Friday, 23 September 2016

OFF THE RECORD review on some newspaper headline's- Vikrant Joshi

OFF THE RECORD review on some of the newspaper headline's- Vikrant Joshi 

1. Uran scare: Navy calls off ops, but city still on Alert: Hindustan Times
   I seriously feel this was an eyewash. I mean, common, in Mumbai thousands of things are reported       by so many people. Why were two school boys trusted? Maratha Morcha subject diversion?? After Diwali, Mumbai will see a new record of Maratha's on street. Hence the move BJP? But on the subject of diverting attention on important matters, veteran Sharad Pawar is the master. So many examples to cite. 

2. BMC chief sanctions interim policy for maintenance of open spaces in city: The Times of India
 More private people entering, more chances of corruption. Only these open spaces were left for takeovers, BMC has just killed our Mumbaikar's last hope. Nayana Khatpalia's book "Save Open Spaces" is a bible on this subject. Try & get a copy. 

3. Revoke order by Khadse in favour of realtor: AAP to CM -TOI & HT
Dear AAP, the only thing that has left with Khadse are his "non-performing" body parts; I meant heart & brain. What's your take on that? Please let me inform, Mr. Bhoi has resumed his job at Vidhan Bhavan. 

4. Quit India in 48 hrs. MNS to Pak actors-The Times of India
Don't worry readers. "Empty vessels make a lot of noise" MNS is actually empty and this is the last attempt to at least save the Corporators to jump in another parties before BMC 2017. My views: You are not forced to watch or listen  Pak artists. Art has no religion and boundaries right? 

5. Sole contractor arrested in the 352 cr road repair scam granted bail by HC
This is nice. All he (Dipan Shah of M/s Relcon Infraprojects) paid was Rs. 90,000/- as that's what was the fine imposed on him by the BMC. Six contractor's are charged with Rs.15.4 crores as fine for pulling in Rs. 352 crore and bad roads. This happens only in India. 

6. Raj Thackeray set to lose lone legislator- Mumbai Mirror
Cut-copy-paste with improvisation..Read it in Samna yesterday.

७. दर्डांकडून भूखंडाचा गैरवापर-लोकसत्ता 
How can Darda's be lagging behind when it comes to corruption? The said plot in Bitubori MIDC Nagpur was meant for school for the handicapped people. Darda made arrangements with CEO-MIDC in 2010 (we need to find who this CEO was initiate inquiry against him) and constructed a commercial complex earning lakhs for himself in form of rentals. Now I'm after Vijaybabu's works whilst he held the position of chariman at ABC. "Teri Meherbaniyaan" is what Abhijeet Group from Nagpur is singing for Vijaybabu!!

८.  आर्थिक मंदीतही सिडकोला धनलाभ -सकाळ
Cut-copy-paste with improvisation from day before's Loksatta

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