Thursday, 22 September 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on today's headlines

1. Health Minister caught in traffic jam for 3 hours-The Times of India, Loksatta & Samna
For your information, this is not at all news item to be covered by 3 national dailies. Also, the mInister lives in Santacruz & travels to town for work, so to get stuck in jam is not a new concept for him. We can have traffic jams even if one dumper or truck breaks down. Such is the condition of our infrastructure of the city. Mind you, we are a smart city!

2. Make SoBo streets friendly for pedestrians-Aditya Thackrey--The Times of India & Mata & Hindustan Times.
Apart from opening dog parks & going for usual rounds (parties) in the South Mumbai, Aditya ji, need your kindest attention on footpaths of REST OF MUMBAI & Thane! We also exists!!

3. Man arrested for suicide bid at Mantralay-The Times of India
I travel to Mantralay after 2pm almost everyday. Bloody the securities at the door ask me to remove anything and everything from the pocket whilst frisking. It is next to impossible to carry a kerosene bottle in Mantralaya. If such thing has happened, suspicion is on the rise.

4. बांधकाम खात्यात हेवेदावे-लोकमत 
Day 2 of news from Atul Kulkarni. Series has started. My prediction in yesterday's write up will not go wrong. Watch this space. Series matlab Cocacola!!

५. मनसेचा एकमेव आमदारही गळाला- सामना 
Party chief who only knows about INCOMING's and does not believe in OUTGOING, this day had to come. Before Corporation election all Raj Thackrey has to do, is to Get out of Krishnakunj everyday, remove one and all whosoever advices him & take shelter below Sena or BJP. There is no further future otherwise. 

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