Thursday, 22 January 2015

PS, PA and OSDs are on "loan"basis !

Now to PS's, PA's and OSD's of our Maharashtra Ministers.
Today was at Mantralaya. Just took a stroll on the prestigious 6th floor. And guess what ? Things that surprised me from 6th floor continued right up to the 3rd floor.. Apna Devendra Fadnavis has removed a Government Resolution claiming no PS, PA or OSD will work with this new government, those who have worked in the last 10 years. But did he forgot to mention this to his Ministers?

Bhau...all ministers are having staffs currently who have not only worked for government just 6 months back, but also have rot the system very badly in their own sweet way. Now what information I have collected is that most of these employees are working FREE OF COST. Government isn't paying them. We are (through many ways). Since GAD hasn't removed their orders, they are working with ministers and ministers are taking personal interest in paying them through their own pockets. OK, moving on, secretaries what are you doing? Initially when a minister required an expert from the department, an officer was given to the minister on "loan" basis to advice the minister on that particular portfolio...1 outside PA was allowed. But as per info a lot of these current PS PA and OSDs are on "loan"basis who have not only advised one government but many more than that....Secretaries, don't you want them back? These officers just to stay in power, and the greed for it, also put "leaves" in the basic department they come from. Leaves can vary from 3 months to 1 year...Why don't these officers need salaries? Still they are able to maintain their super luxurious lifestyle. How is it possible? My source says By staying in the Mantralaya for so long they have made a network wherein no rules apply to them, still they are a part of the system.

(Published-21st Jan 2015)

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