Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Some OFF THE RECORD happenings at Vidhan Bhavan...Budget Session

1. Gosh, it was a nightmare....some little over enthusiastic chirpie deskwala in Lokmat headlined "Yadu Joshi's  elder brother passed away"....and i answered some 100 calls just to clarify that EVEN my father's (Hemant Joshi) elder brother had passed away...RIP Balwant Kaka...
2. So, everybody mourned on Aaba's death on the first day at the Vidhan Sabha. People spoke their hearts out. But when Aaba was on his death bed, Aaba's wife now to be an MLA, stayed at our Government resthouse in Bandra for quite sometime..The shrewd officer or the department, on whose direction i dont know, whilst aabas body was taken to his native place for the final rites, handed over a bill of Rs 40,000/- of her stay to the family. Aaba's family paid the bill.  Couldn't we have let gone this amount, officers? Afterall, Even Anti Corruption would have let this one go.... NCPs big leaders or even Supriya Sule or Ajit Pawar didn't bother to clear the amount (had they known)and they talked about taking care of Aabas family  in their speeches,...haha...
3. Okay, as per the information recieved, Aaba's daughter is waiting to join the political bandwagon. But instead, Aabas wife, who has never ever tasted this dirty water is made to swim in the sea of our Maharashtra Politics.I see another Mrs. "So silent in the assembly" Kupekar in happening. Aaba's one brother also has a medical condition, (not to be dislcosed) and the other brother is a pure farmer. So instead of the ambitious daughter, a house wife is given the preference. Why Supriya ji?
4. Vasant Dawkhare was at his element best on the fateful day of removal of Shivajirao Deshmukh. His one liners were the only thing which kept me amused throughout. But, not seen a worst day of politics in my life. Those who are in Governent were fighting amongst themseleves, Opposition parties were exchanging heated arguments which led to mudslinging. One person who was enjoying this quietly form the gallery was Ajit Pawar. Congress's wait and watch policy and to expose the BJP And NCP alliance has opened a lot of doors for the party think tanks.
5. Budget was aptly described by a senior journalist, as ATM....Astil tar Miltil...(If funds are there, you will get it).  Thats true! 
6. Casually went to our "Amul Baby" Minister to warn her about the staffs she has taken. One PA, who has come from the FDA, is facing a Departmental enquiry and very soon a criminal proceeding against him will be iniatiated. He also has apparently taken a VRS, which he thinks will save him from the enquiry. Watch this space for further exposure with names..... Other PA has another departmental enquiry going on who hails from the Food & Civil Supply Department. And the best part, Private Secretary to Amul Baby is from SRA...Do i need to say more...GAD and Devendra Fadnavis....where has your so called intelligence report on staffs gone?
7. A little tiff was experienced in the lower house between Girish Mahajan and Satish Anna Patil, both from Jalgaon District, over gestures. Mahajan defended himself says, he dosent have a face that resembles hooliganism and that of a "goonda"..but Girishji, remember, you have the same innocent face that had attracted contractors to offer you 100 crores bribe...FACEOFF is it ? 
8. An MLC of NCP from Nagpur was compalining as to how the leader of opposition, state party president party and even the deputy speaker dont allow him to speak at all in the house...instead chances are only given to the first 3 row holders. Wonder what Davkhare Jr would think about this?
9. Is it allowed to eat during the ongoing legislative assembly on the floor? If no, someone please put in a word to Praniti Shinde, as after every hour she is seen putting her head down and enjoying her gum..the other day Praniti was sitting next to Mrs Chavan..Gosh even she couldnt resist the goodies given by Praniti......Miss Shinde, if not cameras , we journos are surely watching! 

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