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PWD " please take it seriously" ...

To,                                                                                           20.2.2015
Shri Anand Kulkarni

Dear Anandji...

Subject: PWD…”Please take it seriously”!!

Namaskar...first of all, let me congratulate you on the giant step of suspending 17 Sectional/Junior Engineers of PWD you have taken/initiated. This certainly has created ripples in all over Maharashtra’s PWD. Read the names of suspended Engineers in Daily Lokmat first, filed by my estranged uncle some Joshi; I don't wish to be associated with.

But wasn't the list supposedly to be given to another Daily who had made daring headlines over a month? How come only Lokmat is accessible with names et all? Anyways, point is not that. Here in the PWD where Engineers are shitting bricks in Mumbai, our Thane division seems to be very ecstatic with all the happenings, I guess. Coming 23rd of February, our beloved Engineer’s have arranged for a PLAY at Gadkari auditorium and that too they have titled it, "Take it lightly"...Wah!! What messages are these Engineers are trying to give us? Aren't they supposed to be scared of You, RTI activists, newly born RTI activists cum contractors of PWD? Going by the media hype PWD has got, is it comfortable to say or assume, that someone very powerful from Thane, who actually could be the game player, has guaranteed these Engineers a safety passage?
Anyways, I'm following PWD for over a decade now....shall put forth some interesting facts, which I assume, you are aware, but let's take you for a quick recap of PWD and the dangerous games involved ...mind you...this is strictly OFF THE RECORD....

1. It all began when a Daily "Morninger" from Pune whose roots originate with the Pawar family, started publishing news against PWD. The topic or agenda was set, “Series against PWD”. Now we all know in political circles, that there is no love lost between the Pawar’s and the Bhujbal’s even if they belong to the same party. The whole world knows how Bhujbal in all his capacity tried establishing his Samta Parishad all across India and how senior Pawar in one master stroke left it to shreds. Mr. Bhujbal was also the controversial serving PWD minister in the last Government. So can we safely assume that definitely this war is not against some "Engineers" but it is actually between the Pawar’s and Bhujbal? Now why I say that, is what political news I have gathered, confirms that in the whole of Nasik District be it the smallest of small decision, it has to go through the senior Bhujbal. Yes even MNS listen to him. Bhujbal’s game plan after losing the Loksabha was to migrate. He started the movement by sending his close associates to either Shivsena or BJP.  The clout was growing slowly but steadily, and this, I assume, didn’t go down well with the NCP. After Aaba’s cancer was detected, senior Pawar had no one left in the party having a mass base except for Bhujbal i.e. IF Ajitdada and Tatkare come out clean of all enquiries put up against them. So the mission was to retain him but also to keep him under check. Best way for Pawar must have been to expose and corner Bhujbal. Hence PWD became a soft target. By exposing Bhujbal’s, it is a yet again after Samta Parishad debacle, a step towards clipping his wings. This in my views was the Political angle for PWD exposure.
2. Sir, now for your information, again I assume you know it all, such systematic information leakages in the Media is certainly not a work of any investigating team. There has to be an insider. A contractor, an engineer or an ex chief engineer… who knows? Sir, in a home of Indian Joint family, generally head of the family or the Grandfather takes a decision for the grandkids or his son/daughter. If the son or daughter or the grandkids go against the wishes of the Grandfather, he or she is due for a punishment. But when the Grandfather makes mistakes, never the kids or grandkids will punish him or tell this to anyone. They will silently take the beating. Sir in PWD, please with folded hands I’m telling you, the Grandfather is the Executive Engineer (or SE or CE) and the son or the daughter is the Deputy Engineer and the Grandkids are surely the Sectional/Junior Engineers.
 3. I agree with you that the MBs caught by the ACB at someplace else than office is a crime, but who instructs these JEs to do so? It is the EE or the person above, can be SE or CE. If a particular LOC is received, just record this, the EE goes mad that day. He sits with all his staffs and allocates each and every step of work, be it awarding work, releasing bills, giving extensions, increasing costs, getting funds etc… These DE and JE are just the implementers. They absolutely have NO say in this, except by getting their cuts. So by suspending these low level officers, you are just closing the chapter temporarily. 
4. Now the big part. Why on earth people are concerned with where MBs were caught? Boss, the real Masala is inside the MBs that are caught. Focus there ACB. Give it to handwriting experts; you will be surprised that the writing might just not match with any of your engineer. FYI...Match the handwriting with some of the contractors who were awarded the works. Another scandal!!  Also with a limited set of funds to the PWD been released, just to save their respect, Engineers might have been hiding the MBs at other places, just to avoid falling it in someone else’s hand. If any other contractor lays hand on them, he will start demanding work or blackmail these engineers for release of his old payments.  
5. Earlier in the last 10 to 15 years in PWD, there were only 8 to 10 well wishers of the department who use to regularly visit the PWD. They could be anyone. But still what they received back then was just a well deserved respect, exchange of information and a VVIP treatment and that's all. There were still some dirty minds working then who thought that a lot of money was exchanged then. This led to build on the frustration and now as time passed, these frustrated people turned into Contractors. Respect replaced money or hafta for them, in their own minds. Some formed organizations and started to get works from the PWD. When they saw the old timers coming to PWD even today, they also wanted a piece of the PIE, which actually was never there. These contractors did the work, got into the systems, and started putting RTIs and extorting same money which they paid to these engineers as "cuts"...
6. I'm an actual journalist. I have put an RTI in Thane division for an actual work which is dubious and believe me; I haven't received the information for past 3 months. The Executive Engineer is busy traveling abroad round the year, don’t know how many times his son will play the game, and the Deputy Engineer (on whom there was add charge) is so busy preparing for the PLAY on the 23rd. Went in the appeal. No use. Sir, please cancel this PLAY. If this happens, the harmony will be broken in the caste spirited PWD.
7. Now let’s discuss why you suspended junior engineers from Nasik? You judge, is it possible for a JE or a DE to organize a farewell party at a lawn without prior consent to the EE or CE? Then if that’s the case, in 2004 swearing in ceremony was held at Azad Maidan at the last minute. It was decided by Pawar to hold the mega event there. That means you will suspend the JE then who was just an implementer? Here also sir, the authority to decide the venue was someone else. Not the JEs.

Sir, in no way am protecting these suspended officials. They are definitely a part of everything. But the bigger fishes are yet out in the sea.

I hope JEs and DEs take a cue from this, henceforth. The mandate if only legal and in written form should be accepted and implemented henceforth by the JEs and DEs. Saheb, let's get to the iceberg rather than the tip of it. Simple rule I follow...if I want my kids to behave properly, My Grandfather/ head of the family has to sacrifice his lifestyle and lead by an example!!

Vikrant Hemant Joshi.

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