Thursday, 22 January 2015

"Mr. Foreigner" Secretary

SOME OFF THE RECORD information about "Mr. Foreigner" Secretary (IAS) in Mantralaya..
1. This "Mr. Foreigner" Secretary in Mantralaya is son-in-law to an Ex Chief Secretary. When the FIL (father-in-law) was the CS, SIL (son-in-law obviously the foreigner) often mistook FIL's position to his own, and harassed a lot of his colleagues that time.

2. But good things/times had to end. FIL retired. "Mr. Foreigner" Secretary was left at the mercy of those harassed other IAS officers who always kept him at bay often giving "non performing" departments. Frustration grew like weed!

2. Now comes Devendra Fadnavis government. This "Mr. Foreigner" Secretary gets plum assignment, you can say the position of a top boss in IAS cadre of Maharashtra. He remembers faces of all those who sidelined him. 1st victim Manukumar Shrivastava. Apparently Manukumar had rejected a file of FIL in Urban Development Department in those days. Manu gets "demoted". There are 8 others who have been victimized by this "Mr. Foreigner" Secretary . But who dares to raise the voice?

3. Now people please find out who some Lalit Fopley is? Heard he is involved in a lot of financial transactions of FIL and SIL . Apna Ex "Good looking & dead" CM's one of the son also consults him for "transactions".

4. Apparently "Mr. Foreigner" Secretary now sits in his office and calls officers who are 8 to 10 batches senior to him by names and addresses the way only CM can. Latest example was of an IPS officer who was called to Nagpur in December after a call from "Mr. Foreigner" Secretary at 10 p.m with a particular file. This IPS officer reached Nagpur with the file."Mr. Foreigner" Secretary gave it back to him and said , "It's OK work is done, you may go to Mumbai again"...Such is the harassment. Remember senior-most IPS officer had complained about in-subordination of police officers to the CM? Who instigated it?? Apna "Mr. Foreigner" Secretary ...CM had to clarify this issue in the Nagpur Assembly. 

5. When a leading "guide" manufacturing company had put tender to serve the tribal people with notebooks et all, "Mr. Foreigner" Secretary rejected the file directly. At least this one "guide" company was one of the saving grace in the otherwise tainted Tribal Welfare department where foreigner was a Secretary for a few months. Ghor Annyay...

6. Last heard Father in Law of the Foreigner is now a consultant to many departments in Mantralaya even after retiring 10 years ago...thanks to the SIL.

(Published- 13th Jan. 2015)

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