Thursday, 29 January 2015

IAS 'Bhap'giri ends in Maharashtra's FDA

" Mahesh Zagade is sorely missed in this department"..No no, this isn't coming from any MLC Shinde. It comes from the workmen, the inspectors, the activists the officers and even the peons of the department. They want Zagade back. The department wants him back. We want him back. But Zagade is fighting another terrific battle at the transport department. His vision is clear.  "I act, because I must..." Be it anywhere. Anyways, time for some OFF THE RECORD information of this Dr Bhapkar, an IAS officer who was made the Commissioner of the FDA but shunted out in a span of 4 months. Why? Don't know…but let me put down some fact as to what transpired in those 4 months.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

PS, PA and OSDs are on "loan"basis !

Now to PS's, PA's and OSD's of our Maharashtra Ministers.
Today was at Mantralaya. Just took a stroll on the prestigious 6th floor. And guess what ? Things that surprised me from 6th floor continued right up to the 3rd floor.. Apna Devendra Fadnavis has removed a Government Resolution claiming no PS, PA or OSD will work with this new government, those who have worked in the last 10 years. But did he forgot to mention this to his Ministers?

Indian cricket needs more matured cricketers !

Ravi Shastri to be included in selection rather than Dhoni!!
As per what is going on in the current Triseries and previously in the Test matches against Australia, I have my doubts if this current lot can even qualify for the super 8s in the upcoming World Cup.

Businessmen find tough to exist in CMs hometown !

The Orange city is seeing Red!! Devendra Fadnavis hails from Nagpur. It was expected from the Chief Minister to not only concentrate on Vidharbha, but also at the same time to clear backlog, promote development so that even Nagpur can come in terms with what today Mumbai, Pune and Nashik are! But it seems a far fetched dream for a Nagpurkar. On my last visit to Nagpur again in January, I have learnt that it is NOW practically impossible for "businessmen" and landlords to survive in the Orange city.

Pro (specific builders) TDR policy

Wow...New TDR policy to benefit some specific builders...(OFF THE RECORD)
CMOMaharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis the new TDR policy will make TDR available easily and will be a distress sale. People the strategy is very benefit some big players who went on a rampage about construction around places like Panvel, New Panvel, Virar, Vasai and outskirts.

"Mr. Foreigner" Secretary

SOME OFF THE RECORD information about "Mr. Foreigner" Secretary (IAS) in Mantralaya..
1. This "Mr. Foreigner" Secretary in Mantralaya is son-in-law to an Ex Chief Secretary. When the FIL (father-in-law) was the CS, SIL (son-in-law obviously the foreigner) often mistook FIL's position to his own, and harassed a lot of his colleagues that time.

"Chinese torture" and Officer !

Today's OFF THE RECORD news from mantralaya..
One of the Minister of our state government travelled to Sangli during the winter session (December) but due to some reason his party chief had reached Nagpur and demanded his immediate presence at Nagpur the next day.

IAS transfers an eye wash !

40 IAS officers in Maharashtra got their transfer orders today. They were not transferred but only the roles have been interchanged, claim senior political analyst. The system is such that whosoever comes on that particular seat has just to take the legacy ahead.

bribe money per day...

Have you anytime gone for registration of any property or a document in your area's registration office? Some facts you need to know....Ok, it so happened that I had to register a particular document and my agent charged me Rs. 7000 for registration of a particular document.

More happenings...

Some OFF THE RECORD happenings...
1. Vinod Tawde gave an amazing speech in Vidhan Sabha on what students should be taught while they pursue their primary education . Along with upping their Intelligence Quotient, students should be embibbed with Emotional Quotient, Social Quotient, Spiritual Quotient and Entrepreneurial Quotient...very apt Vinod ji. Need of the hour.

Some OFF THE RECORD happenings

Day 1: Some OFF THE RECORD happenings today
1. Forget Ministers, witnessed many IAS officers and MLA's traveling business class. It was only 1 hr 15 minutes flight my dearies. Also one journalist who was traveling in the same aircraft with me, 5 years ago came in a ST to get settled in Mumbai. Now heard he has some 5 to 6 flats in Mumbai.

Shivsena finally inducted in the government !

BJP's CM of Maharashtra via a Press Conference today announced of it's so called love and affection for Sena, and has managed to induct 5 cabinet and 7 MoS in the ministry. Some unanswered questions.

Idhar chala....mein udhar chala

On the 9th of September 2014, I had filed an RTI in regards to the various files cleared by then Chief Minister Mr. Prithviraj Chavan in 2 months prior the government changed hands. On 18th of the same month & year I recieved a letter from Chief Minister Office requesting me to pay Rs. 636/- in exchange for the info.

Vidhan Bhavan: happenings

Day 3 at Vidhan Bhavan: OFF THE RECORD happenings today
1. RR Patil in his congratulatory speech for Speaker explaining Khadse that No 2 doesn't mean in the ministry (Khadse is hellbent on calling himself No 2 in every aspect in the new govt) & immediately RR looks at Ajit Pawar (Pawar was no 2 in Congress NCP govt). Has everyone in splits.

"Off The Record" highlights

Some 160 + newly elected members took oath today in Vidhan Bhavan. Some "Off The Record" highlights.

1. Only Sudhir Mungantiwar was the one who took oath by removing his "chappals". Respect.
2. Vishnu Sawra took oath in Sanskrit, Jyoti Pappu Kalani in Sindhi, Jaykumar Raval in Airani (local jalgaon khandesh language) & Sardar Tarasingh in Punjabi.