the news for having an affair with the young & innocent Arjun Kapoor then for which  your own brother's life had been miserable. They are on the verge of separation (Read today's Mumbai Mirror).Then your second "bhai" Sohail, hardly works & is intoxicated maximum times & your father roams around with girls who are at least 30 years younger than him. Is this what Pakistani culture or life you want to back? We Indians condemn this. Saif Ali Khan, who was the real blackbuck hunter my friend? Had it not been for your golden hearted friend Salman, you would have been in jail my friend...And aren't you the one who has cheated on your wife for other women ? Om Puri is on another level. He left his first wife, married second and then second one is also on the verge of a break up. She has written nasty things in her book. Aren't we fools to expect nationalism from such people. I agree personal life is personal, but whose morales are such, question does arise.

2. Linking Road to become pedestrian friendly soon--The Times of India 
Boss, as far as I knew, this bloody whole market was illegal! Ex Mla & mafia Baba Siddique has captured some of his favourite shop keepers and given them space in two malls  (in the KFC lane)he built, with our money, and still collects hafta from them. BMC's dashing Additional Municipal Commissioner Dr. Pallavi Darade,  a lady IRS officer, had cleared this mess & did not succumb to any pressure from these Bandraites & now the same BMC is regularising & in fact protecting them. What a turnaround? These shopkeepers are those typical roadside Muslim boys who are vernacular, petty criminals, hooligans and under the shadow of their messiah Baba Siddique. No problem for development, but who is guaranteeing our ladies their safety?
3. Public Eye-Creating new Posts--The Times of India
The Last line of the article reads" Some officers in the DGIPR are more powerful than the government, and as a result, decide their own assignments"--
Is this piece hinting at Ajay Ambekar ? If yes or even a no,  my advice: please come clean as a lot of talks are going on behind your back in regard to your "fadnavis" & "phadanvis" episode & then your transfer...

4. Mumbai's sickest society at Dadar, due to water contamination 60 people suffering form jaundice-Mumbai Mirror
MNS & Shivsena what's happening in your home ground? But are the people living there that irresponsible. No fights, no morcha or even not a single letter to any of the party who rule here. What are the "Shakha's" doing or has it lost the importance? 

5. " आध्यात्मिक गुरूंचा मंत्र चालला? लोकसत्ता 
This is about Uddhav Thackrey coming out and apologising to the people of Maharashtra on the cartoon that was published in Samna. Great move sir. Two people you need to avoid such controversies ahead...your spiritual guru  Bhaiyyu Maharaj & Sanjay Raut. 

6. मराठवाड्यावर आभाळ फाटले--सामना 
I don't understand what destiny holds for our CM Devendra Fadnavis. When it never rained, and we faced draught, the rain gods smiled over the draught prone regions after 3 long years. Just when everything was alright, now excessive rains have damaged the crop. Sir why don't you consider showing your kundli to someone? (please no Bhaiyyu Maharaj) 

7. अवैध दारू निर्मिती व विक्री निर्मूलन मोहिमेस प्रारंभ? सकाळ 
Please start from the biggest market which is in Nandurbar region. The said MLA of the region Shirish Choudhari's elder brother is a big success story there. He might be of help! 

8. I have become more responsible-Aathiya Shetty --HT Cafe 
After being called "cycle seat faced" Athiya thank God Arjun Kapoor has come in your life and has asked you to stay away from movies. Have some mercy on us. We already are having Sonam Kapoor, We can't digest two poker faced women. 

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