Sunday, 6 March 2016

Generally I stay away form writing anything but on State Politics. Not that I'm brilliant at what I do, but let me assure you whatever I write is enough to set eyes rolling in the Political circles of Maharashtra. Anyway's, today I'm writing to promote a venture of a very dear friend, and yes without any favour's! This man, my friend-my confidante, Fuad Mandlik is an exceptional talent. Coming from an IT background and successfully running his venture for more than 2 decades now, Fuad has always been curious to get back to his roots i.e.. "agriculture". Born in a conservative family and making it VERY big in the IT industry is a no mean task. His father-in-law, an eminent GYM owner (for suburbians and bollywood actors of early 90's Darshan Health Club was the epitome of body building) since donkeys years, has been a pillar of support to Fuad. His wife Sheeba, whose hand made food tastes like that from the hands of God, is a celebrity chef herself. I have known Fuad for good 5 years now. His IT business has spread its wings in mostly all the continents of the world. Must say, a Bollywood movie, called 3 idiots has played an integral part in all of us self confessed Bollywood fans. Fuad is no exception. Couple of years ago, when he was toying with an idea of going back to farming, I must admit, I took it very casually! But today this man has finally launched his venture of delivering magnificent mangoes to your doorstep! Wow!! It is all about Mangoes, always, isn't it??

With a partner who owns some acres of land and trees bearing fruits since generations in Ratnagiri, Fuad collaborated with him for this business. Known for immaculate planning, Fuad surely knows this game now, as we spoke yesterday. These people have launched selling mangoes on-line now and that too ORGANIC!!. With a mere click of a button and at a very reasonable price, you will be benefited  to have mangoes delivered to you as soon as you wish. In Mumbai, once when I met MLA Uday Samant (whose hails from Ratnagiri) he had warned me about how people in Mumbai actually get fooled merely by the size of the mango and treat the same as Hafoos or Alphanso for many. Many times when we people buy mangoes at Crawford markets or at Vile-Parle market, not many are aware of the types of actual mangoes, the size, the colour, shape etc...for this now, Fuad has introduced us a website wherein you can actually buy only Alphanso or Hafoos mangoes from the very roots of  Ratnagiri where it originates. Plus if you log on to this website there are features that will tempt you to be a part of the program for sure! He has this unique concept of Adopt a Tree. Under this you can easily buy a tree for a year, sell whatever you want and surely keep some for your family and friends. Not a single mango will go elsewhere!  In this way, you can help Mother Nature too by reducing the Carbon footprint. By planting and investing in a tree, this is small step to negate the Carbon footprint that is increasing day-by-day threatening our very own existence.  We always say global warming is an issue to be looked after by the country's top brass and everyone else, but us.Through this Adopt a Tree program, you will surely get the sense of responsibility of your contribution for our earth! To top it, Fuad is in talks to promote tourism of this place. The farms are at Sangameshwar which is hardly any distance from Mahabaleshwar. are in process of giving their customers a stay in this mango orchard which will be an experience in itself, with all amenities, promise you. With tie ups with all the best professional guys in the market for packaging & deliveries, I know where to look too for mangoes now! 

Today in Maharashtra,draught, untimely rains are some of the factors that have propelled over 2500 farmers to commit suicide. Another important factor is the price they get for their yield. Through this, Fuad has directly eliminated the middlemen, agents and whole-sellers from the chain and supplying to you directly from the farmer's. So your one click will definitely help the farmer to get a better price. So, Click on the website and bookyour Mango Peti.  While on the registration page just type in hafoosVJ as your code to get a 10% discount!! it is friends! Lets eat the Mangoes!!

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