Sunday, 25 September 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on today's headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on today's headlines/ Vikrant Joshi

1. Aaditya Thackrey bats for city nightlife--Hindustan Times 
The concept is very good. Most important statement in the article was " I would not like bars and pubs to be added in the list" . But Aaditya, who goes to eat Misal pav, tandoori chicken or a Gujrati Thaali after 1 am? What's the use of hotels and restaurants who will remain empty and contribute towards unnecessary expenses? 

2. State's most popular prisoner: Chhagan Bhujbal draws VIPs.
What information I have is whenever any visitor is coming to meet Bhujbal, all Medical students & staff's are asked to be shifted in General Ward. Why so? Also I heard when Supriya Sule visited Bhujbal, lot of relatives were facing hardships  because of her security team. Dean, why don't you make arrangement's of Bhujbal in St George? Same to same as what was provided to Ramesh Kadam. Dr. Bhavani will help & assist you. 

3. "Don't care how long I remain CM..." Mumbai Mirror 
Maharashtra cannot see a Chief Minister apart from Maratha community, a step ahead...only from Western Maharashtra...Period!!

4. "पटेल यांचे घूमजाव"--लोकसत्ता typical...Didn't I mention how he or his opinions aren't important? Media should avoid taking these kind of people's statements. He has a limited stand in the party. A mere mediator to speak to Sharad Pawar for Gujrati/Jain Community.  Read how Pratap (NCP) Asbe praised him for getting Munde & senior Pawar close. It was written when the door bell rang, Prafulbhai opened the door. Exactly, That's his job...just to open the door, hold the bag and make money. 

५. माथाडी कामगार संघटना फुतीच्या अम्बरठयावर ?-- लोकसत्ता 
Narendra Patil denied any such news (of he entering BJP) when I last met him at Minister Subhash Deshmukh's cabin. He said it was a rumour. But the son of a veteran leader is indeed on BJP's way! 

६. राज ठाकरे प्रत्येक शाखेला भेट देणार!-लोकसत्ता the Corporator's....and keep patience!! 

 ७. मातंग समाजाचा मंत्रालयावर-- सकाळ 
For my common Mumbaikar, please make a list of people or caste's (ONLY IN MARATHI'S ) who are capable of holding Morcha...Once and for all, let it get listed so that people like me also understand why people gather in town every now & then. Faces are same, demand almost the same.

८. भुजबळांच्या समर्थनार्थ मोर्चा-- लोकमत 
Why? to prove everything was done by Sandeep Bedse and arrogant Sameer? where is Sandeep Bedse these days? 

९. पाक कलाकार मायदेशी - मटा 
Please someone send these MNS people on our border now. If by mere giving slogans and threatening, PAK (people) are moving back, I will convince janta of Kashmir to vote MNS in power there. 

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