Thursday, 22 January 2015

bribe money per day...

Have you anytime gone for registration of any property or a document in your area's registration office? Some facts you need to know....Ok, it so happened that I had to register a particular document and my agent charged me Rs. 7000 for registration of a particular document.

Now after paying I asked for the break is 500/- for scanning the document to be in government records, Rs 1000/- for agent commission, Rs. 500/- govt fees and bloody hell Rs 5000/- as "bribe"for the deputy sub registrar and the staff. Now this particular babu registers on an average 80 documents per day...and that too at one centre. Mumbai has 18 offices in town area and 33 offices in the suburbs. I'm not even counting Thane District in this and leave alone maharashtra. So average bribe money collected in these offices per day turns out to be approx 2 crores per day....anti corruption department I.e. Dixit sir...need your attention...our Revenue department needs some attention.

(Published-1st Jan 2015)

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