Thursday, 22 January 2015

Shivsena finally inducted in the government !

BJP's CM of Maharashtra via a Press Conference today announced of it's so called love and affection for Sena, and has managed to induct 5 cabinet and 7 MoS in the ministry. Some unanswered questions.

1. Why this delay and humiliation? Just a "give back" policy of Amit Shah what Sena did to BJP in last 24.5 years? or to prove now BJP is no 1...finally...

2. Why only Sena's MLC's & few MLA's will get Ministry? MLA's (or giant killers) and "imported" candidates, aapka kya hoga?

3. Deputy CM, Home & PWD will be kept with BJP & denied the same to Sena. Less significant portfolio's to Sena? Why?

4. NCP in driver's seat because of 29 MLC's in upper house and 41 MLA's in lower house (congress's 5 MLA's suspneded, so tally comes to 37)..Will BJP extend that olive branch for the Leader of Opposition post to NCP? Sena what will you do?

5. Why isn't Devendra Fadnavis not changing chief's of "Mahamandal's" which are dominated by the NCP?

6. What will be Sena's agenda? To ignore NCP's & BJP's "affair" and concentrate on Uddhavjis mandate or follow the dharma of Chief Minister (Remember leaders like Raote & Ramdas Kadam are senior)

7. After a year, what if Sena doesn't adjust to the BJP culture? What then?

Some more questions remain, but let's wait & watch...

(Published-4th Dec. 2014)

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