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OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines/VIKRANT JOSHI (

1.Top film producer's body bans Pak artists 'until ties improve'-The Times of India
Haha...Zee claims that all the 9 Pakistan artists working in India will not condemn Uri. Have you not seen the Bollywood movie Gadar-_Ek Prem Katha...Subhashji Goyal? In that movie, the Pak guys ask Sunny Deol to shout "Hindustan Muradabad" when he is on Pak soil. In the movie also, he does not do so. Who on earth will go against their own country? Best way is, throw them out. Rest all are OK to be going, but last heard Karan Johar is tripping on Fawad Khan for his looks. For his upcoming coffee show he has for the first time, ignored Shahrukh Khan and given preference to Fawad!! Also Subhashji, what great work have you done for this country? I stand by CINTAA.

2. Pak crossed The Line, India crosses LoC-The Times of India
What a bloody proud moment!! But as per what Bhau Torsekar posted on his timeline yesterday, every country should look out for Wall Street Journal everyday where the biggest country of the world lays down its strategy, what's going to happen and how will it happen, which Pak failed miserably. But the best forward received yesterday was "Indian Army neutralised some Pakistani Terrorist across LOc, and the rest will be neutralised by Arnab @9pm on TimesNow"  which he actually did!! Kudos Modi. Hope that silences some !!

3. MLA demands Rs. 5L payout of SoBo mishap victim.--The Times of India
The MLA who has demanded the same is congress's Amin Patel for the boy who died due to a pothole. Why the MLA is not spending from his MLA fund ? Amin Patel and 5 lakhs? It is like a drop from the ocean for the rich politician. The boy who has died, is from his constituency & caste! Amin bhai, only raising illegal buildings and friendship with Baba Siddique should not be your only mojo in life. Kabhi toh logon ke kaam main aao...

4.  Eye on Civic Polls, BJP woos Sai Baba devotees-Hindustan Times
This is a new concept any politician has attempted. Well done Ashish Shelar. Grab votes/eyeballs in the name of deities! If Shivsena has control over mandals of Ganpati Bappa, Bhaiyyu Maharaj being a favourite with Congress, NCP & Shivsena also, why BJP should be left behind? But in my eyes great move by Shelar. Now time for  Shelar to capture people believing in Radhe Maa!! 

5. Senior BJP neta paid protection money to Pujari? The Times of India
I don't know who it will be, but my guess is around the biggest builder of the island city. Mr. Lodha. The reason is also simple, none of the city's BJP leader except Lodha are that monied to be threatened for protection. None. You have Shaina NC, but hey, she is the one only asking right? 

6. Death-Threat letters land up at MLA Tara Singh office-Mumbai Mirror 
I can guess the reason. Since last six months Sardar Tara Singh is hell bent on exposing corruption in the purchase of ration and other things under the Public Health Department. I have copies of the letter and the proof's he has attached. That is the only reason, which has rubbed someone the wrong way. Apart from that, Mr. Tarasingh is a very popular MLA in his constituency as the people have voted for him so many years. A very humble and a nice guy, against whom I haven't heard anything.

7. मुख्यमंत्र्यानी पालिकेत हस्तक्षेप करू नये --लोकसत्ता 
MNS saying so along with the Shivsena. Friends, why do you think the Road/Pothole Scam was out, the contractors were arrested? was it not backed by someone powerful? Of course the CM. BY the way, MNS & SS, is there is any drop in "hafta" after CM has come and interfered in the BMC? 

8.  ४२० कोटींच्या रस्ते विकासकामांना शासनाची स्थगिती --सामना 
Till the time that Gharat is occupying the post in the KDMC and his anti chamber is occupied with an RTI activist till that time, it is no point, to do any work in the Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Corporation. E Ravindran , the Commissioner, is 100% much better than the previous one's and has not fallen pray to this wicked Gharat (who is the Additional Municipal Commissioner) and this Brahmin, bogus, blackmailer RTI activist. Also another partner of these two is sitting in CM Devendra Fadnavi's lap by swearing himself as a Minister. Ravindran is in a  fix. Same like Tukaram Mundhe in Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. 

9. शिवसेनेला अपमानाची किंमत मोजावी लागेल-अजित पवार  --सकाळ 
Dear Ajit Pawar, your uncle shares an excellent rapport, or if I could say, more better equation that you, with Sanjay Pawar..oops sorry Sanjay Raut. So instead of threatening, just call up uncle (as he is only your saviour) and talk to Sanjay Raut who is incharge of Samna. I'm sure, something or the other will be compensated, and yes, by the way, our dam's are filled this time, so save your piss!!

10. नवी मुंबईचे महापौर राजकारणाला कंटाळले--सकाळ 
There is a common link between the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation and the Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation. Both of them are predominantly ruled by political groups or the person. Navi Mumbai by Ganesh Naik and KDMC by Ravindra Chavhan and his allies. Now the problem is these people have created such a big ruckus and mess in their cities, that even if someone tries to correct the problems, it will hurt them. These both leaders have earned a fortune by mismanaging the Municipalities. So who is one Devendra Fadnavis to come and try and uproot them? Then these people go to any extend to protect their wrong doings and frustrate able and honest officers who are trying to give it's citizens something.

11. डॉ. पवार यांचे निलंबन मागे--लोकमत 
Wow, now that's a news by Yadu Joshi. But Yaduji, your senior was the one who was responsible for a tirade against Dr. Pawar. Anyways, abb majaa ayega, when this Dr Pawar decides to open his mouth against this Lokmat Journalist and Dr Mali (ex-PS to Minister Deepak Sawant)

12. "If she had told us that she felt insulted by our comments, we would have edited it"--Kruhsna Abhishek-- Bombay Times
Hey, by the way, Krushna you had tried to do so with your mama Govinda right? trying to cash in popularity using his name!! My friend, believe me in one thing, Kapil Sharma is way way ahead of you. You are getting old, you are in a confused relationship with Kashmeera and your own mama hates what you do ! So chill my friend!! To get into racism and expecting claps, that too with an award winning actress, is not appreciated. 

13. Vidyut Jammwal becomes social--Ht Cafe 
Paid Story!! No actor announces that I have come on social media via an article in the paper. 

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