Sunday, 3 April 2016

Is Suicide the answer, really??

It's been 2 days since television actress Pratyusha Banerjee ended her life. Being a reporter and in the groups of various networks of social media platforms, only in a couple of hours I had got the news of Pratyusha. Immediately, a close friend of mine, who was very friendly with her once upon a time, called and sobbed like a baby. We spoke for almost 30 minutes that day. He was unconsolable but what he spoke about this 'filmy' people opened flood gates in front of me. Then speaking to various television personalities (yes, they did spill the beans) over two days now gave me a more clearer picture of this "Big Picture" these actors reside in.

Pratyusha was on drugs. Yes, she was depressed. Yes, she was the small town girl who had temper problems. Yes, she was alcoholic. Yes, she sniffed cocaine at parties. Though not a regular, but even one gram a day, that costs Rs. 4000 is enough for you to move into isolation. Fame at 19 with all the adulation brings in an attitude wherein whatever you touch turns gold. As they say, success is easier to get in comparison to the way you  handle it. You should be able to digest Success. Success dosen't mean you are invincible. Today, if you are a part of these circuits cross your heart and tell me, what  all goes in these filmy parties? Alcohol and Cocaine flow as if there is no tomorrow. Women who are 'alone' are are ready to 'mingle' with people whom they think are their career boosters. Men ogle at these 'alone' ladies and try and become super hero's for them for that night. The conversations are all about material in nature. They discuss their brands, make fun of those who carry the first copies and at the end reach the bed with an unknown species. This is the life for them. Now for those who haven't struck the bell, for them, this is all what 'filmy parties' are all about. Now to reach there, you have to compromise. Compromise not necessarily mean sleeping with everyone but it also compromising the ethics and culture you have been bought up with. Coming from a place called Jharkhand in India, wherein forget about holding a cigarette in your hand, talking to elders in a loud voice is being treated as ill mannerism, Pratyusha had gone way ahead. Her parents not living in with her and boyfriend taking the place, sums up the whole thing. I mean, where are we heading? People might argue about the statement I'm making, but hey folks, are you fully westernised yourself? Why do you visit temples and seek blessings, seek karmic advice, when your businesses suffer or your career goes downward? Westerner's don't do this. Period! Don't be hypocrites.

This is a big bubble these actors live in. I just went through a post of actor Ejaz Khan who himself said, he has tried to commit suicide couple of times. Jaju,  a former manager of Priyanka Chopra in today's paper has claimed Priyanka did attempt this more than once. I mean where are these guys heading? Can't depression be just treated as another illness. You can get cured just by medicines.  Gurudutt, Parveen Babi, Jiya Khan, Divya Bharti were all depressed who found solace in one or the other vices. The lifestyle of these filmi people is also not very much understood by me. The main fear these actors live in "fear of identity" in simple words, fear of someone not recognising me if I walk into a room. Why this complex friends? I mean, Ratan Tata who is the biggest and richest business person in our country often travels on weekends to Alibaug from the Gate of India. He stands in the queue and believe apart from one single help, no one accompanies him. He doesn't have this fear of identity. He travels in a boat wherein the most common man is surrounds him. I agree, our Indian minds are tilted more towards a Bollywood or a television celebrity but why don't you learn to handle success, failure or adulation? And mind you, if you think you are the star, just talk to the cameraman, extra's or even the spot boy. He will clear you mind if you think your are successful on your own. I'm really planning to write to this NGO's, Police and social groups as to start am agitation on these television and bollywood parties. You will be surprised to know how many skeletons come out of this closet. You will see, whom you feel are actors how they beg for that one gram of cocaine and one last peg of that scotch. Another example to cite is that of Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. Hasn't he made a mockery of himself in the papers? Allegedly, the whole group of Hrithik, his ex-wife Sussane, current flame Kangana Ranaut, papa Roshan, friends Arjun Rampal his wife Mehr Jessai, and all the other names are into drugs. Papa Roshan, Jeetendra and Rishi Kapoor are well known in hotel Sun-N-Sand for things which you haven't even imagined they can do at this age. 

Small time actors struggle through out their often compromising on their family and trying to make it big in this game. Pratyusha was amongst them. She was broke. Her fame didn't allow her to do regular jobs. Not fame, her ego I could say. So no money flowing in. Allegedly the boyfriend who is now in the custody, was not willing to share the little money they got for doing a series called "Power Couple" (which also saw Arbaaz's and Mailaka's skeletons coming out of the closet). This led to fights and the ex flame of Pratyusha's boyfriend just added fuel to the fire. But not all is that bad or not everybody is an addict in this industry. I mean, I only can point out to Akshay Kumar who single handedly is fighting the reigning Khan's for decades now and still remains to be at the top. Oh that reminds, just try and get into a party which Salman Khan hosts or throws on sets. You will hate him after that. This is not the end, my friends. Till there is a fight for fame and fear of identity in the minds of these actors, suicides will continue. Pratushya just gave up. 


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