Thursday, 22 January 2015

Pro (specific builders) TDR policy

Wow...New TDR policy to benefit some specific builders...(OFF THE RECORD)
CMOMaharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis the new TDR policy will make TDR available easily and will be a distress sale. People the strategy is very benefit some big players who went on a rampage about construction around places like Panvel, New Panvel, Virar, Vasai and outskirts.

 If you are a mumbaikar, you all very well know how these builders advertise in newspapers about flats and bungalows available outside mumbai at an attractive rate. Believe me now this government by introducing this strategy is showing us that they are breaking the "builder babu nexus" but my dear friends, it is nothing but again an eyewash. Due to this new policy, concentration of buyers and builders will be forced outside Mumbai wherein huge investments had been made by these politicians and bureaucrats. The investment was made in form of cash and builders required funding...Now after so many years of investment there were no returns on the investment made, which made the babu's and politicians jittery. The projects remained unsold. Hence this policy.

(Published- 15th Jan. 2015)

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