Tuesday, 27 September 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines / Vikrant Joshi (www.vikrantjoshi.com)

1.  Racism is propagated through such shows--Mumbai Mirror
Actress Tanishtha Mukherjee walked out of the comedy show "Comedy Nights Bachan Tazaa" for being called as "kaali kaluti" repeatedly. MNS this is where you should take your morcha at! Fight for a real cause, once! Also, please if possible beat up the script writers, as the content of the show is BAKWAAS. Racism and that too in our county, A NO NO!! Time has come for Krushna Abhishek, Bharti Singh and Sudesh Lahiri, start writing your owns scripts, as they are more spontaneous and will do a better job, I feel.

2. शिवसेनेत राजीनामास्त्र ? --मटा
All the MP's, MLA's and office bearer's of Shivsena who are hurt and have resigned or in process to do so, again remember, once a post is gone in Shivsena, it is gone for good! We have examples like Rahul Narvekar. Be patient and give a deep thought about your actions again. NCP, Congress or as a matter of fact, even the BJP will never allow you to become a part of their camps. Remember what's happening with Dr. Vijaykumar Gavit and Babanrao Pachpute to name a few. Also, I won't be a wrong if I say, Shivsena will be a dominating force in the decade to come. You people are resigning, but my friends,people in the world of a particular sect are already planning & executing the process of covering religions. Don't get played by politics. Play it, or leave it!

3. "वातावरण पेटवण्याचा प्रयन्त ", "सामना वर हल्ले", "उद्धव ठाकरेंच्या माफीची विरोधकांची मागणी", "सामनाने माफी मागावी" --मटा  पान ७
Maharashtra Times or the Times Group has dedicated Page 7  of this Marathi newspaper to news only pertaining against Sena. In fact all newspapers have today ! But Times be again careful with your wordings, as the incident remains fresh in our memory of the Adsul family creating a ruckus at your office! Some over enthusiast political journalist had claimed senior Adsul joining NCP. The reporter was said to be close to Ajit Pawar, whom he blamed later for making him a scapegoat at the press room.

4. व्यंगचित्रकार प्रभुदेसाईंकडून दिलगिरी--सामना 
Yesterday, my bad, I quoted the wrong name of the cartoonist. Apology. Anyways, I feel Shivsena has just dug its own grave. The only party who was beneficiary of this Marartha rallies was in fact SHIVSENA. Why do they this always?  Time & again I have said, please get rid of that Sanjay Pawar...oops...Sanjay Raut.

5. I don't believe in Biopics: Lata Mangeshkar--HT Cafe
But madam, please believe in humanity!! You are closing on to 90 today. People at this age let go off their ego and want to help the society or people as much as they want. Please, give it writing to construct a flyover passing your house. A request from a motorist and a common Mumbaikar. By the way, Happy Birthday!

6. CM gives civic agencies 15 days to fill all potholes on city roads.--The Times of India
Sir, I'm taking it very seriously, what if I find minimum 10 potholes again? As for BMC, potholes exists only on the main roads or the highways of the city. They don't know how the lanes & the bylanes of the suburbs/ central suburbs look like? Ok, whom do we blame in the agencies later? PWD will put it on MMRDA and MMRDA will put it on the BMC. By the time you get the factual report as to who was responsible, time to welcome next year's monsoon!

7. Tutak Tutak Tutiya Team begives moviegoers should get value for their money-Bombay Times
I know small budgeted movies are the flavour of the season. Sonu Sood prove your mettle by coming solo this time. Hope Vashu Bhagnani proves your lucky charm as a co-producer as his latest movies which he co-produced are Humshakals (ended Sajid Khan's career as Director), Rangrez (Jacky Bhagnani should just count the money his dad makes) and Yongistaan. Only film that has earned accolades is Sarabjit. So Sonu all the best mate!

8. I'm open to constructive criticism but not at the cost of my sanity--Sonakshi Sinha--Bombay Times
Only your parent's can do that for you Sonakshi. Rest, you are a public figure, and as Aamir Khan said in Rangeela, "aapun public hai, kuch bhi bol saktaa hai"!!

9. Saiyami Kher admits ti being in love --Bombay Times
Yes, he is handsome, son of an  Political Party head of our state ! But as per sources, you guys were a thing for only sometime, and in your interview with this newspaper you have admitted of being in love for 6 years now. The Bollywood bug has stuck you quite soon, Sayami!

10. Government names members of Thackrey Memorial Trust--The Time of India
Cut-Copy-Paste with improvisation --Read it yesterday.

11.  मुंबईच्या विकासाची जबाबदारी पालिकेकडेच हवी --लोकसत्ता
Two veteran journalists doing the same today. The Times of India and Loksatta now. Sir cut copy paste &improvised story of yesterday. What are Editor's doing?

12. Women evolve, men don't: Ajay Devgn - HT Cafe
Yes, Ajay ji, last heard Esha Deol has also evolved now, but you were not in a condition to get evolved even after she left you some years ago. Men are dawwgs!!

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